Undefeatable – Ch80

Chapter 80 – Your Sister! Try Showing Off In Front Of This Daddy Again…

The Ghostly Mountain Range was truly a large place.

Luo Tian had been killing and searching for a full five days, yet couldn’t find any traces of the Thousand Year Zombie King. He was getting really frustrated at this point.

After leveling up, he had enough strength to fight with the Thousand Year Zombie King.

But he couldn’t find it.

Boss, oh boss, how come you haven’t shown yourself?

Inside video games, bosses usually hung around specific locations. Since Luo Tian wasn’t playing a game, that’s why there’s no way the Thousand Year Zombie King will sit around at the same location waiting for him.

The Ghostly Mountain Range was simply too vast, and wanting to find it quickly was truly a difficult task.

It has now been a total of thirteen days so there was a little more than half a month left. Since there was still quite a bit of time to go, Luo Tian was annoyed but wasn’t too worried yet.

He was planning on searching for a few more days and will only return if he really couldn’t find it.

This area was getting really close to the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range and there was a high chance of encountering a high ranking demonic beast. If they were unfortunate enough to encounter a rank 6 demonic beast, death would be the only outcome for them.

As evening descended…

The dark and gloomy forest would occasionally show a flash of green light.

Luo Tian had instakilled a Black Panther with a single punch. He then said: “This will be it for the day. Fatty, go grab this Black Panther and wash it clean.”

After absorbing all the Black Panther’s blood essence, Feng Lei responded: “En.”

On the back of Ghost Dragon, An Chunchun gradually opened her eyes. With a look like she hadn’t completely woken up yet, she asked: “Big brother, are we eating now?”

Luo Tian gently smiled as he felt An Chunchun was getting more adorable as the days went by. “En, tonight we’re eating grilled Black Panther meat.”


“It’s time for a meal again, heh.”

An Chunchun leapt off Ghost Dragon’s back and landed firmly on the ground. She then quickly leapt towards Luo Tian and wrapped her legs around his waist. She then gave Luo Tian a quick kiss on the cheeks and said: “Long live big brother!”

This little brat was a glutton.

She ate even more than Luo Tian. He had always wondered how her small stomach could hold so much food.

Gathering firewood, lighting the fire, and setting up the grill rack. In less than half an hour, the fragrant meat was almost done.

The smell of grilled meat permeated the air and spread to the rest of the forest.

Not long after, over a dozen demonic beasts had arrived about a hundred meters from Luo Tian and company. But none of them dared to get any closer.

They were particularly afraid of the death aura coming from Ghost Dragon.

Although they didn’t dare to get closer, they would still occasionally give out a low growl.

Feng Lei’s eyes swept past them and angrily said: “Their growls are so annoying.”

After saying that…

He threw his huge Tang Blade on his shoulders and said: “Boss, I’m gonna go silence them.”

Luo Tian waved his hand: “Go ahead, just be careful out there.”

Feng Lei grinned, “Don’t worry, I can take care of them in just a few minutes since I broke through to the Profound Master realm today.”

After five days of non-stop absorption of blood essence, it allowed Feng Lei to step into the Profound Master realm.

This speed was…

Simply too astonishing!

Luo Tian was still quite a distance from leveling up. Right now he still needed a few hundred thousand experience points so low leveled demonic beasts couldn’t satisfy his needs anymore.

“Big brother fatty, you have to come back quickly or else I’m going to finish off all the grilled meat.” An Chunchun grinned with wrinkled lips making her look like a little kitten.

Feng Lei had a foolish grin on his face as well before striding into the forest.

As his figure disappeared into the darkness, his voice could be heard loudly shouting: “Cry, cry, cry, so goddamn annoying! Watch how this daddy takes care of you ‘all!”



After several dull and heavy sounds were heard, the surrounding area regained its silence.

“Fatty’s attacks are getting much stronger; he only requires a few moves to settle them…”



Luo Tian started frowning as his senses swept out like lightning. Within several breaths, what his senses detected made his expression drastically change. “Killing intent! A very strong killing intent!”


“Ghost Dragon, protect An Chunchun.”

By the time his voice faded, Luo Tian had already disappeared from his original spot.

An Chunchun turned to watch Luo Tian’s disappearing figure. She then said with unease: “Little Dragon, big brother should be fine right?”

Ghost Dragon shook his head in a rather natural fashion.

He actually understood what An Chunchun was saying!

If Luo Tian saw this, he would definitely be shocked beyond words!

An Chunchun seemed to have some inborn ability…

A super strong unique ability that had resulted in the tragic downfall of the Fox Demon race!



Luo Tian loudly shouted while he was releasing his own aura out without fear. He was worried but excited at the same time, “You damn dog thing, you’ve finally revealed yourself.”

Zombie King, the Thousand Year Zombie King!

It was the Thousand Year Zombie King that had chased Luo Tian off a cliff where he almost died. This was the Thousand Year Zombie King who possessed the super strong vicious killing intent!

You’ve f*cking made me look all over for you!

Feng Lei crawled up from the ground while coughing out a mouthful of black blood. He then yelled: “I’m okay boss! This bastard is too sinister; it actually hid amongst the crowd of demonic beasts and made a sneak attack on me!”

No wonder these demonic beasts were giving off low growls incessantly. They weren’t actually afraid of Ghost Dragon’s death aura, they were actually afraid of the Thousand Year Zombie King’s killing intent.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Under the moonlight, the Thousand Year Zombie King was non-stop exhaling a white mist. One could see the blue veins convulsing under its dark skin in unison with the breathing.

A completely overwhelming sense of ferocious killing intent!

The Thousand Year Zombie King noticed Feng Lei was still alive. Its six eyes showed a slight change as it leapt out filled with thick unparalleled killing intent.

Feng Lei was pretty much slapped down by a single strike of the Thousand Year Zombie King. His whole body was in pain but the injuries weren’t heavy. The defensive power of his physical body was actually much tougher than the average person in the Profound Master realm.

Seeing how the Thousand Year Zombie King had leapt into the air towards him again, Feng Lei was now pissed. He stood back up, swept the Tang Blade in an arc, pointed at the Thousand Year Zombie King and cursed: “Your granny! This daddy will fight you with all he has!”

There was still a large distance between Luo Tian and Feng Lei.

With Feng Lei’s current strength, he was not the opponent of the Thousand Year Zombie King. Not to mention the Thousand Year Zombie King felt it was a complete insult that it couldn’t kill Feng Lei with a single strike.

This naturally caused the Thousand Year Zombie King to get angry!

There’s no other choice!

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and roared: “Level 2 Berserk!”

Four times the attributes exploded forth, and. Luo Tian roared out again: “Level 2… Shadewind Steps!”


The power of a Profound Master 5th rank completely exploded forth. Another roar was heard: “You damn dog thing, grandpa is right here! Come chase this daddy!”

“Fatty, move away! You still aren’t its opponent!”

“This time I must really play it to death!”

Recalling how cowardly his escape was last time, Luo Tian’s rage started rising as he remembered the Thousand Year Zombie King’s braggart face.

Thinking how he had searched for it for five days and five nights, the rage further increased.

Motherf*cker, if I don’t kill you this time, this daddy won’t be called Luo Tian!

Luo Tian’s speed was extremely fast!

With four times the attributes and level 2 Shadewind Steps, Luo Tian had managed to instantly arrive at the spot where the Thousand Year Zombie King was going to land at. He then excitedly smile, “Grandson, let’s see how you’re going to show off now.”

“I’ll let you try out this daddy’s new martial skill.”

“Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!”


A lion and tiger roared in unison, and all beasts shall bow down! The powerful ability of shattering gold and one’s soul was released!

Rings of energy like waves started rippling out, causing a stinging pain to the Thousand Year Zombie King’s eardrum. Its whole body suddenly weakened.

How can the martial skill that Xiao Yan cultivated not be strong?

It was at this time…

Black clouds started rolling in and thunder started booming in the nine heavens. A huge swath of lightning started appearing above the Thousand Year Zombie King’s head.

Martial Skill: Myriad Thunder Roar

This was the martial skill that the Furious Thunder Bull comprehended!

Luo Tian ferociously roared out: “You damn dog thing! Let’s see you swagger in front of this daddy! Go ahead, try showing off in front of this daddy again!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Destroy this motherf*cker for me!”

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  1. TharinduX IndunilX says:

    [ 01 ] Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (MC- Luo Tian)
    Location : Tianxuan Continent > Jade Mountain City
    Stats: Patriarch of Luo Family / Jade Mountain City Leader🔒
    Age : 16 Years

    Bloodline : Human / Azure Dragon Bloodline [2,000: Undefeated Value]🔒/ 10,000 Beast Lineage [10,000 Beast Essence]🔒/ Lava Lizard🔒
    Title : Killer of Dung Beetles [ Extra EXP ]

    Level : 14 [ Profound Master 5 ]
    Opponent Level : [ Profound Master 9 ]

    Undefeatable Value (Bloodline Shop) : +97
    Beasts Essence : +30
    Martial Skill :-
    Thunder Tiger Fists (Enhanced Punch & Defense) [Level 2] [Grade 1 Martial Skill]
    Berserk (Level 2: Everything Enhanced by 4x) [Divine Skill]
    Magic Charm (Charm Beings) [Level 2] (CoolDown: 10 Seconds) [Grade 2 / Supportive Martial Skill]
    Myriad Thunder Roar (AOE Thunder Attack) [Grade 4]
    Puppet Technique (Create Puppet Solider / Level 3: 3 Rank, Level 4: 4 Rank Demonic Beast) [Grade 3 / Supportive Martial Skill]
    Weapon Refining Technique [Level 2] [Grade 1]
    Shadwing Steps (Movement Increased by 50%) [Level 2] [Grade 4]
    Meteorite Sword Skill [Grade 2]
    Magma Fire (AOE Magma Attack) [Grade 3]
    Boundless Divine Palms
    Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar (Subduing All Beasts) [Grade 6]
    [ Level 3 = 3rd Rank Demonic Beasts ] Puppet Solider (01 / 04) :-
    Optimus Prime [1st]💀
    Megatron [2nd]💀
    Omega Supreme [3rd]💀
    Bumblebee [4th]💀
    Ghost Dragon [5th]
    System Function :-
    Status Recovery (Healing & Stamina Recovery)
    Inventory (Similar to Wooden Space Plaque: Item Box)
    Enemy Location & Name’s
    Cultivation Skills :-

    Unique Skills :-

    Companions :-
    Items :-
    Xuan Stone (15,000 Profound Energy) [Grade 3]
    Lava Lizard Spine

    [Pill] >
    Foundation Building Pill : (2x)
    Royal Spirit Pill : (1x)
    Energy Condensation Pills : (2x)
    Healing Pills : (3x)
    Spirit Devouring Pills : (3x)
    Tiger Suppression Pill : (1x)

    [Weapon] >
    Blood Devouring Wild Blade [Currently🔒]
    Azure Cloud Sword

    [Money] >
    Silver : (25x)

    Harem (Highest Beauty) :-
    Li Xue’er / Saintess (1st Girl / Same Age as MC) [Phoenix Bloodline / Profound Pupil 7] [Both💗Kiss]
    Elder Sister Shuang / Leng Hanshuang (Unknown Clan: Li Xue’er Bodyguard) [Profound Spirit 6 / 3rd Grade Alchemist]
    An Chunchun (6 Years Younger than MC / Fox Girl)
    Family (Luo Family) :-
    Parents (Luo Zhen: Father / ??: Mother)💀
    Allies :-
    Feng Lei (MC Servant / Sworn Brother / Simple Minded) [Profound Master 1]

    [Luo Family] >
    Luo Qingchan (Test Administrator)
    Luo Kunshan (Elder)
    Yushan (Elder)

    [Song Family] >
    Song Yannan (Patriarch / Male)
    Song Yanqun [Profound Master 3]
    Song Jue (Young Genius)
    Neutral :-
    [Green Cloud Sect] >

    [Violet Organization: Battle Arena] >
    General Manager Li Gui (Boss / Probably Li Xue’er Friend)

    Villains :-
    [Luo Family💀] >
    Luo Jianshan (Acting Patriarch) [Profound Master 7]💀
    Luo Lin (Number 1 Young Master / Luo Jianshan Son) [Profound Pupil 9]💀
    Luo Yue [Profound Pupil 5] [Fiance💗Zhu Mei]💀
    Luo Xiaoshan (Luo Yue Father / Elder / Luo Jianshan Younger Brother) [Profound Master 2]💀
    Luo Ming (Luo Jianshan Bodyguard / Luo Lin Master) [Profound Master 3]💀
    Luo Changshan (2nd Elder) [Profound Master 4]💀
    Luo Chen (Luo Changshan Son / Shit Eater) [Profound Pupil 7]💀

    [Law Enforcement Hall] >
    Luo Lie (Group Leader) [Profound Master 1]💀

    [Zhu Family] >
    Zhu Yaozong (Patriarch) [Profound Master 9]
    Zhu Yaofeng (Elder)
    Zhu Xiong (Young Genius)
    Zhu Mei (Former MC Fiance / Zhu Heir GrandDaughter)
    Zhu Changfeng (Top Genius / Azure Cloud Sect Outer Disciple) [Profound Master 9]

    [Zhou Family] >
    Zhou Tairan (Patriarch) [Profound Master 9]
    Zhou Hengran (2nd Elder) [Profound Master 3]💀
    Zhou Aoran (Elder) [Profound Pupil 4]
    Zhou Yixiao (3rd Elder Son)
    Zhou Changfeng (Young Genius)

    [Violet Organization: Battle Arena] >
    Liu Yu

    [Unknown Rich Clan] >
    Young Master Dian [Li Xue’er💗]
    #Levelling Up gain Status Recovery & Random Skill (Famous Novels) [Higher Level Up]
    #Special Skill of the MC of “The Plum in the Golden Vase” is being very good at Sex
    #Berserk (300 Profound Energy at Level 01) :-
    Level 01 = 2x (Physique / Profound Energy) / Level 02 = 4x / Level 03 = 8x / Level 10 = 1,000x
    #💀mean Defeated or Death or Disappeared
    #Sword Pavilion is Where Luo Family Train Sword Art
    #Luo Family Ultimate Goal is getting into Disciple of the Green Cloud Sect
    #Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth were All Attributes of Nature in Demon Beasts
    #Refining Pills, Refining Weapons, Inscriptions (Supportive Martial Skills)
    #Profound Weapon was Separated into 9 Ranks, Above that (Spirit > Earth > Sky > Immortal > Divine [Highest / Legendary] )
    Cultivation Levels (Level 01 – 09) :-
    01 – Profound Pupil
    02 – Profound Master
    03 – Profound Grandmaster
    04 – Profound Spirit
    05 – Profound King
    06 – Profound Ancestor
    07 – Profound Venerable or Profound Venerate
    08 – Profound Saint
    09 – Profound Emperor
    10 – Profound God
    11 – Profound Sovereign or Profound God Sovereign

    Middle Realms – Ancient World :>

    12 – Spirit Martial
    13 – Four Forms Boundary
    14 – Congealing Yuan Boundary
    15 – Martial Void
    16 – Overflow
    17 – Myriad Illusion
    18 – Sacred Spirit
    19 – Emperor Venerable
    20 – God
    21 – God Master
    22 – God Wheel
    23 – Spiritual God
    24 – God Broken
    25 – Control (Title) God Boundry
    26 – God King


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