Undefeatable – Ch813

Chapter 813 – Defeated


The ringing of the sword was very harsh to the ears.

A dragon’s roar was added to the sword’s ringing sound.

Dragon’s might suppressing the area.

Sword spirit rampaging around.

Two types of power combined and created a dragon-looking sword spirit. Seeing how Fatty Lei was charging over once more, Murong Wanjian made a thought and shouted: “Scram aside for me!”

With that shout, the true dragon’s sword spirit turned into a huge sword qi and clashed with the incoming attack.

“This is a true dragon’s sword spirit?”

Xuanyuan Yi’s expression froze for a bit before his eyes turned solemn. He flipped his right hand and sword intent poured out like crazy. It all melded into his Giant Fault Sword before he made a thought, “Hegemonic Sword Spirit, Xuanyuan’s slash!”

“Break for me!”

“Ommm~… rumble~…”

Xuanyuan Yi’s hegemonic sword spirit charged out.

Blindman Liu started moving his fingers and an invisible force started strumming his Erhu. His body was suspended in the air in a sitting posture and the aura of an ancient devil surged out. His five fingers turned into skeletal bones before he started plucking the strings. He then said in a low deep voice: “Let me play a song for you all.”

His skeletal fingers moved and a huge sound wave blasted out.

Murong Bai and the others were dumbstruck once more.

They thought they were already somewhat perverted existences but it appears that they were only little kids compared to these guys. They were all thinking to themselves: “So the boss’s brothers are all that strong?”

“No way!”

“I need to be stronger as well, or else how can I keep following the boss around? If I don’t die today, I will definitely cultivate with all I have. I need to reach the same height as them so that I can keep walking down the same path as the boss!”

This was something they all promised themselves.

The power that Fatty Lei exploded forth with gave them a strong mental impact.

Fatty Lei and his group had released their peak powers without holding anything back.

Their goal wasn’t to kill Murong Wanjian anymore. Ever since the moment he released his true dragon’s bloodline powers, they knew that it was impossible to kill him. Therefore, their only goal now was to seriously wound him!

They were going to give him a serious injury before he can release his strongest powers!

The power of unity!

Fatty Lei’s Ancestral Demon Rift, which was filled with soul power shot toward the true dragon’s sword spirit.

Xuanyuan Yi’s Hegemonic sword spirit, Xuanyuan Slash, went for Murong Wanjian.

Blindman Liu’s ancient devil power was trying to break Murong Wanjian’s true dragon’s defense in order for Xuanyuan Slash to land.

Their cooperation can be said to have reached a supreme realm. This was the tacit understanding that they had cultivated with each other during the two plus years.

“So strong!”

“Very strong!”

“With this kind of combined power, even a Profound God 5th rank expert will be instantly killed! They are simply strong to the max!” Jingang exclaimed with excitement on his face. His fists were clenched and his eyes unblinkingly stared at Murong Wanjian like he was afraid to miss any details.

They didn’t move nor did they have the ability to help.

They understood that the power they currently possessed could be ignored by Murong Wanjian.

Rushing over recklessly would actually cause unnecessary trouble to others, so the wisest choice was to do nothing.

Murong Wanjian’s expression revealed a hint of killing intent. The muscles at the corner of his eyes twitched a few times before he said in a dark tone: “Trash like you guys want to injure me?”

“True dragon’s bloodline, level 9!”

“True Dragon’s Rage!”


The true dragon coiled around Murong Wanjian’s body suddenly shot up into the sky. It flicked its huge tail and the entire sky seemed to darken a shade. It was very clear that the upper atmosphere couldn’t handle its power because a harsh groaning sound could be heard.

Immediately after, there was a vicious look on the true dragon’s face. There was a flash of silver light before it dove down from the sky.

“Lie down for me!”



The sky dimmed and the imperial city shook.

Dragon’s might had enveloped a radius of ten thousand kilometers. The lower life forms like animals didn’t dare to breathe. The citizens of the city were crushed into prone positions and couldn’t move. The entire populace of Shattered Sky City was basically awakened by this move.

The earth and the mountains shook. The sound of thunder kept rumbling throughout the horizon.

All those Profound God Sovereign experts were awoken by this.

But none of them made a move. Even Cang Tianlong merely leaped into the void and stood there quietly to watch. There was a smile of satisfaction on his face as he turned to Old Ancestor Starsea, “Tell everyone not to interfere. This is the perfect time for Murong Wanjian to show his prowess. He has been cultivating all these years and rarely appears in the eyes of the people. Who would’ve expected that an expert would appear before the heaven worshiping ceremony and let him test his powers on? This is precisely what I was looking for, hahaha…”

Even Cang Tianlong wasn’t clear on how strong Murong Wanjian was.

He was worried that Murong Wanjian’s powers wouldn’t be able to attract the miraculous powers from the higher realms. Now, it seems that his worries were unwarranted. The power Murong Wanjian was releasing had greatly exceeded his estimates.

The most important point of all, this wasn’t Murong Wanjian’s strongest power yet!

Above level nine was the tenth level, the true horrors of the true dragon’s bloodline.

If you added all nine of the early levels together, it still wouldn’t be ten percent of the powers of the tenth level!

The tenth level was the true super strong power!

Old Ancestor Starsea nodded, “The ninth level of the true dragon’s bloodline is already that strong. If it’s level 10, could it be that a true dragon descends?”

He didn’t know.

Cang Tianlong also didn’t know. He shook his head and said: “We will know in about an hour. At that time, Murong Wanjian will definitely reveal the tenth level of his bloodline. And it won’t matter if a true dragon descends or not because we will be occupied with the miracle.”

Immediately after, Cang Tianlong chuckled: “Brother Starsea, there’s nothing good to see here any more. We should head back and make some preparations. The start of the new day will also be the start of a new era for us, hahaha…”

Old Ancestor Starsea couldn’t help laughing as well.

Half a second later, the auras of those Profound God Sovereign experts disappeared from the void. They no longer bothered to watch the fight between Murong Wanjian and Fatty Lei’s group.

They all converged towards a place that had been built in Shattered Sky City for countless years. It might even be an altar dedicated to the heavens that appeared the moment the Tianxuan Continent came into being. Ten supreme Profound God Sovereign experts were standing in separate positions with their brows furrowed and their mouths reciting something silently.

Back to the imperial palace.

Fatty Lei’s Ancestral Demon Rift was blocked.

His body had recovered but his figure was being viciously stepped on by Murong Wanjian to the point that he couldn’t move.

Blindman Liu’s fingers were broken. He had fainted in a pool of his own blood.

Xuanyuan Yi’s face was pale, and his Giant Fault Sword was unable to release its sword intent anymore. It now looked like a piece of rusty scrap iron without any power pulsing from it.


A very miserable defeat!

Murong Wanjian was filled with arrogance as he started laughing like crazy.

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