Undefeatable – Ch800

Chapter 800 – Ten Profound God Sovereigns Rock The World

Profound God Sovereign Pills!

Luo Tian was looking up the description of them while traveling to Dark North City.

Those who take the pill can instantly break through to the Profound God Sovereign realm. They will instantly gain the powers of a Profound God Sovereign ranker and will not be any different from others. The only drawback is that the user can never break through past that realm.

They will forever stay in the Profound God Sovereign realm.

A Profound God Sovereign expert as a finite lifespan. Once someone uses the Profound God Sovereign Pill, they will die when their life expectancy reaches the limit.

When the system rewarded him with the Profound God Sovereign Pills, Luo Tian immediately thought of Murong Bai and the others.

But based on their personalities, they wouldn’t use the Profound God Sovereign Pill because they wanted to follow Luo Tian to experience a bigger world and step onto a bigger stage. If their cultivation was stuck at the Profound God Sovereign realm, that meant they wouldn’t get a chance to gain further power.

Inside the Soul Refining Dungeon.

Those devil kings that were injured and those that were on their last breath immediately became spirited.

They had no other thoughts except for revenge!

They didn’t think of anything else. So what if their cultivation would forever stop in place? As long as they can wash away their shame, they wouldn’t even hesitate to give up their life! This was what it means to be a devil!

Luo Tian’s heart sank when he looked at each one of them. He then said to himself: “Liu Chengfeng, what a f*cking vicious move! You actually snubbed your own ancestors! It looks like being a sect leader of the devil sect has screwed up your brains!”

Luo Tian immediately brought out all ten Profound God Sovereign Pills and said: “I only have ten Profound God Sovereign Pills, which means only ten of you can enter the supreme realm of a Profound God Sovereign. You guys decide amongst yourself. Whatever choices you make, make sure you won’t regret it!”

All those old devils looked at each other.

Almost all of them took a step forward.

They all wanted it.

They all wanted vengeance and to rip that dog thing Liu Chengfeng into pieces.

But there were only ten Profound God Sovereign Pills.

Xin Er then said: “All my fellow uncles, the seal on your body has only been recently removed so your powers haven’t fully recovered yet. With your innate potential, you guys can definitely break through to the Profound God Sovereign realm on your own. How about letting those who are near the end of their lifespan use the pill? This way, their longevity will be guaranteed and they will have more time to spend with everyone.”

“What Miss Xin Er said is right!”

“Let’s do it that way then!”

“Let’s not fight about it anymore. Whoever receives the Profound God Sovereign Pill, the first thing they need to do is kill that dog thing Liu Chengfeng. Whoever doesn’t kill him after getting the pill, this daddy will not let him off even if I become a ghost!”

“That’s right, we have to kill that Liu Chengfeng and wash away the shame of the devil sect. This daddy is already pissed to see how much the devil sect has changed after tens of thousands of years!”

“We need to avenge Tong Yan and Wei Mo!”

The crowd spoke up with hatred in their tone of voice.

They couldn’t endure how they were completely played by Liu Chengfeng.

Previously, they had no solutions to deal with a Profound God Sovereign expert.

Now that they had a Profound God Sovereign Pill, this was the perfect chance at revenge. There was finally hope! They were all feeling very grateful to Luo Tian. It was him that removed the seal on their bodies and it was him that gave them a chance at revenge.

Back then, they treated Luo Tian as a God of Gambler, a kid that was fun to hang around with.

Now, they were treating Luo Tian as their leader.

Profound God Sovereign Pill!

It didn’t sound good on the surface because one’s cultivation will stay in the Profound God Sovereign realm forever.

But the Tianxuan Continent had over ten billion martial artists and there were only a dozen plus Profound God Sovereign experts. Many people will never touch the Profound God Sovereign realm in their life! If word of the Profound God Sovereign Pill was spread to the outside world, most likely the entire continent would be slaughtering each other to fight for it.

Even those experts already in the Profound God Sovereign realm will fight for it because the medicinal pill was simply too useful.

In just a few minutes, ten devil kings had been selected.

Luo Tian didn’t speak any nonsense and handed each of them a pill. “You can only depend on yourself after taking this.”

One of the devil kings took the lead and swallowed the pill.


There was loud humming noise from the Soul Refining Dungeon and the power of a Profound God Sovereign fluctuated. Wind and clouds gathered while the sky and earth shook. A variety of powerful forces were converging into the Soul Refining Dungeon.




Power collided, condensed, and exploded. That devil king’s face turned fierce as his fleshly body underwent a metamorphosis. His power rose up like a powerful wave in the ocean. This power made the surrounding atmosphere rather oppressive and forced everyone around him backward.

“A new supreme Profound God Sovereign expert has been born?”

“Who could it be?”

“Could it be that kid Luo Tian? There aren’t many experts at the peak of the Profound God 9th rank. Who could have broken through at this time?”

“Immediately go and investigate! After you find out who it is, invite him or her to Shattered Sky City!”

The area of Shattered Sky City.

Many powerful spiritual senses spread out into the world to look, but no one could find anything.

Cang Tianlong was surprised as he muttered: “Who could it be? How come there weren’t any signs there would be a new Profound God Sovereign expert coming into being?”

“Could it be someone from a second-rate immortal sect?” asked Old Ancestor Starsea.

Cang Tianlong replied: “It shouldn’t be. There aren’t that many Profound God 9th rankers in this world and those second-rate immortal sects shouldn’t have such an expert.”

Before they finished chatting, another formless pressure came from the sky. It was another energy fluctuation from a Profound God Sovereign expert.


After that explosion, another Profound God Sovereign expert had been born.

Cang Tianlong’s eyes bulged out as he said to himself: “Another Profound God Sovereign expert?! This is the second person breaking through! And the aura seems to be hidden by an array. Who on earth are they?!”

“Soul King, is it someone from your Soul Hall?”


“Old ancestors of the ten great immortal sects, is it people of yours?”

“No, not mine.”

“Who could it be then?”

All the supreme Profound God Sovereign experts in Shattered Sky City started discussing this.

Right afterward…



“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

Eight more consecutive explosions rang out as Profound God Sovereign powers expanded outward. Even though the power wasn’t as strong as Murong Wanjian or Li Xue’er, no one can ignore an expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm!

They were the absolute strongest powers in the Tianxuan Continent!

At this time, Shattered Sky City had become a bit chaotic.

Cang Tianlong’s expression darkened as he shouted: “Go investigate it for me! I want to know who they are and what purposes they have! I want to know everything before the sun rises!”

“We cannot allow anyone to ruin the wedding between the true dragon and the young phoenix!”

“Their union cannot be disrupted!”

Cang Tianlong started getting worried.

Old Ancestor Starsea had an ugly look on his face as he muttered: “Who could it be?”


Inside the Soul Refining Dungeon, Xin Er gave Luo Tian a medal-like object and said: “You should know how to use this thing. I will be going with you this time to rescue big sister Xue’er.”

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