Undefeatable – Ch802

Chapter 802 – Giant Fault Sword, Xuanyuan Yi Appears


“You damn slut, you’ve landed in my hands now!”

Daoist Lie Yang smiled coldly when he looked up and down Leng Hanshuang’s body. “What an exquisite woman! If you want breasts, there are breasts. If you like butts, there’s a nice curvy butt for you. Especially those icy charming eyes that make the onlooker give rise to a sense of possession.”

“Except, I have no interest in women that aren’t virgins. Otherwise, I will definitely let you experience how powerful I am! Hahaha…”

“Leng Hanshuang, you never expected this right?”

“You wanted to wait for a King from Shattered Sky City to find out news on Li Xue’er but everything you’ve done is within the palm of my hands. Wait, that’s not right… it should be everything you guys are doing are within the control of my hands.” Daoist Lie Yang started laughing smugly with an excited look on his face.

He was extremely unhappy when he walked out of Cang Tianlong’s room.

He wanted to vent.

And this opportunity came knocking on his door.

He wanted to make a move on the twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi but those two left and only Leng Hanshuang stayed.

Just as Daoist Lie Yang said, Leng Hanshuang wanted to wait for a certain conferred King from Shattered Sky City and see if she could pry some information about Li Xue’er. What she never imagined was Daoist Lie Yang walking through the door. Before she even had time to react, she was slapped tumbling to the floor by Daoist Lie Yang.

She was only at the early stages of the Profound God realm and wasn’t a match for Daoist Lie Yang who was at the peak of the Profound God realm.

She was suppressed in an instant.

Leng Hanshuang’s gaze turned gloomy but she wasn’t afraid. She was only worried for Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and the others. They had already done their best to hide themselves yet were still discovered by their enemies.

Leng Hanshuang coldly looked over while her icy aura surged out. She was just like an iceberg that caused the room’s temperature to quickly plummet. She then sneered: “So what if you’ve done all those things? You still have to die tomorrow.”

“Luo Tian will definitely come and take your dog life! Humph~!”


Before her voice faded, Daoist Lie Yang had already slapped her.

Leng Hanshuang had no time to dodge.

She took on the heavy slap and sprayed out a mouthful of black colored blood. She actually revealed an excited smile and said: “What? You’re scared now? Do you remember how you ran like a dog back at South Heavenly Gate? There’s no way you will be able to keep your dog life tomorrow.”

There was killing intent in Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes as his formless Profound God 9th rank powers surged out. His eyes widened as he sneered: “Luo Tian? He will appear? Maybe you don’t know but you guys went into a place called the Geocentric Tower last time. That place is a place where one can enter but cannot leave. Inside are powerful demonic beasts from higher planes, so do you think Luo Tian will be a match for them?”

“A match for someone from the realm of Gods?”

“In the history of the Tianxuan Continent, countless experts have entered the Geocentric Tower but have all ended up dying inside. Do you really think Luo Tian can come out alive? Hahaha… He is already dead inside there! Do you know why the young phoenix is willing to marry Murong Wanjian?”

“It’s because she knows Luo Tian is already dead!”

“You should be clearer than me on the young phoenix’s star powers, and even she cannot detect Luo Tian’s presence. Do you think Luo Tian is alive then?”

“Even if he’s alive and manages to leave the Geocentric Tower. Let’s say he even manages to make it to Shattered Sky City. In front of ten supreme Profound God Sovereign experts, do you think he has the chance of keeping his life? I’m so scared! I’m so scared that he won’t appear! Only if he appears will I be able to watch him die before my eyes, hahaha…”

Loud laughter!

Daoist Lie Yang was laughing like mad.

The whole building was shaking from it.

Leng Hanshuang’s expression instantly paled as she trembled from shock. She started muttering: “It can’t be… it can’t be… there’s no way he’s dead. He absolutely will not die. You are lying… You are lying to me!”

Her heart sank when she recalled the Lava Beast King they encountered.

She has never seen such a powerful demonic beast before!

It was so strong that it was an unmovable existence!

Luo Tian almost died and it was only the first level. The second level will definitely be stronger and then there were be a third, fourth… Leng Hanshuang didn’t want to continue imagining and started feeling fear.

When she recalled Luo Tian’s words when the portal started closing, pain assaulted Leng Hanshuang’s heart. She looked up and coldly stared at Daoist Lie Yang.

Leng Hanshuang looked like she had suddenly lost her mind and released all her powers including those of her soul. “Die!”

She wanted to self-destruct her soul and take Daoist Lie Yang down with her!

It would be worth dying if she could kill a Profound God 9th ranker like Daoist Lie Yang! This was considered removing one of the barriers for their group!

Luo Tian was dead and she didn’t want to keep living.

Leng Hanshuang looked like a very cold person to outsiders. During Jade Mountain City, she didn’t care about Luo Tian and even hated him. Now that he truly loved Luo Tian, everything was different. Since Luo Tian was already dead, she didn’t want to continue living either.


She could then go look for Luo Tian in the underworld.

But her reaction speed was a bit too slow. It was very slow in the eyes of Daoist Lie Yang.

Daoist Lie Yang sneered, “You want to detonate your soul? Mutual destruction? Leng Hanshuang, you are over thinking things. You dare to self-destruct your soul with your weak cultivation realm? Lie down for me!”

He released his Profound God 9th rank powers.

The oppressive pressure was like a mountain crushing down on Leng Hanshuang. Her soul powers were instantly suppressed and she couldn’t move her body at all.

This was the gap in cultivation levels.

Even the move of self-destructing one’s soul was useless.

Leng Hanshuang’s eyes were filled with blood and her heart like ashes as she muttered: “Luo Tian, I’m coming to accompany you.”

“Since you wish to die so badly, I will make it happen.”

Daoist Lie Yang walked over with a cold grin. A powerful energy appeared in his palm that shook the whole room.

Leng Hanshuang’s heart was deathly still.

She didn’t believe Daoist Lie Yang’s words but she believed in Li Xue’er.

Li Xue’er’s ability was the stars that covered the sky. Her eyes could see wherever the stars were, which meant she could sense everything within the Tianxuan Continent. If she couldn’t sense Luo Tian, that meant he was no longer of this world.

Heart like dead ashes.

Seeing Daoist Lie Yang get closer, she didn’t struggle and just closed her eyes. She revealed a happy smile and said to herself: “I wish to be your woman in my next life and let you smack my little butt.”

“Die!” Daoist Lie Yang’s palm smashed down.

A cold light suddenly flashed out and stopped right at his throat.

A cold voice was transmitted: “If you dare to move an inch, you will instantly die!”

The sword was so fast that it reached unimaginable levels!

Daoist Lie Yang could be said as the strongest person below the Profound God Sovereign realm, yet the speed of the sword was so fast that he didn’t have time to react.

Daoist Lie Yang widened his eyes to look.

It was a huge black sword containing the aura of pure dominance!

Giant Fault Divine Sword!

Xuanyuan Yi had arrived!

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