Undefeatable – Ch796

Chapter 796 – Even A God Needs To Sing Conquered

“What did you say?”

“Send me on my way?”

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable laughed out loud into the air before saying: “A lowly ant like you dares to say such words? In front of a God, everyone is an existence equivalent to an ant! I have been guarding the Geocentric Tower for tens of millions of years. Everything inside this tower is my creation. I am the master of the eighteenth level that controls the fate of everything here!”

“No matter how strong your ant life is, you still won’t be able to escape from the grasp of my five fingers. Hahaha…”

The first seventeen levels had similar environments.

Flat plains that were dead and silent. A black sky that didn’t conform to anything. All the levels were basically void of life.

It was different on the eighteenth level.

The sky was blue, and there were mountains and rivers that made it look like an immortal paradise.

It looks like everything was created by this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. One must mention that Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s abilities were extremely powerful. He was the strongest boss of the Geocentric Tower. The most important thing was that he came from the realm of the Gods, and it was probably the most powerful realm out of all worlds.

Even though he was just a shadow replica of a God, he was already powerful to an incomparable level.

Luo Tian stood inside the pit and looked up at Divine Origin Celestial Venerable with his grim reaper’s smile. “You are the overlord of this place but I am not someone of this place. Therefore, you are unable to control my fate.”

“To be more precise, you were actually in control of my fate a minute ago but it’s no longer possible now.”

“You will die.”

“I need to explode you because you are simply too strong. Heh heh…”

As his voice faded, the system gave off an alert tone.


“Target locked!”

Luo Tian’s smile became even more excited. He looked at Divine Origin Celestial Venerable and said: “I’ve been coveting your abilities for a very long time. I’ve been wanting it since my previous life and never imagined it would come true in this life. Hahaha… the heavens are truly good to me.”

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable stared at Luo Tian carefully and realized he couldn’t see through him. He used Haki but couldn’t tell what move Luo Tian was planning. What was this guy counting on to be so cocky?

Acting arrogant in front of a God?

This was actually touching his reverse scale.

A piece of trash human residing in a lowly plane dares to act arrogant in front of him?


Divine Origin Celestial Venerable frowned before coldly saying a single word: “Die!”

“Hino Bird Zap!”


An explosion echoed through the sky. A golden stick suddenly appeared in Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s hand, and several small drums were set into a metallic hoop appeared behind his back. The ear-deafening thunderous sound was actually released from his body!

A huge bird of lightning flew straight for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian wasn’t afraid and didn’t attempt to dodge. The speed of lightning was too fast so he wouldn’t have enough time to dodge even if he wanted to. Luo Tian sneered, “The one to die will be you!”

“Heavenly flame, come out!”

“Green Lotus Core Flame!”


“Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, come out!”

“Prison Flame, come out!”

“Nine Dragon Lightning Flame, come out!”

“Broad Ice Flame, come out!”

A bunch of heavenly flames acted like meteorites bombarded down from the sky and cut through all obstacles.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable sneered in disdain, “You want to injure me with this meager power? Lowly human, go ahead a tremble before a God! Hahaha…”

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable stood there without moving because he had no intention of dodging!

His body did slowly turn into a body of light, one where no attacks could touch it. He was basically the light waves shining down from the sun that was a little more intense and blinding to the eyes.

At this time, Luo Tian’s heart faintly shook because he wasn’t sure if his heavenly flames would be effective.

Could he block this lightning power?

Luo Tian wasn’t sure!

He had never encountered such a tremendous amount of power before so he really didn’t know if he would be blasted to smithereens. He started to worry, “If he doesn’t die, I’m going to be the one that ends up dying.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor’s protection could only resist one attack.

Even Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s invincible state can only last for a brief moment. He will eventually end up dying in the hands of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable.


“Tremble before me!”

“Your attack is useless against me. You are too weak. This kind of power is too weak to me! Hahaha…” Divine Origin Celestial Venerable started laughing in mockery. He didn’t bother with the dozen plus flames coming down from the sky.

Any power within this world could not harm him.

He was God!

The Tianxuan Continent might be an origin continent, but it was one of the lowest realms in the universe. There was no power here that could harm him. Absolutely none!

This was how confident he was!

Hino Bird Zap came down.

Luo Tian’s Black Tortoise defensive power was instantly shattered. His Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird were the same. Luo Tian even threw out Titan’s Defensive Form, Ancient Golden Elephant Body, and the Golden Bell Shield.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Lightning blasted into his body and it kept giving off explosive sounds. Luo Tian felt that his soul was almost blown out of his body!


Even his soul was groaning in pain! This kind of power was too strong!

This kind of power couldn’t be resisted so Luo Tian’s health bar instantly plummeted like crazy.


“Red alert: Player’s health bar is too low. Please replenish!”

“Red alert: Player’s health bar is too low. Please replenish!”

The system kept flashing these red alerts.

His health bar looked like it was being shot by a laser as huge chunks of it disappeared. Luo Tian continuously sprayed out blood from his mouth causing his face to turn ashen pale. His brows were furrowed as he stared at Divine Origin Celestial Venerable who was laughing like crazy. “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!”

The speed of lightning was faster than the speed of burning!


“Black alert: The player has only one point of life left and cannot take any more damage. Otherwise, the player will immediately die.”


One must mention that Luo Tian was actually kind of scared now.

Who wasn’t afraid of dying?

He wasn’t going to be eliminated by the system but was going to be smashed to death by this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable!

He was unwilling!

He didn’t dare to move while lying inside the deep pit. A tiny pebble might fall on him and smash him to death at any time. He stared up at Divine Origin Celestial Venerable before staring at the heavenly flames falling down.

“What now?”

“Little ant, are you enjoying yourself?”

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable laughed: “In front of a God, all resistance is futile. If I want you to live, you can live. If I want you to die, you have no other choice but to die. Hahaha…”

At this moment, the first heavenly flame landed!


It exploded directly on the golden lights around Divine Origin Celestial Venerable.

A red number floated above his head, “-5,000,000.”

Luo Tian started laughing.

“Hahaha… hahaha… A God? God your grandpa! Acting arrogant in front of this daddy? You can now go to f*cking hell for this daddy! Hahaha…” Luo Tian scolded excitedly. The power of his new heavenly flames was simply too strong!

So what if you’re a God?

“Even a God needs to kneel down before me and sing Conquered!”



A series of heavenly flames bombarded down and caused the health bar of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable to rapidly fall.

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