Undefeatable – Ch801

Chapter 801 – Crisis On All Sides

Another medal for teleportation.

It was the same as the one he got from the old couple at Dark Mountain Corpse City.

The same as the one from Fan Zhangjian of the Gnome tribe.

And the one from the Sky Palace!

They were all medals capable of teleportation. As long as one shatters it, a large group of people can be teleported over.

Luo Tian took it without hesitation. He then gently stroked Xin Er’s cheek and said with a smile: “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. No one in this world can kill me. My fate is in my hands and not in the control of anyone!”

Xin Er smiled like a blooming flower and replied: “En~, I know!”

Luo Tian then immediately left.

He had many things to do and couldn’t stay in Dark North City for too long.

After watching Luo Tian’s back slowly grow smaller into the distance, she gave one last smile before turning serious. “It doesn’t matter who it is, I will not let them harm you. This I guarantee with my life!”

After saying that, a power that didn’t belong to his world surged out from Xin Er’s body.

The power of fate!


Luo Tian didn’t bring along the ten new Profound God Sovereign experts from the Soul Refining Dungeon.

He knew that those Profound God Sovereign experts at Shattered Sky City had no clue the ten new Profound God Sovereign rankers came into being by taking pills. There was no way they knew the new identities of the Profound God Sovereign experts were these devil kings. The only thing they knew was the Tianxuan Continent had gained ten new Profound God Sovereign experts in a single minute.

Just this point alone will make them all worried!

“You guys have a lot of Profound God Sovereign experts, huh?”

“You f*ckers, this daddy has them too!”

“And the things you don’t have, this daddy has it!”

Luo Tian sneered internally while flying through the night sky. “Murong Wanjian, you just wait patiently for me. Hehehe…”

Luo Tian traveled at high speeds toward Shattered Sky City.

He was worried for the safety of Eggy and the others. There was also Feng Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, and Blindman Liu. And there was An Chunchun and the girls. Tomorrow was the agreed-upon date and those people might have arrived there early. If he really didn’t show himself soon, he was afraid his brothers would go crazy and act recklessly.

No matter how strong they have all become, there’s no way they would be a match for a Profound God Sovereign expert.

Luo Tian was really worried.


Shattered Sky City.

In one of the rooms of a west courtyard of the imperial city.

Cang Tianlong had an ugly look on his face as he harrumphed: “Trash! You guys are all trash! The birth of ten Profound God Sovereign experts at the same time and you guys couldn’t find out anything?! How are you even the sect leader?!”

Daoist Lie Yang was trembling with an obedient look on his face. His face was turning pale as the oppressive pressure from a Profound God Sovereign expert gave him trouble breathing. “Master, your disciple is incompetent! Please give me your punishment!”

Daoist Lie Yang was similar to an ant in front of Cang Tianlong.

He was always mindful of his actions because he knew Cang Tianlong’s brutal methods.


“What use are you if you can’t even do such a simple task?!” Cang Tianlong glared at him.

Daoist Lie Yang immediately kneeled down, shaking.

He was so scared that he looked like a shivering dog.

Cang Tianlong harrumphed: “Scram out for me! Go and investigate again! And where is that bunch of rabble from Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Have they been controlled yet? There’s also a bunch of mysterious experts appearing in Shattered Sky City. Investigate every single one of them. There cannot be any mistakes in tomorrow’s wedding and sacrificial ceremony. Otherwise… I will take your life!”

Daoist Lie Yang was like a person granted amnesty and immediately said: “This disciple obeys! This disciple already investigated that the people from Mount Hua Immortal Sect disguised themselves as normal citizens and entered the city. Luo Tian’s brothers and women are being watched by Profound God experts from the ten great immortal sects. As long as you give the order, we can take them down all at once. You don’t have to worry about them at all. As for the mysterious experts suddenly appearing in the city, I have many people paying close attention but we haven’t found any clues yet.”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect?”


“Even if Mount Hua’s progenitor was still around, he can forget about ruining our big event!” Cang Tianlong revealed a cold sneer as he squinted his eyes up at the dark night sky. “After tomorrow, I will become the Tianxuan Continent’s overlord. I can ascend whenever I want. I will definitely step into a more powerful world, hahaha…”

Daoist Lie Yang immediately said: “Master, you will rule the entire Tianxuan Continent! You will be remembered for thousands of generations!”

“Quickly go take care of things!”

“Order received!”


Cold sweat appeared the moment Daoist Lie Yang stepped out of the room. His gaze turned gloomy as he felt pissed off. Of course, he didn’t dare to express any complaints and didn’t even dare think about them.

The power that Cang Tianlong possessed was the most terrifying power he had ever seen.

Even if all the nine great immortal sect’s Profound God Sovereign experts worked together, they might not be his match.

His powers were too strong!

Once he gets a hold of that power tomorrow, it is guaranteed that no one in the Tianxuan Continent will be his match.

Daoist Lie Yang quickly left to take care of matters.


The slums of Shattered Sky City.

Murong Bai was disguised as a beggar with grime all over his face.

He had given it all with this disguise.

With a character that loved beauty the most, it was supposed to be impossible for him to look like that. But he could only disregard his handsome image in order to deal with tomorrow’s matter. He knew that there was a great chance that he might die after tomorrow, so why would he bother with his image anymore?

“Big Cow, how’s it going on your side? Do you have any news of sister-in-law?” Murong Bai asked in whispers.

Jingang was disguised as a servant and had just snuck out of a General’s Manor. He shook his head, “Nothing. I almost killed that playboy General but got nothing useful. He had no clue what I was asking him. Eldest senior brother, should we capture the city lord tonight? Your granny’s cha-cha, I refuse to believe that he doesn’t know where our sister-in-law is.”

Big Mustache immediately said: “Big Cow, don’t always be in such a rush. It’s possible that sister-in-law hasn’t arrived yet and there’s no way for us to understand the reason. Since the wedding day is tomorrow, there should be a bridal party receiving the bride. We could follow them and find an opportunity to…”

Murong Bai interrupted: “That receiving bridal party could be a trap. The enemies may have already found out that we’ve entered Shattered Sky City and are just waiting for us to show our heads before capturing us all together. Wait it out first and see if senior sister Han or Leng Hanshuang has any further news.”


Most of the Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples had hidden themselves within a mountain a kilometer away from the city.

Eggy didn’t show up because his appearance was too easily exposed.

The rest of their group disguised themselves in order to enter Shattered Sky City and find out Li Xue’er’s whereabouts. They just wanted to rescue Li Xue’er before her wedding hour.

But what they didn’t know is that Daoist Lie Yang’s people had been watching them the moment they entered Shattered Sky City.

Their every move was under the control of Daoist Lie Yang.


Vermillion Bird Main Street.

There was an endless stream of people.

The city’s biggest brothel was situated on this street.

In a certain room of the brothel, Leng Hanshuang was lying on the ground with blood seeping out the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were glaring in anger at the man in front of her.

It was Daoist Lie Yang!

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