Undefeatable – Ch806

Chapter 806 – Fat Guy Appears, Domineering!

All are ants before a Profound God Sovereign ranker!

It was the same even before an expert at the peak of the Profound God 9th rank!

They had no power to resist.

Not to mention Murong Bai and the others were only around the Profound God 6th rank.

They were all being suppressed to the point of feeling half-dead. Their minds couldn’t think clearly, their sea of consciousness were roiling about, and the strongest spiritual thing about them, their souls, were trembling.


Pain that couldn’t be described with words.

Each of them felt like they were nearing death.

The blurry figure gradually landed. He looked at the four of them and sneered: “You four pieces of trash are Luo Tian’s brothers? And you want to flip Shattered Sky City upside down? Looking at the sorry states you guys are in, you guys are nothing but a joke.”

He had a cold smile hanging on his face.

His supreme Profound God Sovereign aura faintly circulated around the area.

Murong Bai and the others were struggling with all they had. But no matter how hard they tried, it was all useless.

They were unable to break through the suppression of a Profound God Sovereign.

The black-robed elder sneered, “You guys still want to struggle?”

“It was you guys that killed many of my disciples at South Heavenly Gate. Now you guys are practically sending yourselves to death by coming to Shattered Sky City.”

“It’s just such a pity that Luo Tian, that damn dog thing, has already died. Otherwise, this old man will make him personally watch each one of you die before him.” There was a trace of anger in the voice of the black-robed elder. His eyes then turned gloomy as he continued: “Those three women should be dead by now.”

“I will now send you all on your way as well.”

As his voice faded, the black-robed elder pointed his finger upward.

The bodies of the four floated up.

Their bodies still couldn’t move but they felt a powerful force holding them up.

“We’re going to die now.”

Murong Bai chuckled, “Profound God Sovereign expert? You just wait. When Luo Tian comes, he will definitely take your dog life away. Hahaha…”

Crazy laughter.

Right after that, Big Mustache started laughing like crazy as well. Jingang and Black Widow also joined in.

They were very happy ever since having followed Luo Tian.

They braved dangers together, killed enemies together, and laughed together. This short period of time was probably the happiest time they’ve ever experienced in their life. They wouldn’t frown even if they had to die for Luo Tian, let alone beg people for mercy.

They all laughed like crazy.

Jingang then said: “Eldest senior brother, let’s be brothers as well in our next life. If we get a chance to meet the boss once more, this one will definitely follow him again. The happiest period of my life was following him. I passed each day in a wonderful manner. Especially the meat that the boss grilled, hahaha…”

Big Mustache spoke up, “It was him that helped me discover the esoteric of the Puppet Technique. It was him who showed me how colorful this world can be. It was him that gave me an opportunity to shine brilliantly on the stage. Thank you boss!”

Black Widow giggled delicately before saying: “The most unfortunate thing in my life is to be unable to share a bed with sire, hee hee. If I was given another chance, I will definitely push him down. I will let him enjoy the wonders…”

She wasn’t embarrassed saying those words out loud.

She was willing to do anything for the man she set her sights on.

Willing and glad to do it.

Murong Bai laughed loudly and said: “Luo Tian, you have to avenge us!”

Immediately after that, he shouted: “Come! Do it!”

“Do it if you have the guts!”

“Come kill us!”

The four of them started shouting provoking words

In front of a Profound God Sovereign expert, they knew they had no ability to retaliate. They didn’t beg for their lives but started acting arrogantly. It was as if they weren’t about to die but were about to be reborn.

The black-robed elder was faintly stunned before sneering: “Get revenge for you guys? Hahaha… Luo Tian is already down there waiting for you guys!”

“F*ck you and your f*cking nonsense!” A powerful voice suddenly appeared from somewhere.

It was unusually intense, containing the smell of gunpowder.

Jingang looked over at Big Mustache. Big Mustache shook his head and looked over at Murong Bai. Murong Bai then said: “It wasn’t me that said that. But those words are exactly what I was thinking. Who said such great words?”

“Motherf*cking farting of a dog!”

“It’s impossible for the boss to die!”

“Because he is our boss! Because his name is Luo Tian! He is the man that’s going to be standing on the peak of the Tianxuan Continent!” Murong Bai’s tone sounded like he was talking about himself.

At this time, the black-robed elder’s expression faintly changed as his eyes were locked onto a person off to the distance.

A fat guy coming from the darkness.

His height surpassed two meters.

His weight was at least north of 250 jins. It was a large fat guy!

The ground shook as he walked, as if there was a small-scale earthquake in the area. Step by step, he appeared out of the darkness with a roast chicken in his hand. From time to time, he would take a large bite out of the chicken and oil would drip down at the corner of his mouth.


Jingang’s stomach rumbled as he slurped back his saliva. “What a fragrant-smelling roast chicken! I really want to try a bite!”

The black-robed elder furrowed his brows and his Profound God Sovereign pressure immediately crashed down.

The ground cracked under the pressure.

The pressure was like a half-moon shaped sword qi that was locked onto the sea of consciousness of the big fatty. If his head was struck by it, it would definitely be blown apart and cause instant death.

The big fatty bit off a chunk of roast chicken without panicking. He just kept walking forward.


“Accept your death!”

The black-robed elder grinned, “A piece of trash dares to…”

Before he could finish speaking, the big fatty directly walked through the powerful Profound God Sovereign pressure. Not to mention being injured, his skin wasn’t even chaffed a tiny little bit!

This kind of strength was powerful to the extreme!

The black-robed elder hid his emotions and asked coldly: “Who are you?”

The big fatty walked all the way up to the black-robed elder and finished the roast chicken just in time. He then spat out a piece of bone into the black-robed elder’s face. His right fist was already moving as he shouted: “I am your ancestor!”

“Power of the ancestral demon!”

“Lie down for me!”

The big fatty suddenly attacked! His speed, strength, and powerful aura burst out in an instant. No one would’ve expected such a strong power could be released by a fatty like him.


Too fierce!

Fierce to a complete mess!

Even though the black-robed elder was prepared, Fatty’s sudden explosion of power made him unconsciously shiver. He punched out to meet the incoming fist as he said coldly: “Just based on you? You aren’t qualified!”


Two fists collided!

The black-robed elder was directly smashed flying before crashing heavily to the ground. The green stone floor was smashed into powder while he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale like blood wasn’t going to his head.

That fatty stood there unwavering like he didn’t do anything special. He spat out a glob of phlegm towards the black-robed elder and said with disdain: “A Profound God Sovereign expert? I think you’re more like a pile of turd! You dare to say my boss is dead?! You’re practically courting death!”

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