Undefeatable – Ch811

Chapter 811 – Too Strong

Fatty Lei’s rage reached the sky when he heard the word trash.

It didn’t matter if it was directed at him but it cannot be directed at his boss!

He could vividly remember all the suffering during his time at Jade Mountain City. Everyone looked down on them and people were calling them trash left and right. This made him especially repulsed by the word trash.

Therefore, he couldn’t tolerate it when Murong Wanjian used the four words “that trash Luo Tian.”

Apart from him, Blindman Liu suddenly sat suspended in mid-air and the Erhu slung behind him floated to his hands. He then coldly said: “Let me play you a song.”

A trace of anger appeared on the faces of all the others as they were all irritated.

They were similar to Fatty Lei where it didn’t matter who was insulted as long as it wasn’t Luo Tian.

Murong Bai’s expression turned serious as he said: “We can’t be bothered anymore, let’s just attack together. The heaven worshiping ceremony will start in less than an hour so we have to kill Murong Wanjian. Let’s finish the battle quickly.”


“I was already thinking that in the beginning!”

“This method isn’t too bad. What I like the most are gang fights, especially ganging up on a single person. I love doing this kind of thing the most, hahaha…” Big Mustache laughed as his hand moved at flying speeds. A huge puppet had appeared next to him in less than a second.

Its entire body was covered in blades.

This was created from the bones of Blade River King.

It was breathing in and out while spraying white air from its nostrils, looking like it had its own consciousness. Big Mustache made a thought, “Warrior Wolf, attack for me!”

“Awooo~…” The puppet wolf howled before dashing forward.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi summoned their war hammers, looked at each other, and formed a mind connection. Two people suddenly became like one as their power multiplied before charging forward and releasing their innate divine strength.


“A piece of trash will naturally have trashy brothers.”

“A bunch of ragtag ruffians.”

“Today, I will kill each one of you so that you can meet your trashy boss.” Murong Wanjian sneered before his body released a domineering dragon’s aura. The power coming from him drastically increased in a blink of an eye.

“Berserk Transformation!”

“Power of the Ancestral Demon!”


Fatty Lei’s body was drenched in blood and looked similar to the demonic beast, Qilin. But he was much stronger than a regular Qilin because the power coming from him belonged to another world.


Fatty Lei roared before jumping over. “My boss is trash? Go and f*cking lie down for me!”

The power of an ancestral demon was very strong.

For these two plus years, he had been training this power with all his effort. Not only did his physical body improve, but the power he controlled had also increased countless times. Even a normal Profound God Sovereign expert wouldn’t be able to handle a single strike from him.

With them charging toward him, Murong Wanjian could feel a pressure assaulting him from all angles. He maintained a disdainful smile as he shouted: “True dragon’s bloodline, Dragon Power!”

“Come out for me!”


An explosion was heard coming from his body and a violent dragon’s roar right after. The power coming from him changed to one of a dragon’s. The sword formed from his finger increased its rate in shattering all the sword qi that Xuanyuan Yi had created.



“You are all trash!”

Murong Wanjian walked forward with a smug look on his face.

The power coming from him formed a huge dragon.

It was a huge dragon that was tens of thousands of times larger than Eggy. The scales on it shimmered with a cold silver aura. It looked like a real dragon was coiling around Murong Wanjian while its fierce eyes glared at the ten of them.

This kind of power was fierce to a complete mess!

Murong Bai’s expression changed as he said: “The great perfection realm of the true dragon’s bloodline… Murong Wanjian has cultivated to the great perfection realm but is only using Dragon Power which is on the second level. Our strength is too weak when compared to his.”

“Brother Fatty?” Murong Bai looked over at Fatty Lei.

Fatty Lei hadn’t released his strongest powers yet.

But he was very clear that even if he did, he wasn’t Murong Wanjian’s match. He had underestimated Murong Wanjian and underestimated the power of the true dragon’s bloodline. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought them all here to assassinate Murong Wanjian.

There’s no turning back once an arrow has been shot!

It was too late for regrets at this time.

Even with the ten of them acting together, it still wouldn’t be enough to resist.

The power coming from Murong Wanjian kept increasing and forcing them back bit by bit.

Xuanyuan Yi was the first to spray out a mouthful of blood.

His sword spirit was completely suppressed.

The most resentful thing for Xuanyuan Yi was that Murong Wanjian didn’t even look at him directly and he hadn’t released his true dragon’s sword spirit yet. This gap in strength made Xuanyuan Yi feel extremely uncomfortable and pissed off.

“Such a big disparity!” Xuanyuan Yi said through clenched teeth.


One of the strings on the Erhu snapped.


The Erhu’s shaft broke as well.

Blindman Liu sprayed out a mouthful of black blood and his face paled. He watched how Murong Wanjian advanced closer step by step while a powerful force around him started circulating that caused his fleshly body to ripple.


The ancient devil felt Murong Wanjian’s true dragon’s power and started getting irritated.

Blindman Liu was almost reaching a point where he couldn’t control it anymore.

No one from their group could resist.

Murong Bai and the other six definitely couldn’t resist, but that didn’t stop them from raising their powers to the peak in attempts to attack. They kept attacking with their abilities but their attacks to a Profound God Sovereign like Murong Wanjian were basically weak to the max!

Getting closer one step at a time.

They retreated one step at a time.

The true dragon’s bloodline powers kept getting stronger.

One must mention that the power of those ten combined was already quite strong.

Murong Wanjian rarely used his true dragon’s bloodline powers because he felt that it was a power that was extremely noble and prestigious. Anyone who dies by the power of his true dragon’s bloodline should feel incomparable honor. But now, he had to use his true dragon’s bloodline powers in order to fight.

Otherwise, he really won’t be able to fight against Fatty Lei and his group.


Murong Wanjian was much stronger than what they expected!

They also underestimated the power of the true dragon’s bloodline!

The power of the true dragon’s bloodline at the great perfection realm was beyond their imagination. Murong Wanjian only broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm for around two months, yet his powers might be stronger than a Profound God Sovereign 5th ranker. He might even be able to instantly kill them!

Fatty Lei kept retreating backward while filled with rage.

He felt uncomfortable seeing all the people around him with pale faces.

“His granny!”

Fatty Lei sneered, “Murong Wanjian, right? True dragon’s bloodline is very strong, right? This daddy wants to see how long you can keep acting arrogant for! Who the hell do you think you are?! What qualifications do you have to fight with my boss over a woman?!”

As his voice faded, Fatty Lei’s soul shook, “Ancestral Demon Rift!”

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