Undefeatable – Ch795

Chapter 795 – It’s Time To Send You On Your Way

“Activate the heavenly flame prize draw!”

Luo Tian opened his system interface and activated his prize draw the moment he was sent flying.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was too strong.

Strong to a ridiculous level! Luo Tian couldn’t kill him and wasn’t his match!

When comparing strength, speed, or martial skills, Luo Tian had no chance of winning.

In Luo Tian’s eyes, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was no longer Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. He was practically God Enel!

There was only one method to explode him.

Smash him with heavenly flames!

There was no other way apart from that.

Luo Tian planned on having a special fun time drawing those heavenly flames once he leaves the Geocentric Tower. He also planned on using those newly dozen plus heavenly flames on Murong Wanjian for the first time. But he couldn’t wait any longer now since he had to explode Divine Origin Celestial Venerable as soon as possible!

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable simply had too many things on him that Luo Tian wanted!

Lightning devil fruit?!

Way too awesome!

Even if it doesn’t explode out, just the Haki skill will already be a heaven-defying existence! Haki is definitely a skill that exceeds a God skill!

Explode him! He had to explode him!

Luo Tian said excitedly to himself: “The heavens are giving me a chance for me to attain my dreams! If I cannot grasp this chance, then why am I bothering to live my life? Moreover, I will probably end up dying if I don’t manage to explode him.”


Luo Tian fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

The ground smashed apart and formed a deep pit. Luo Tian once again sprayed out a large mouthful of blood.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable appeared at the edge of the pit in the blink of an eye. He had a smug sneer on his face as he said: “How was that? Is my power very strong? I am an existence that a piece of trash like you from a lowly world cannot surpass. You should be considered an expert in the Tianxuan Continent but you are not even comparable to an ant in front of me. Hahaha…”

“I can dominate everything here with my powers, hahaha…”


Laughing loudly full of arrogance!

The aura coming from Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was wild and overbearing!

Looking at Luo Tian who appeared half-dead inside the pit, his laughter became even more arrogant. He then said with a look of contempt: “You can go to hell now. Dying by my hands should be considered the greatest glory of your life.”

“Hold on!”

“Oh great God, can you wait a minute? Can you let me die without any attachments to the living world?” Luo Tian asked in a hurry. The heavenly flame roulette wheel just started spinning and he hadn’t drawn any prizes yet. The only thing he could do right now was delay for more time.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable revealed a cold magnanimous smile like he was bestowing Luo Tian with life. “What attachments do you have? How can you not die in peace by my hands?”

Luo Tian’s eyes rolled around as he said: “It is indeed an honor to die by your hands, but I have a question that I cannot figure out. How did you cultivate your abilities? I really admire them a great deal! Did you cultivate something called Haki, that’s able to see what people are thinking?”


Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was somewhat surprised as he replied: “That name isn’t too bad. I will call it Haki from now on.”

Immediately after, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable said with a smile: “Not bad, I can indeed see what your mind is thinking. Just like right now, you are stalling just so you can live a few more seconds. Humans are truly lowly creatures who cravenly cling to life instead of braving death.”

Luo Tian was indeed thinking of those things.

He didn’t dare to think of anything else.

If he dares to think of anything else, he would’ve lost his life at this instant.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable could kill him with just a single finger. The only thing he could do right now was to think about surviving and asking him to spare his life. Only by having these thoughts could he hide from Haki’s ability. Otherwise…

This was thanks to Luo Tian being a huge fan of One Piece.

He knew Haki’s ability or else he would be meeting King Yama already.

Luo Tian revealed a worshipful smile and asked: “You used Haki? Did you also cultivate Hino Bird Zap, Lightning Beast Kiten, El Thor? I really want to know. How did you cultivate all of these? I really want to know. Oh great God, can you please tell me?”

At this time, the huge prize drawing roulette for the heavenly flames appeared in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Hurry up and start! Draw the prizes! Quickly!”

The heavenly flame roulette wheel started spinning.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Fallen Heart Flame! Would you like to cultivate it?”


The roulette wheel started spinning again.

Luo Tian didn’t care what he drew since there were a total of 108 of them. What he wanted was to have all twenty draws happen at the same time and get the twenty flames instantly. He would then directly blast Divine Origin Celestial Venerable to death with them!

His life wasn’t in his control right now and was in the control of this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable.

This wasn’t a good feeling at all!

As long as Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was slightly unhappy, he would end up dying instantly. This kind of feeling was simply too messed up.

Moreover, Luo Tian couldn’t show any dissatisfaction nor could he think about it. He could only act like a grandson while paying attention to the heavenly flame prize draw. He had to find different ways to suck up to Divine Origin Celestial Venerable and delay for time.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Broad Ice Flame. Will you be cultivating it?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Good lord, can you hurry it up a bit? I’m about to be played to death by you!” said Luo Tian anxiously.

Maybe the Divine Origin Celestial Venerable had been alone for tens of millions of years and hadn’t spoken with anyone for a long time.

If this was in the past, he would definitely not let Luo Tian ask so many long-winded questions.

As Divine Origin Celestial Venerable listened to those techniques and moves Luo Tian was speaking about, his expression faintly changed as he said: “It looks like you know me quite well. Although the names are different, the moves are similar to what you’ve said.”

“I am indeed the phantom image of a God that cultivates a lightning and thunder martial skill.”

“Hino Bird Zap? Lightning Beast Kiten? El Thor?“

“Those names are much better than the ones I came up with. I will use them in the future.”

“As for how I cultivated it… I am a God. A God is an existence that an ant like you can never imagine. You wouldn’t even understand it even if I told you.” Divine Origin Celestial Venerable said with disdain. He then looked at Luo Tian who had sweat covering his forehead and sneered: “Now you’re afraid, huh?”


“I am very afraid!”

“I’m really super scared!” Luo Tian’s voice trembled as he spoke. Not because he was afraid but because he was too excited. He didn’t expect that Divine Origin Celestial Venerable would change the names of his abilities just because of his own words. What kind of coincidence was this?

Is Divine Origin Celestial Venerable slowly assuming the identity of God Enel?

No matter what, Luo Tian had to explode him!

The abilities of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable were very similar to God Enel. Even if he didn’t eat lightning devil fruit, his abilities had already reached a level where he could crush all existences in this world!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Evil Concentric Flame. Will you be cultivating it?”


“Start the fifteenth prize draw!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Six Qi Creation Flame. Will you be cultivating it?”


“Start the sixteenth prize draw!”



Sounds of prize drawing kept sounding off.

At this time, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable sneered: “I will send you on your way now.”

Luo Tian’s battle intent rose as he smiled ferociously, “It’s actually time for me to send you on your way!”

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