Undefeatable – Ch807

Chapter 807 – Desperately Rushing Over

Oozing with dominance!

Too awesome!

A single punch smashed a Profound God Sovereign expert to the ground, and he can’t even get back up! How awesome was that?

Murong Bai and the others were dumbstruck.


“Super awesome!”

“I have never seen such an awesome… fatty!”

The three of them involuntarily blurted out those words

What they admired the most were the words that fatty said, “A Profound God Sovereign expert? I think you’re more like a pile of turd!”

Comparing a Profound God Sovereign expert to a pile of shit?

Do you need to be that awesome?

This fat guy was precisely the person that made an agreement with Luo Tian to meet at Shattered Sky City! Feng Lei, Fatty Lei!

He, Xuanyuan Yi, and Blindman Liu came half a month ahead of time to Shattered Sky City. They hid their auras and acted like a normal martial artist in order to investigate the locale and to wait.

They wanted to see Luo Tian earlier than planned.

They missed him after being apart for nearly three years.

During these three years, Fatty Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, and Blindman Liu had endured unimaginable suffering. In order to snatch the bride at Shattered Sky City, snatch their sister-in-law back, and help Luo Tian with his burden, they endured pain that normal people wouldn’t be able to. They cultivated with their life on the line!

To those guys, these past three years were similar to being tortured in the depths of hell.


But also joy mixed in.

They were looking forward to the day they would meet up with Luo Tian once more. And this was the belief they held onto in order to endure the suffering.

They originally didn’t want to provoke any trouble.

Feng Lei wanted to hide and wait until his boss appeared, and only then would they flip Shattered Sky City upside down. But when he heard from that black-robed elder that Luo Tian had already died, it didn’t matter who said those words because any bad things said towards the name Luo Tian would touch his bottom line.

I don’t care who the hell you are! I will f*ck you over first and then we can talk later!

You can bad mouth anyone you want, but you cannot bad mouth my boss!

The black-robed elder didn’t expect such a fierce expert would be hiding in the slums. And the guy didn’t say a word and directly smashed him to the ground without any reason. He ended up lying on the ground with serious injuries and was unable to get back up.

For a Profound God Sovereign expert to end up in such a state, he was probably the first of his kind.

Fatty Lei spat out a glob of phlegm at the black-robed elder before scolding: “My boss is dead?! Your whole family is dead! Your whole family and their extended family are all dead before my boss dies!”

Pissed off!

Murong Bai’s expression faintly changed. When he heard Fatty Lei say those words, he unconsciously asked: “Your boss is called Luo Tian?”

Fatty Lei glanced at Murong Bai and asked: “Your boss is also called Luo Tian? Why is this piece of trash trying to kill you four? Who are you guys?”

Jingang had a look of worship as he replied: “We are people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect and Luo Tian is our boss. He went inside the Geocentric Tower and we don’t know if he has come out yet but this Profound God Sovereign expert said that he has died inside the tower. Even if you beat me to death, this one refuses to believe that. It is impossible for the boss to be dead. He is invincible!”

Fatty Lei chuckled before pulling Jingang into a hug. “My boss and your boss are most likely the same person. Boss is truly mighty, he managed to gain so many good brothers. Are you guys here to snatch the bride as well?”

“We are snatching back our sister-in-law, Li Xue’er!”

“We also need to kill that mongrel Murong Wanjian!”

Those words were said in a very casual manner like they could kill Murong Wanjian any time they wanted to.

Fatty Lei was very open to Luo Tian’s brothers. He immediately treated them like his own brothers and didn’t have any wariness towards them.

Jingang was stunned before laughing in joy: “Hahaha… Not bad, not bad! We are indeed here to snatch the bride and then play that Murong Wanjian to death! We came to Shattered Sky City because we wanted to f*ck all those Profound God Sovereign experts over!”

Murong Bai, Big Mustache, and Black Widow were still frozen in shock.

They grumbled to themselves: “When did the boss have such a fierce brother? A single punch can smash a Profound God Sovereign expert to the ground? Do they need to be that fierce? How come I have never heard him talk about it? Is Luo Tian still human? Everyone around him seems to be a perverted strong existence. How can others keep living if that’s the case?”

They felt a bit inferior when they saw Fatty Lei’s strength.

Way too strong!

Fatty Lei then asked: “What is this Geocentric Tower you guys are talking about? I will go find the boss there. We still have a little more than an hour before sunrise, and that’s when they will start the pre-wedding ceremonies. After that will be the official wedding ceremony of Xue’er and that dog Murong Wanjian. If the boss doesn’t come in time, the show won’t be fun to watch or play anymore.”

Fatty Lei’s eyes turned heated when Luo Tian’s name was mentioned.

He was extremely excited.

For the past three years, he had been looking forward to the day that he and Luo Tian would be reunited.

The heaven worshiping ceremony will begin when the sun rises. When the true dragon and the young phoenix form a union, they will create a powerful force that can penetrate through the Tianxuan Continent. This will allow them access to a higher-level plane that is even stronger than the Ancient World.

When that power descends, those Profound God Sovereign experts will become much stronger when they absorb it.

When that time comes…

This was the news Feng Lei managed to gather this past half a month.

Therefore, the wedding had to be sabotaged before their official union!

Jingang’s expression darkened when he was asked about the Geocentric Tower. He sighed before replying: “We don’t know where that place is. We did go there but because it was too dangerous, the boss sent us all out. I’ve only heard from others that no one has managed to leave the Geocentric Tower after entering. Even a Profound God Sovereign expert cannot leave that place alive. Boss…”

Fatty Lei frowned before relaxing with a smile. “Don’t worry, the boss will be fine. Just like you guys said, he is our boss and his name is Luo Tian. Even if he encounters a super strong opponent, he will still manage to come out on top.”

“The boss will definitely appear very soon!”

Fatty Lei looked very calm on the surface but he was worried inside. “Boss, you have to come. You definitely have to come!”

If Luo Tian doesn’t show up…

There are over ten plus Profound God Sovereign experts in Shattered Sky City right now.

It would be fine if he encountered some early Profound God Sovereigns with his current powers. But if he encounters those old monsters like Cang Tianlong and Old Ancestor Starsea, even he was not their match.

Everything depended on Luo Tian!

Moreover, if Luo Tian doesn’t show up, the union of the true dragon and young phoenix will be inevitable. The descent of that miracle will be inevitable as well. At that time, he wouldn’t be their match no matter how strong he was. But he will still fight with his life on the line even when that time does come.

He will fight with his life for the boss!

Worry could be seen on the faces of some of them.

Fatty Lei put his arm around Jingang’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Let’s go! I will introduce you to my two other brothers.”


The east looked like the belly of a white fish as the sky gradually brightened.

Luo Tian was desperately rushing with all his strength.

His Profound God Sovereign power was raised to the peak as he rushed over to Shattered Sky City. He then said to himself: “I have to make it on time! I have to!”

“Little sister Xue’er, wait for me!”

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