Undefeatable – Ch805

Chapter 805 – A Profound God Sovereign Appears

“Devil Charge!”

“Scram away for me!”


Blindman Liu put more strength into his fingers and two ancient devils made of soundwaves rushed upward.

The Starsea expert’s eyes turned gloomy before revealing a disdainful smile. “So what if your sound tones are strong? I can directly penetrate through this kind of soundwave attack with my Profound God 8th rank cultivation. And you want to injure me with just that?”


“Overestimating your own strength!”

Previously, he had already gone straight through the sound powers Blindman Liu played.

The two devils were made of sound so he felt that he could penetrate straight through them as well.

As long as he went through, his palm strike would cause Blindman Liu’s head to explode.



The Starsea expert was smashed flying over to the next street. He sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood and was sprawled on the ground unable to get up. He kept wailing like a pig being slaughtered and wondered how come he couldn’t penetrate through the sound.

He was a Profound God 8th ranker, a true orthodox expert of an immortal sect!

How come he couldn’t penetrate through the sound?

Sound wave powers are typically not that strong!

Blindman Liu revealed his yellow teeth with a grin. He then asked: “My two beautiful ladies, was my song beautiful to the ears?”

Yun Ling’s expression turned gloomy. She clearly heard the Starsea expert say that he wanted their lives and didn’t know why. She then asked Blindman Liu in all seriousness: “Old man, who are you? Why did you save us?”

Yun Yi looked at Blindman Liu in a serious manner as well.

Blindman Liu replied with a smile, “It’s very simple – I am fated with you two. Even though I haven’t been able to calculate what kind of fate it is, I can predict that we will definitely meet again. At that time, don’t complain that this old fogey will play another song for you two. Hahaha…”



Yun Ling and Yun Yi looked at each other.

Their bodies relaxed a bit but their legs buckled and caused them to stagger backward. They remembered the reason they had come here for and their hearts sank. They glanced at each other and said in unison: “Oh no!”

“We’ve ruined the matter!”

“How are we supposed to find eldest sister if we can’t find any news?”

“Big brother Luo Tian… Big sister, what should we do? Who knows how big sister Leng is doing right now. If she doesn’t meet up with that King, then I’m afraid we will really…” Yun Yi said anxiously.

They were planning on getting Li Xue’er’s news through the Chancellor and then saving her before sunrise.

But an old man playing an Erhu suddenly appeared and ruined their plans.

“Hold on…”

Just when the girls were about to leave, the Blindman stopped them. His eyes rolled around for a bit and his face became normal. He then asked seriously: “Whose name did you just say? Big brother Luo Tian? Who is he to you two?”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi glanced at each other before looking back at Blindman Liu. They then replied: “Our sect leader.”

“Sect leader?”

“The sect leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect?”

“Luo Tian?”

“Hahaha… boss!” Blindman Liu yelled out like someone with a mental illness. He then grabbed the hands of those two and pulled them along without asking for permission, “You two come with me!”

“Where are we going?”

“You will know once you get there!”

In another area.

The slums of Shattered Sky City.

Jingang, Murong Bai, Big Mustache, and Black Widow were gathered together.

In front of them were four experts all at the Profound God 8th rank.

They were also people belonging to the ten great immortal sects.


“Mount Hua Immortal Sect people are running all the way here to court their own death. At least we can save some time from looking for you all,” said a Vast Heaven Immortal Sect expert full of killing intent.

“Without Luo Tian here, you guys are just a bunch of trash.”

“Today shall be the date of your death!”

“What are you bothering to talk nonsense with them? Just kill them already. We’re getting close to sunrise so the heaven worshiping ceremony is about to start. Don’t let these tiny bugs ruin our old ancestor’s matters or else we’ll be punished for it.”


At this time, Jingang and the others glanced at each other before quickly eating a Divine Burst Pill.

Their strength instantly soared!

One of them harrumphed, “Since you’ve found us, then there’s no need to say anything more. Just a single word – fight!”

“I was planning on causing chaos in Shattered Sky City the next day but it looks like I need to bring it forward.”

“For the boss!”

“For our sister-in-law!”

“Let’s f*ck Shattered Sky City over!”


The cultivation realm of those four increased by two small levels before they quickly charged forth.

Jingang wore his Iron Blood Gloves and shouted: “Heavy Thunder, smash!”


It was as if a thunderstrike landed.

One of the Profound God 8th rankers stepped out and the muscles on his body grew larger. He then said: “This little bit of strength is not enough in front of me! Lie down for me!”

He then punched out with both fists.

Four fists collided together and the impact force shot out in all directions.

He and Jingang both took one step back.

Jingang’s expression changed as he laughed in excitement. “You do have some strength, but let’s see if you can resist the next one!”

“Dragon’s blood!”

“Power of bones!”

“Heavy Heavy Thunder, smash!”

A red light appeared around Jingang and bone spurs appeared on his knuckles. With the addition of Eggy’s dragon essence blood, his strength became even stronger.

That Profound God 8th rank expert’s expression paled.

But he was unwilling to submit and punched out to receive the incoming heavy punch. He harrumphed: “You forcefully raised your cultivation by taking a medicinal pill, so your Profound God 8th rank powers cannot be compared to mine! Die for me!”

“Power of eight dragons!”

The muscles on his body grew larger again and his power became stronger.

The four fists clashed once more.


The expert from the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect was sent flying before knocking an entire building into rubble.

At the same time, Murong Bai’s White Feather Sword sent an expert from the Imperial God Immortal Sect flying.

One of Big Mustache’s beast puppets directly beat some shit right out of an expert.

The craziest one was Black Widow, an expert had fallen before the fight even started from her poison!

A complete victory by the four!

Even a Profound God 9th rank expert may not be their match, let alone these Profound God 8th rankers. This was practically sending themselves to their deaths!

Murong Bai’s expression darkened as he harrumphed: “Since we’ve already been discovered, Miss Shuang, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi are definitely in danger now. We cannot stay in Shattered Sky City anymore. We should immediately find them first before leaving the city. We can come back tomorrow and look for sister-in-law’s whereabouts then.”


“Okay!” Everyone nodded.

Just when they were about to leave, an insanely arrogant power pressed down from the sky. Their minds immediately sank and their bodies were instantly pressed into the ground. They couldn’t move at all and kept spraying out several mouthfuls of black blood.

“You want to leave just like that?”

“You all can go to hell!”

A blurry figure appeared, covered in the wildly domineering Profound God Sovereign aura.

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