Undefeatable – Ch808

Chapter 808 – They Are All Lunatics

Outside Shattered Sky City, a courtyard on the outskirts.

Xuanyuan Yi brought Leng Hanshuang with him.

Blindman Liu brought Yun Ling and Yun Yi.

Feng Lei brought Jingang and the others to gather there.

This was their temporary residence.

Due to the strange martial skills those three cultivated, normal people could not detect them. Therefore, the eyes and ears of Daoist Lie Yang had completely lost sight of Murong Bai and the others.

“The boss is dead?

“Blindman, do you think that’s possible?”

“Who said that? Stand out right now and I guarantee I won’t beat you to death.” Blindman Liu rubbed his Erhu while saying that. He didn’t bother answering such a question because he knew that it was impossible for Luo Tian to die.

Xuanyuan Yi also added: “Boss won’t die so you guys don’t need to worry about it.”

Fatty Lei said with a large smile: “We’ve been following the boss for over two years and at that time, he wasn’t even at the Profound Ancestor realm yet. We are sure the boss won’t die and he will definitely show up when the new day starts.”

Dawn was fast approaching.

Murong Bai was frowning as he too believed Luo Tian wouldn’t die that easily. But the fated time was nearing. If Luo Tian doesn’t appear by then, that means he must have encountered some type of problem. What if he’s really still inside the Geocentric Tower?

Leng Hanshuang then said: “The heaven worshiping ceremony is about to start and the wedding will take place at the same time. All the Profound God Sovereign experts will be present then, so what should we do?”

“We don’t even know where the young miss is right now. If we did, we can just rescue the young miss and everything afterward would be easy to take care of.”

Li Xue’er was the most important character!

As long as she doesn’t appear, everything everyone has planned would become useless.

The heaven worshiping ceremony cannot be held either.

Not to mention the wedding not going through, they could also reduce the casualty rate to the lowest.

Feng Lei looked at Leng Hanshuang and a sense of admiration flared inside him. “The boss is truly the boss, capable of even melting an iceberg. He’s so mighty! Back then at Jade Mountain City, this girl was super cold to everyone. Now, she only has the boss in her eyes! Hahaha…”

He snickered internally a bit more before saying: “There are very few people from the Soul Hall around so sister-in-law might not be here at Shattered Sky City just yet. Her mother hasn’t appeared either so there’s a high chance she’s not here.”

“Where she’s coming from and when she’ll appear, that’s the questions that even the city lord of Shattered Sky City might not know about. Unless you are able to capture that old monster Cang Tianlong, you can forget about knowing that information.”

“A miracle will descend once they complete the heaven worshiping ceremony. A powerful force from a higher plane will come down and all those Profound God Sovereigns will see their strength greatly elevated. What we need to do is to ruin the heaven worshiping ceremony and… uhhh… wait, since we can’t find sister-in-law, there is one person we know of who is currently at Shattered Sky City. As long as he is killed off, we can achieve the same outcome we want.”

It was as if Feng Lei had a sudden epiphany when he thought of someone.

Everyone looked at him and asked in unison: “Who?”

“Murong Wanjian!” Fatty Lei’s mouth curved into an excited smile. “As long as we kill him, the true dragon’s might will disappear and the miracle won’t descend. And sister-in-law won’t have to marry him! What do you guys think?”


“When did I become so smart? I don’t even know when it happened! Hahaha…”

Everyone became silent in thought.

This was undoubtedly a very good idea!

Who would imagine they would move against the son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian? Even Murong Wanjian wouldn’t expect that!

Most importantly, they knew Murong Wanjian was staying at the imperial palace.

Everyone was thinking through the issue.

A few seconds later, Xuanyuan Yi was the first to speak up: “This idea isn’t too bad. As long as we kill the true dragon, the heaven worshiping ceremony and the wedding won’t be able to proceed. Sister-in-law will still belong to our boss. The only thing is whether such a move is too despicable… especially since Murong Wanjian has always been our boss’s target. Is the boss going to blame us if we kill him? There are also sister-in-law’s feelings we need to consider. She has always hoped that the boss will personally rescue her and not us.”


“I never thought about that.”

“Stealing our boss’s limelight is indeed not good. A hero saving a damsel in distress is something the boss is supposed to be doing,” said Fatty Lei with an honest-looking face.

Murong Bai, Jingang, Black Widow, and the rest were all dumbstruck.

Killing Murong Wanjian?


This was a thought that they never dared to think about. The words coming out of Fatty Lei’s mouth were very casual like he was treating Murong Wanjian like an ant that can be pinched to death at any time. Does he need to be this fierce?

Leng Hanshuang was the most shocked out of them all.

She had been to Jade Mountain City and had seen Fatty Lei before.

At that time, he was just a fat guy. A fatty that didn’t know how to cultivate. A fatty that could only absorb the essence blood of demonic beasts to grow stronger. Now… he was still a fatty but one that was strong to a complete mess.

She was completely shocked when she heard Murong Bai tell them that the fatty smashed a Profound God Sovereign to the ground with a single punch. He had grown so strong in just three years. This was something no one would believe. At the same time, she realized that anyone who follows Luo Tian would become an extremely powerful existence.

Murong Bai frowned and asked: “Murong Wanjian broke through into the Profound God Sovereign realm two months ago and he comprehended a true dragon’s sword spirit. His true dragon’s bloodline is most likely cultivated to the great perfection realm now, so killing him will be extremely difficult. Do you guys have confidence?”

Fatty Lei replied: “The chances aren’t very high but I am sure we can seriously injure him even if we cannot kill him. We have been training these two-plus years just for today. He dares to snatch a girl from our boss? I will definitely beat him to death at all costs!”

Xuanyuan Yi smiled.

Blindman Liu smiled as well.

The three of them were smiling like lunatics.

They all had confident smiles on their faces.

Murong Bai and their group were in shock once more.

At this time, Murong Bai glanced at Jingang and the others and nodded. “Since brother fatty is rather confident, then we can go ahead and give it a try. If we manage to kill Murong Wanjian, my name will be recorded in the annals of history even if I end up dying. How cool would that be?”


Jingang started laughing like an idiot, “We should’ve done this right from the start! How come we never thought of such an idea?”

Immediately after, everyone started laughing.

These ten people met each other and became ten lunatics!

One needs to understand that apart from Murong Wanjian at the imperial palace, there was Cang Tianlong and Old Ancestor Starsea, two extremely strong old monsters!

They wanted to sneak attack Murong Wanjian under their nose?

If this isn’t the thought of a lunatic, what else is?

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