Undefeatable – Ch812

Chapter 812 – This Fatty Is The Death Of Us

“Fatty, have you gone crazy?!”

“Fatty, you don’t want your life anymore?!”

Xuanyuan Yi and Blindman Liu both shouted in unison.

Murong Bai looked over Fatty Lei who had a golden glow around him. “Power of the soul? Self-destructing?”

“Brother Fatty…”

“There’s no need to do that!”

People started shouting.

They hadn’t reached a critical juncture yet so why would he self-destruct his soul?

At least deplete some of his strength first, right?

They had all made plans to die here but isn’t this too early to self-destruct your soul?

Murong Wanjian’s expression faintly changed and the true dragon around him shifted its body. Murong Wanjian still maintained his arrogant and better-than-others expression, “Self-destructing your soul? You want to perish together?”

“Just based on you?”

“You don’t have the qualifications for a mutual destruction with me.”


He didn’t put Fatty Lei in his eyes at all!

The power coming from Fatty Lei was indeed strong, but it would be difficult for him to seriously injure Murong Wanjian by detonating his soul.

Murong Wanjian looked like he didn’t care.

At least that was what he was showing on the surface to maintain his cool look. But inside, he was fully on guard because Fatty Lei’s cultivation was quite high. It wasn’t weaker than any Profound God Sovereign expert. So, what kind of destruction would such a soul explosion cause?

Pretending to be calm but feeling cautious.

Whether it was speed, strength, or defense, he should be able to escape from Fatty Lei’s self-destruction of the soul.

Fatty Lei roared out, “Everyone get back! I’m going to self-destruct!”


He has completely become Lunatic Lei now!

Self-destructing now?

Self-destructing one’s soul meant that it would become smoke and ashes. There was no hope of coming back alive and one couldn’t even become a ghost in the afterlife!

At this time, Fatty Lei’s soul was starting to crack.

It was too late for him to stop.

Xuanyuan Yi sheathed his Giant Fault Sword and released his powers to bring Murong Bai and the rest away.

“Brother Fatty is going to die…”

“Fatty is too impulsive, we haven’t failed yet.”

“If we’re talking about self-destructing our soul, I should be the one to do it first. How could…”

“Sigh~… He is our boss’s first brother. We… This is so annoying! Why can’t I be a little stronger?!” Jingang started blaming himself. A bone spur appeared on his back and pierced through his clothing with an insidious aura.

Xuanyuan Yi and Blindman Liu were shocked by this.

Xuanyuan Yi furrowed his brow, “Don’t worry, Fatty isn’t such a reckless person. He wouldn’t detonate his soul until the last resort, and he is much more powerful than you guys think. I believe in him and don’t think he will so easily blow up his soul like that.”

Xuanyuan Yi’s mind couldn’t react at the beginning but as time passed by, he felt that this Fatty wouldn’t be that impulsive.

Fatty Lei might look like a huge meatball on the surface but his mind was quite meticulous. He was the kind of person that hid his intelligence.

Everyone retreated.

Fatty Lei chuckled evilly and said: “Let me see how many times your true dragon can block my Ancestral Demon Rift!”

“Explode for me!”

As his voice was heard, Fatty Lei’s fat body turned into a bolt of blood-red lightning and charged forward. He was just like a blood-colored Qilin going berserk and ramming forward without a care.

Murong Wanjian furrowed his brow, “True dragon’s bloodline, level 7, open for me!”


There was a dragon roar and then a powerful dragon’s might surged out.

The true dragon’s body protected Murong Wanjian as if it had turned into a mountain blocking in front. This bloodline defensive power was extremely strong where even the self-destruction of a soul wouldn’t injure him and would only damage the true dragon.


“Lie down for me!”



The blood-colored light burst into the sky as Fatty Lei’s soul power collided with the true dragon. Loud impact sounds could be heard over and over and alarmed the entire Shattered Sky City. Countless people stopped what they were doing and looked toward the imperial city.

Some people even thought they were fireworks.

Murong Wanjian was forced back several steps. His face clearly showed his anger as he shouted: “True dragon’s bloodline, level 8, come out for me!”


The true dragon became enraged like it was being provoked.

It was annoyed with the ancestral demon soul power coming from Fatty Lei so it used its dragon’s might to retaliate.




Fatty Lei disappeared after that.

The surrounding area had blood splatter everywhere and looked like a balloon filled with blood had popped.


“You think self-destructing your soul can injure me?!” Murong Wanjian’s hair bun was scattered and his face was faintly pale. He was able to successfully block the ancestral demon soul powers with his true dragon’s bloodline power. He then started laughing, “You bunch of trash! Go ahead and self-destruct your souls again!”

“Damn it!”

“Don’t be in such a rush! I haven’t finished exploding yet!”

Fatty Lei had somehow appeared behind Murong Wanjian.

He was just like before without any injuries and didn’t disappear into ashes.

He didn’t die after detonating his soul?

Is this guy still human?

Everyone was dumbstruck at the scene.

Xuanyuan Yi felt relieved as he said: “Fatty, can you please not scare us like that? You’re not taking his life but taking our lives instead.”

The nine of them originally felt like their hearts had risen to their throats.

Watching his fat body explode and blood splatter all over the place, they all thought Fatty Lei was dead. They never expected this damn fatty to be standing intact and alive behind Murong Wanjian. And even Murong Wanjian wasn’t able to notice him there.

Murong Wanjian’s expression turned gloomy as killing intent flashed in his eyes. He was pissed now.

He felt like he was being toyed with.

He turned around and glared at Fatty Lei and spat out a single sentence: “You’re going to die now!”

Fatty Lei’s mouth curved into a foolish smile, “You’re angry? Isn’t the only thing you know how to do is have an arrogant and smug look on your face? You can actually be angry?”

“You want me to die?”

“Then we will have to see how many times you can endure my Ancestral Demon Rift!”

As his voice faded, Fatty Lei’s body gave off a golden glow and his soul cracked apart. The power of his soul surged out like crazy and appeared to be a few levels stronger than his previous one.

This fatty was nuts!

He actually trained a skill that was similar to self-destructing one’s soul!

Isn’t this a bit too awesome?

But his Ancestral Demon Rift depleted the energy within his soul, and he was only doing this because he had no other choices.

Even if this was the case, he understood he didn’t have the ability to kill Murong Wanjian. He only had one simple goal – to injure Murong Wanjian even if he can’t kill him. He was doing a small part in the attempt to kill Murong Wanjian, and this was the only thing he could do.

“Ancestral Demon Rift!”

Fatty Lei roared out once more and attacked with the powerful force of self-destructing one’s soul.

Murong Wanjian’s expression turned ice cold as he harrumphed: “True dragon’s sword spirit, come out for me!”

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