Undefeatable – Ch797

Chapter 797 – Heart Trembling


“A God?”

“I think you’re a death God, a God about to meet their death that is! Hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing like mad. His life had been hanging by the balance all this time so he was venting all the unpleasantness inside his heart. He couldn’t help but start laughing when he saw that Divine Origin Celestial Venerable no longer looked like a human after being blasted by the heavenly flames. “Acting arrogant? Go ahead and keep acting arrogant for this daddy! Aren’t you a f*cking God? Aren’t I a lowly human equivalent to an ant? Keep on acting arrogant! Keep acting arrogant for this daddy!” Luo Tian scolded like an uncultured hooligan.

He was feeling extremely happy inside.

“Evil Concentric Flame, smash for me!”


“Six Qi Creation Flame, smash for me!”


A series of heavenly flames descended.

The heavenly flames were constantly causing tens of millions of damage. Not to mention this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was just a shadow replica, even the real Divine Origin Celestial Venerable would be blown to death. He was unable to resist and could only take on each flame one at a time.

What is a heavenly flame?

It is an attack that ignores all powers and defense!

So what if they’re a God?

They still had to tremble before a heavenly flame!

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable never imagined Luo Tian would know a martial skill he had never seen before in his life. He definitely never imagined this kind of martial skill was capable of injuring him no matter what kind of defenses he put up.

His defenses had no effect at all.

How can a God’s body be injured by such an attack?

Upon hearing Luo Tian’s mad laughter and words, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable became angry and his body started getting bigger. “Kid, don’t get too cocky! You wish to kill me just based on your powers? Quit dreaming! I am the overlord of this place! Do you understand what an overlord is?! I control everything in this place!”

“Broad Ice Flame, smash for me!”


Before Divine Origin Celestial Venerable could speak more, another heavenly flame descended and blasted him onto the ground. If he wasn’t so worried that the heavenly flame might accidentally strike him, Luo Tian would’ve rushed up to Divine Origin Celestial Venerable already and stepped on his head. He would then give him a few vicious slaps and scold him: “You damn dog thing, go ahead and show this daddy how arrogant you are!”



Flames surged up and the sound shook the sky.

The entire eighteenth level was shaking. The sky cracked apart and the endless power of the void slowly eroded the atmosphere. The surrounding mountains collapsed and the earth broke apart. The original immortal paradise was now crumbling apart bit by bit.

It was just like the movies depicting the end of the world.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s face was all swollen, most of his teeth had fallen out, his hair disheveled, and his clothes in tatters. His wretched look made him similar to the beggars on the streets. He had no way to dodge the attacks, not even his lightspeed was of use.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t dodge the attack of the heavenly flame.

After being locked down by the heavenly flame, one would still be struck even if they managed to escape all the way to the depths of hell.

You want to escape?

Even the underworld had no escape path!

“Spare me!”

“Spare my life! I admit defeat! I admit defeat! It’s okay that I’ve admitted defeat, right?” Divine Origin Celestial Venerable started pleading.

At this time, there was only a bit of health left in him.

Luo Tian had two heavenly flames left.

If there are no accidents involved, this fight was a sure win for Luo Tian. But he was still feeling afraid since Divine Origin Celestial Venerable could enter his berserk state at any time. If the guy suddenly adds an extra tens of millions of health back, then he would be stuck in a situation like being “up a creek without a paddle.”

“Admitting defeat?”

“You still have to die after admitting defeat!”

There was no other way except to kill.

The regular martial skills he had would cause some damage but couldn’t hit Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. None of his normal attacks would hit due to the cultivation of Haki. Sparing him at a time like this will only lead to unnecessary trouble in the future.

Luo Tian wasn’t an idiot.

“Three Thousand Burning Flame!”

“Smash for me!”


Only a little bit left to go!

Luo Tian already started praying to Teacher Sola Aoi. “Teacher Sola Aoi, I’m begging you sincerely. Please lend me your power so that the loot explosion will overturn the heavens!”

The heavenly flames weren’t Luo Tian’s trump card.

Teacher Sola Aoi was Luo Tian’s trump card.

This was the most critical time.

The twenty-fourth heavenly flame smashed down.

“Glazed Meteor Flame, smash for me!”



In this tragic case, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s eyes were filled with anger. He gave a last frenzied roar: “Kid, you just wait for your death! You aren’t capable of killing me! Agghhh~…”

A mournful scream!

His health bar bottomed out.

The system instantly gave off an alert tone.

Luo Tian didn’t listen to the contents because the words of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable sent a chill into his heart. In an instant, he charged over and appeared next to the corpse of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. “All boss characters go berserk when their health gets lowered to a certain point. There has to be a reason why Divine Origin Celestial Venerable didn’t trigger it. Could it be that after death…”

Luo Tian started getting worried.

Sure enough, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s body was slowly recovering before his eyes.

Luo Tian shuddered when he saw little dots of lights converging onto his corpse. If he had to do this all over again, this would definitely be the end of him. The cooldown timer of his heavenly flames was quite long so it would be impossible to kill the guy once more.

But Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was indeed dead.

The reason for his recovery…

Could this be his berserk state?

Luo Tian didn’t have time to think about this. He immediately flipped his right hand and summoned out the rank 8 Undying Gu Insect he got from Dark Mountain Corpse City. He had never used this gu insect before since he had been searching for a powerful boss to put it in. Now, he had no other choice.

He could only put all eggs into one basket and gamble with his life on the line!

“Big sister Maria Ozawa!”

“Please give me your blessing!”

“If there’s a chance for me to go back to Earth, I will definitely film a movie with you. I will guarantee that you will rise to the heavens in enjoyment!” Luo Tian prayed internally before putting the Undying Gu Insect on top of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s face.

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s body hadn’t fully recovered yet.

His body couldn’t move.

If Luo Tian were to rely on his current strength, there was no way he would be able to kill him. This Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was like a shadow clone cultivated by the original Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. There was no way Luo Tian could break his defense. He wouldn’t be able to do it even if he threw out everything he had, so the only thing he could rely on was the gu insect.

“Please bless me! Please bless me! It has to succeed!”

One side of Luo Tian was filled with worry while the other side was filled with excitement.

The reason was that if the rank 8 Undying Gu Insect succeeded, he would have the shadow replica of a God! Who would dare go against him if he brought a God to Shattered Sky City?

Murong Wanjian?

He would be afraid of death!

Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Cang Tianlong? Afraid of death!

Starsea Immortal Sect’s Old Ancestor Starsea? Afraid of death!

The Soul Hall’s Soul King? Afraid of death!

They were all people that could be instantly crushed to death.

“It would be so awesome if it could really succeed!” Sweat came out of Luo Tian’s hand. He watched as the gu insect crawled into the mouth of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable and then quickly drilled itself into the brain. He made a thought to hurry the insect along before exclaiming to himself: “Damn! His sea of consciousness is bigger than the entire Tianxuan Continent!”

“Can it succeed?”

The system suddenly gave an alert tone.


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