Undefeatable – Ch81

Chapter 81 – A Huge Explosion

To be frank…

Luo Tian had a belly full of fire.

Back then, he was a dumb idiot for attempting to imitate the movies of his previous life to escape the Thousand Year Zombie King’s detection. Never would he have imagined that the demon would play around and actually imitate him instead, making Luo Tian extremely embarrassed.

And then it kept chasing after him.

Without a choice, he ended up jumping off a waterfall. If his life wasn’t blessed, he would’ve died at the bottom of the pool already.

The Thousand Year Zombie King had completely enraged him.

So once he made a move, Luo Tian immediately activated his two strongest martial skills. He then vented: “Who told you to show off? Go ahead, f*cking show off in front of this daddy again!”

Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar.

This was a sonic attack that was capable of creating a brief dizzying effect.

The duration of the dizzying effect would increase based on the skill’s level.

This martial skill could act in concert with any other skills.

After activating Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar, the Thousand Year Zombie King was under the dizzying effect. Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and followed up by angrily roaring out the Furious Thunder Bull’s strongest attack – Myriad Thunder Roar.

What sort of attack were zombies most afraid of?

The electrical ones!

Inside any video game, as long as they were monsters related to the undead, their nemesis was always attacks related to electricity.

Even though the profound energy consumption of Myriad Thunder Roar was quite large, Luo Tian didn’t care because all he wanted to do was to kill it.




The Myriad Thunder Roar loudly resonated outwards over dozens of kilometers away, scaring away waves and waves of birds and beasts alike.

In the center of the lightning storm was Luo Tian laughing excitedly. “Hahaha… this is way too f*cking cool! It truly deserves to be the martial skill of the Furious Thunder Bull!”

“Extremely powerful… this big brother likes it a lot! Hahaha…”

In the midst of the lightning storm…

The Thousand Year Zombie King was just like a regular human being struck with lightning. Its arms were dancing around and its body started turning black with wisps of smoke coming out. Out of its six eyes, three of them were directly struck blind with bright red blood seeping out. Its expression had turned even more hideous looking with a mix of awkwardness.

“Such a day has come for you as well!”

“Back then you chased this daddy off a cliff, so now it’s my turn for revenge.” Luo Tian had a proud and excited expression on his face.

The moment the myriad lightnings finished descending, Luo Tian yelled out: “Fatty, it’s time for our revenge!”

“Your granny!”

Feng Lei roared out since he couldn’t wait any longer.

He hefted up his Tang Blade and stomped off his fat legs. He then barreled towards the Thousand Year Zombie King similar to a bulldozer.

Also at the same time…

Luo Tian lowered his fists and rushed forth. His body was like a shadow fluttering in the wind, creating a blur of his afterimage that no one could tell where he really was.

“Thunder Tiger Charge!”

“This daddy will chop you up!”

The two of them almost struck out at the same time.

This exact moment was similar to the say: when you’re ill, go for the kill.

The Thousand Year Zombie King was struck dizzy by two martial skills, so there’s no way he had time to react. Never would it have imagined that these two guys could grow so fast in just several days.



The huge bone blade chopped down, aiming for the top of the Thousand Year Zombie King’s head.

This blade was not the previous blade.

Its strength was also not the previous strength.

Even steel bones would shatter with this blade chopping down.


There was only a slight cut on the Thousand Year Zombie King’s head with a faint trace of blood coming out. This injury to it could be considered nothing much.

This kind of defense…

Was unimaginable!

The Thousand Year Zombie King didn’t feel the slightest pain. What was pain? It didn’t even understand that concept because there weren’t any pain receptors to send signals to its brain.

Luo Tian’s heart sank yet his pair of fists continued to heavily slam out.

The attack heavily smashed into the chest of the Thousand Year Zombie King.


Two four-finger dents were stamped onto the Thousand Year Zombie King’s chest, yet it just took two light steps backwards.

Its remaining three eyes glanced at them, and its lips with a trace of blood broke out into a grin. It was smiling; smiling in disdain as if it was saying: “Is this all the strength you guys have? Too weak, so weak that it’s a complete mess.”

This thing was actually smiling.

They were being ridiculed by a demonic beast.

Even if uncle can endure it, aunty cannot endure it!

The rage inside Luo Tian burst out as he yelled: “Fatty, move out of the way. I’m going to solo this thing!”

Feng Lei was startled, but continued: “Boss, this thing is afraid of electricity. Do you want me to…”

“No need!”

“This bastard dares to ridicule me? I want its soul to shatter and disperse for all eternity as the consequence!” Luo Tian directly rejected Feng Lei.

Feng Lei had unconsciously swallowed the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core so his attacks would occasionally contain a trace of lightning in his attacks.

It was obvious that with his level advancement, he was capable of releasing lightning attacks.

Luo Tian had a slight suspicion that the ferocious looking tattoo on the back of Feng Lei’s bald head might be the lord of thunder for the Chinese gods, the Thunder Deity!

The Thousand Year Zombie King’s three eyes changed as its smile disappeared.

Its body suddenly exploded forth with a ripple of red colored energy.

Killing intent!

An incomparably thick killing intent!

It was similar to tens of thousands of mountains all crushing down making Luo Tian’s spirit extremely uncomfortable. In an instant, his eyes, his eardrums, his sea on consciousness, and his internal organs all started becoming swollen with blood.

If this continued, all orifices in his body would probably start bleeding.

The Thousand Year Zombie King had eyes of contempt as if this was all a joke. It was completely scorning the human in front of it as if saying: “A little ant like you wants to fight with me? Courting death!”


Luo Tian roared into the sky: “Level 2 Berserk!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

Once the ability’s cool down was up, Luo Tian would continue activating the martial skill one right after the other. In less than a minute, multiple Myriad Thunder Roars had superimposed on each other.

Luo Tian looked like a lunatic right now.

Okay, not looked like, Luo Tian practically was a lunatic right now. He was a lunatic at the most demented stage possible that would do anything to kill you.

Being suppressed by the killing intent was too uncomfortable.

If he didn’t release that pent up feeling, he would definitely die.

At the very beginning…

The change in the Thousand Year Zombie King’s eyes, and that sneer in contempt, made it have an expression implying “this daddy will stand here and do nothing, yet you still can’t kill this daddy.”

And now it started show signs of panic. Its entire body was showing wisps of white smoke, and pieces of charred flesh were being blown off by thick columns of lightning striking its body.

In the end, its body was now crooked; all six eyes had been struck closed; and its whole face was covered in fresh blood.

After being struck so many times, there wasn’t a single area of normal flesh since they were all charred black. Its expression was no longer filled with contempt and was replaced with the look of fear and horror.


“This daddy wants to see if you can survive this!”

“Boom for me!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

Luo Tian once again roared out. Black clouds started gathering above his head and the violent sounds of thunder rang out through the nine heavens before lightning started raining down again.

“Explode for me!”



The Thousand Year Zombie King had been struck to the point of not even leaving a scrap behind. It was similar to one failing to avoid a calamity, and its soul had now been shattered and dispersed. At this time, the long awaited alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian’s spirit finally loosened up. His whole body was drenched in sweat as he crumpled to the ground. He started gasping for air and calming his mind down while waiting for the results.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s heart was calming down. It wasn’t a peaceful calm but the calm before the excitement.

He was saying inside his heart: “Explode, explode, there has to be a good loot explosion. It has to or else I’d have suffered a big loss!”

“A huge explosion!”

“Teacher Sola Aoi, Teacher Yui Hatano, Teacher Maria Ozawa, ¹ you all must bless me with a huge loot explosion!”


¹ – If you guys forgot, Luo Tian likes to pray to Japanese adult video actresses.

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