Undefeatable – Ch809

Chapter 809 – Assassinating Murong Wanjian

This was a crazy plan!

This was also a plan that only a lunatic could think of.

Feng Lei was very clear that the so-called miracle couldn’t be allowed to descend, or else there would be no chance for them even if Luo Tian appears.

He had actually gone through many books and records after disappearing for two years.

One of them mentioned the descent of a miracle for lower planes.

He had no clue how Cang Tianlong found out the method to summon this miracle, and he didn’t know which world this miracle would come from. The only thing he knew was that he couldn’t allow it to descend, no matter where it came from.

Otherwise, Cang Tianlong would become extremely powerful.

Power that was unshakeable for this world.

Apart from Cang Tianlong, the other Profound God Sovereign experts will get a share of this luxurious soup. Their cultivation will instantly increase by several times or even a dozen times. Some may even directly shatter the void and ascend to a higher plane.

Therefore, the miracle cannot be allowed to descend!

The heaven worshiping ceremony is definitely related to the bloodlines of Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er.

As long as one of them disappears, the heaven worshiping ceremony will be ruined without any direct attack.

The miracle won’t descend.

Cang Tianlong’s plan will be disrupted and those Profound God Sovereigns he invited will definitely be angry. Every single day was very precious to those Profound God Sovereigns because it had to do with their lifespan.

The Profound God Sovereigns of the Tianxuan Continent are all old monsters who have been cultivating for tens of thousands of years.

Even a Profound God Sovereign has a limit to their lifespan.

If they cannot make a breakthrough in their cultivation, their lifespan will eventually end one day and they will end up becoming a part of the brown earth. They all wanted to make breakthroughs, become stronger, and then ascend to a higher plane.

This was the dream of every martial artist!

Everyone was working hard toward this dream!

Cang Tianlong’s miracle plan had moved their desires since this was a rare chance for them to get stronger.

As long as it succeeds, their lifespan will greatly increase. As long as they have time, they will always have a chance to change their fate.

That’s why these supreme experts will throw their life on the line to ensure the heaven worshiping ceremony will succeed!

Feng Lei understood how strong Murong Wanjian was, but there were no other paths to take.

They had to cripple or kill Murong Wanjian!

This was their only solution and their only chance!

When he made this decision, he was ready for anything including death!

The ten of them moved out at once. They hid their auras and entered the city towards the imperial palace.

There was a sliver of brightness in the sky and the heaven worshiping ceremony would begin in about an hour.

Time was very important to them.


Deep inside the imperial palace.


Cang Tianlong gave Daoist Lie Yang a slap as he shouted: “Trash!”


Daoist Lie Yang was sent flying.

Daoist Lie Yang had an ugly look on his face but he didn’t dare to show any anger. He didn’t even dare to think of any angry curses. He climbed back to his feet and kneeled, “Master, an expert suddenly appeared out of nowhere. His cultivation was at the Profound God Sovereign realm so our people weren’t his match. They have hidden themselves very well so this disciple was unable…”


“Speak less nonsense with me!”

“I had you come to Shattered Sky City and prepare everything one month ago. You were supposed to be on alert for any experts sneaking into the city yet you couldn’t find any? Is this how you do your job as the sect leader of the Imperial God Immortal Sect?!” Cang Tianlong lectured.

The closer they got to the heaven worshiping ceremony, the more nervous he became.

His temper also became worse.

This was related to his fate.

He had lived for over 49,000 years already and he could feel his lifespan would be over in less than a year.

Even if he uses the powers of the heavens, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the laws of fate.

He will definitely die.

In order for this day to come, he had been searching all over the world for cultivation resources to give to Murong Wanjian. He was looking forward to this very day for many years. As long as the miracle descends, his strength will instantly undergo an explosive growth.

He might break through and achieve ascension!

His lifespan will instantly increase!

Murong Wanjian was able to raise his cultivation so quickly due to being groomed by him.

Whether it was the true dragon’s sword spirit or his true dragon’s bloodline, it increased so quickly because of his help.

Even that Star platform at the Starsea Immortal Sect was mostly built by him for the Old Ancestor Starsea. Just to ensure that those two could break through to the Profound God Sovereign realm. Cang Tianlong had spent a lot of effort in order to attract the powers from a higher plane.

This plan was set in motion the moment those two were born.

Everything will come to fruition soon.

He couldn’t tolerate any mistakes because any mistake may affect the heaven worshiping ceremony and affect the descent of the miracle.

It didn’t matter who it was, no one can stop him!


Cang Tianlong heavily exhaled before saying: “Don’t bother with those people anymore. Since they have come, they will definitely make an appearance again. I will let other people take care of them at that time. What I want you to do now is to eradicate those Mount Hua Immortal Sect ants that are hiding in the forest near the western district. You will be in charge of deploying the disciples of the ten great immortal sects. If you mess this up again, you better be prepared to have your head lopped off!”

Daoist Lie Yang immediately replied: “Your disciple obeys!”

“Motherfu*ker! Since I can’t handle Luo Tian’s brothers, I refuse to believe I can’t handle his disciples!”

“I refuse to believe it!”

“Is there even a Profound God Sovereign protecting them? This daddy will kill off all the disciples from Mount Hua Immortal Sect in order to vent my anger!”

He lost a lot of face in front of Cang Tianlong after several failures so this completely pissed him off.

Apart from being pissed off…

“Scram!” Cang Tianlong coldly shouted.

Daoist Lie Yang could only scramble out of the room in a hurry.

Only when he was far away did his gaze turn vicious and the muscle at the corner of his eyes twitch. “Damn old bastard, this daddy will make you pay the price one day. You just wait and see.”

His goal was also the miracle.

His cultivation was at the peak of the Profound God 9th rank but his lifespan hadn’t reached its end yet.

He was very clear that he wouldn’t be able to break through into the Profound God Sovereign realm with his talent. And this miraculous event was his only chance to turn things around!

Cang Tianlong transferred him out of the city because he was on guard against him.

This was something Daoist Lie Yang was clear about. “You just wait! Once this daddy gets the power of the miracle, you will be the first one to die. The next one will be that mongrel Luo Tian. Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian, it’s best that you’re still alive so that this daddy can personally send you off to hell.”

After saying those words, his figure blurred and he disappeared from the spot.

Cang Tianlong’s room.

Murong Wanjian came out and said respectively: “Master, do you want me to kill those people that escaped?”

Cang Tianlong smiled and replied: “No need. What you need to do is take a rest. In one more hour, the heaven worshiping ceremony will begin and that will be the time for you to perform. Just go back for now.”

Murong Wanjian didn’t say anything more. His figure blurred and he disappeared from the room.

Ten minutes later, outside the palace walls, ten dark shadows landed in the vicinity.

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