Undefeatable – Ch810

Chapter 810 – A Duel Between Sword Intents

The lunatics were here!

And they happened to ten people that didn’t care about their lives.

Fatty Lei raised his hand to signal everyone to stop. His brows furrowed as he released his spiritual senses. His expression turned serious as he looked at Xuanyuan Yi and nodded, “He’s inside.”

Xuanyuan Yi was the first to move as his Giant Fault Sword shot inside.

The gate was smashed apart and the two guards next to it were directly shattered into clumps by the sword qi without a chance to scream.



“Aggghhh~…” A loud shriek was heard.

“Did it succeed?”

Everyone’s expression changed as they looked at Fatty Lei.

Fatty Lei sent his senses out once more and revealed a shocked face. He gulped, “Dead already? That easy? How can that be possible…”

Suddenly, Fatty Lei’s mind shuddered as he shouted: “Oh crap!”

At this time, a human figure was floating in the air with a cold sneer on his face. His eyes were filled with disdain as he said: “I didn’t go looking for you guys yet you guys came looking for me. It looks like your lives are fated to die by my hands.”

Murong Wanjian was here!

No one was able to sense when he had appeared behind them.

Fatty Lei looked at the dead man inside the room before looking at the arrogant Murong Wanjian floating above them in the sky. He then said: “You used a body double? And actually left a sliver of your divine senses on that person? Murong Wanjian, you are truly a scaredy cat!”

Xuanyuan Yi pulled back his Giant Fault Sword and said: “Let me give it a try first. I want to experience his true dragon’s sword spirit!”

Since they were discovered, there was no longer any need to continue with a sneak attack.

Sneak attacking a Profound God Sovereign expert was a very difficult thing to do in the first place. Just now, his sword attack was merely a test. If it were really that easy to kill a Profound God Sovereign ranker like that, then this world would not have any of them around.

Everyone stood forward.

Jingang was the first to say in disdain: “So this guy is Murong Wanjian? He’s not even half as good looking as the boss. He looks like a dog in the disguise of a human. And he looks like someone that looks strong but is actually quite useless. He simply isn’t comparable to our boss. How could someone like him inherit a true dragon’s bloodline? That true dragon definitely must have shot his load in the wrong direction, hahaha…”

“Hahaha…” Everyone started laughing.

Out of everyone here, only Leng Hanshuang had seen Murong Wanjian.

She understood a little about Murong Wanjian as she reminded the others: “Everyone needs to be careful. This person is someone that is very ruthless.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi giggled, “I feel that what big brother cow said is right, he really cannot be compared to big brother Luo Tian. Big brother Luo Tian can keep his golden spear raised up the entire night.”

Leng Hanshuang blushed at those words and lectured: “Do you sisters know no shame? How can you say such things in public?”

Black Widow’s eyes glowed as she jumped onto the subject. “Sire Luo Tian is definitely very strong in that aspect. Just one glance I can tell he is very strong. As for this Murong Wan… Wandao? One look and I can tell he is just showy but no substance. I’m guessing he can probably only last for a minute or less.”

“Pffft~…” The four girls couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Murong Wanjian’s expression didn’t change but his pupils slightly shrunk. He then sneered: “Once I get rid of the others, I will bring all four of you to my bed and let you see whether I can last a minute or an hour. One by one, I will ravage you all to death. You four beauties just need to wait for me.”

As his voice faded, Murong Wanjian’s figure disappeared.

He instantly appeared in front of Xuanyuan Yi and said with disdain: “Someone with you is qualified to have a sword spirit? Lie down for me.”

He was able to see a powerful sword intent coming from Xuanyuan Yi from a single glance.

Murong Wanjian was a powerhouse when it came to sword cultivation.

He had this inexplicable desire to step on top of all sword cultivators in the world. And since Xuanyuan Yi was a strong cultivator who comprehended a sword spirit, his desire was especially strong in wanting to stomp him to death.

Xuanyuan Yi was already prepared.


The domineering aura from his Giant Fault Sword surged out.

His sword spirit of dominance flew out.

Xuanyuan Yi’s senses surged out and caused his sword spirit to go crazy. “Frenzy Sword Dance!”


Up in the sky, the sword qi was like snow as it drifted downward.



The sword qi fluttering down was like a gentle immortal descending with the aura of a celestial. It caused the beholders to feel like a gentle breeze was refreshing their hearts and minds.

Fatty Lei chuckled, “Using that move right at the start? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you be this serious, hahaha…”

“Everyone move back!”

Fatty Lei quickly took several steps backward. He was very clear on how strong this sword intent that looked like snowflakes was. Those who get too close might be sliced into powder. This kind of sword qi might look harmless but its powers will reach armageddon proportions once it erupts.

Everyone retreated backward.

Murong Bai was the last to retreat with an awe-inspired expression. He then muttered: “This sword intent is very strong! The gap between me and him is so large that words can’t even describe it. This is way too strong…”

He was also a sword cultivator so he understood how strong a sword intent like this could be.

His heart was moved by what he saw as unconsciously clenched his fists.

Murong Wanjian furrowed his brows and harrumphed, “What an insignificant skill. You actually dare to display such a sword intent in front of me? Come, let me see the power that is hidden inside your sword intent.”


Completely dismissive of it!

He didn’t put Xuanyuan Yi in his eyes at all.

This wasn’t him being arrogant but being confident!

While saying that, Murong Wanjian pointed his index finger and sword qi condensed at the tip. It slowly extended and condensed into something that looked like a physical sword. With the movement of that sword, all the snowflakes started trembling.

Murong Wanjian had released his own sword intent.

A large bead of sweat appeared on Xuanyuan Yi’s forehead. His eyes turned fierce as his Giant Fault Sword moved, “Heaven’s Dance!”


The movement of the snowflakes instantly changed.

The sword qi floating about instantly began to emit a domineering power that gave an impression it could penetrate through all defenses!

This force was extremely strong and was called lifting heavy as if it was light!

A powerful force that looked very simple and like cotton, but it contained a very heavy force hidden inside it.

The sword qi fluttered around the sky like it was dancing.

It also looked like a crazy person was trying to murder people with his cursive calligraphy.

Everything crushed down toward Murong Wanjian.

Murong Wanjian’s sword finger started moving in a relaxed manner. He sneered when he looked at the sword qi swarming toward him. “This kind of lifting heavy as if it were light sword intent is too weak. What kind of crap has that trash Luo Tian taught you? This is all you’ve got? That’s too pathetic.”

“Your granny!”

Fatty Lei instantly became angry as his body turned crimson red. Pieces of blood-colored scales started appearing all over his body.

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