Undefeatable – Ch803

Chapter 803 – You’re Also A Sister-in-law?

“I will kill you if you dare move one bit!”

A domineering sword aura!

The holder of the sword was even more domineering!

The most shocking thing to Daoist Lie Yang was that the huge sword on his throat seemed like it was breathing like a human. With every ebb and flow, it was releasing a strong and domineering sword intent. This was a sword intent that he had never seen before!


Daoist Lie Yang then looked at the person that appeared in front of him like a ghost.

A person he couldn’t see through!

He couldn’t tell how strong his cultivation was!


Could this guy be one of the new Profound God Sovereign experts?

Daoist Lie Yang’s heart sank as he swallowed down his saliva.

He understood that he was the strongest existence below the Profound God Sovereign realm. If this person could hold a sword against his throat and he couldn’t even react in time, that means this person’s cultivation must definitely be in the Profound God Sovereign realm. If that’s the case, then…

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression immediately paled as he said drily: “Your Lordship, please calm down. I won’t move. I definitely won’t move.”

He was afraid.

He would never be afraid of a Profound God expert.

But when it comes to a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm, he would have no ability to fight back. He was very clear on the terrifying powers a Profound God Sovereign ranker holds, and it wouldn’t be enough even if he had extra lives to spare.

Xuanyuan Yi had no expression on his face and only said to Leng Hanshuang who was waiting to die on the ground, “Hey! Hey! Are you okay?”

Daoist Lie Yang immediately said: “She wanted to self-destruct her soul and it was I that saved her. When I pulled back my powers, she may have fainted from the force of it. Hero, brave citizen, I’m actually one of the good guys and didn’t mean any harm.”

At this time, Daoist Lie Yang didn’t dare to reveal an arrogant look.

He was acting just like a dog.

He was internally depressed inside as he thought: “When did such a powerful person appear in Shattered Sky City?”

“No wonder my master wanted me to pay attention to the mysterious experts who had recently appeared in Shattered Sky City. This guy is definitely a Profound God Sovereign expert who broke through not too long ago. What is he doing here in Shattered Sky City? What are his plans?”

“Could he be here for the miraculous event as well?”

Daoist Lie Yang instantly smiled and said: “My Lord, did you come here for the miraculous event? I am the Sect Leader of the Imperial God Immortal Sect, Daoist Lie Yang. My master is Cang Tianlong. Master has always wanted to make friends with strong experts like you. Do you want me to introduce you to him?”

Xuanyuan Yi didn’t bother with those words and asked: “I heard you said that Luo Tian was already dead. Are you the one that spread that news?”

Daoist Lie Yang was stunned momentarily before asking: “Luo Tian? Are you Luo Tian’s friend?”

Xuanyuan Yi shook his head, “Nope.”


Daoist Lie Yang relaxed as he said to himself: “Everything is fine as he isn’t a friend of Luo Tian.” His heart almost stopped beating for a second from fear. He then said out loud: “That damn dog thing Luo Tian entered the Geocentric Tower. How can a piece of trash like him dare to go in?”

“The Geocentric Tower is the most dangerous place in all of the Tianxuan Continent. There are many powerful creatures from other higher planes living there, so it’s impossible for him to come out alive. He is definitely dead somewhere inside. He has gotten off easy by dying in there because if he dares to show his face around here, this daddy will not let him off!”

Daoist Lie Yang had a smug look on his face when he said those words. But when he saw the gloomy look in Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes, he asked: “What kind of relationship do you have with him?”

Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes revealed killing intent as he spat out: “He is my boss!”


Daoist Lie Yang’s body shivered and almost collapsed onto the floor. His face turned pale white as he stuttered: “Your Lord, Lord, Lordship, I, I, I, was just kidding. I am actually brothers with Luo Tian and he’s also my boss as well!”

Xuanyuan Yi didn’t show any emotions on his face and continued asking: “Why are you so sure that my boss is unable to leave that place?”

Daoist Lie Yang started shaking as he replied: “It wasn’t me that said it! It was the Soul King from the Soul Hall who said that! He is the first person in our era to have discovered the Geocentric Tower. Moreover, the young phoenix’s star powers weren’t able to sense Luo Tian, so that means he is already dead inside.”

Xuanyuan Yi finally revealed an unhappy look on his face as he coldly said: “You called my boss a damn dog thing so you need to die for it. You also said my boss is a piece of trash so you absolutely have to die.”

“Therefore, go ahead and die for me.”

A domineering aura burst forth from the Giant Fault Sword.


The sword rang out and violent force fluctuated in all directions.

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression changed once more, “Sword, sword, sword spirit? You… you comprehended a sword spirit? And it’s a sword spirit with the power of dominance… how can this be possible?”

He was dumbstruck!

Breaking past the comprehension of sword intent was harder than breaking through to the Profound God Sovereign realm!

Murong Wanjian was able to comprehend a sword spirit because of his true dragon’s bloodline, but this man in front of him had no bloodlines whatsoever. How can he comprehend a sword spirit then? This was next to impossible!

Moreover, the comprehension of a sword spirit would create a huge uproar in the air above the Tianxuan Continent. As the Sect Leader of the Imperial God Immortal Sect, he was sure that he would detect such an anomaly. But he was completely unaware of this and never sensed it!

His face turned paler.

The hatred Daoist Lie Yang had for Luo Tian became even more intense. He started scolding internally: “You damn dog thing, you still aren’t sparing this daddy even though you’re already dead! Even if I end up dying, your brothers can forget about living as well!”

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression changed and he didn’t bother over thinking things.

When one is under the threat of death and unable to escape, then they can only fight with all they had.

His Profound God 9th rank powers surged out and it immediately rose to the peak.

Daoist Lie Yang then sneered: “Kid, you need to think very carefully. There are over ten Profound God Sovereign experts currently in Shattered Sky City. You won’t be able to escape if you kill me. This woman beside us is the woman of your boss, and she will have to die too.”

“You want to try and see what will happen if you make move against me?”

Xuanyuan Yi glanced at Leng Hanshuang on the ground before looking back. He then said coldly: “So what? Since you say that my boss is already dead, then I will directly tell you that I’m going to flip Shattered Sky City upside down.”

The domineering sword spirit instantly fluctuated.

The powerful sword aura immediately forced Daoist Lie Yang into a kneeling position.

The Giant Fault Sword started moving and smacked against Daoist Lie Yang’s face, directly sending him tumbling to the floor. “Die for me!”

The suppression from a sword spirit smashed down.

The peak powers of a Profound God 9th ranker was like a kid in front of Xuanyuan Yi. It had no ability to fight back!

Daoist Lie Yang almost peed his pants in fear! Just as he was about to scream out something, Leng Hanshuang suddenly woke up.

Daoist Lie Yang used this chance to say: “She’s awake!”

Leng Hanshuang opened her eyes and said: “Where is this place? Big brother Luo Tian, I’m coming to look for you.”

She thought that she was already dead in purgatory and just hadn’t entered hell yet.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Yi was shocked by Leng Hanshuang’s words. He unconsciously pulled back his powers and gave Leng Hanshuang a sidelong glance, “You’re also a sister-in-law?”



Daoist Lie Yang flew out and disappeared in a blink of an eye. There was only laughter in the air before he shouted: “You guys just wait for this daddy! Tonight, every one of your Mount Hua Immortal Sect people will die! You guys just wait and see!”

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