Undefeatable – Ch815

Chapter 815 – Young Phoenix, Li Xue’er

“Hold on!”

A hollow cold voice like it came from high up in the sky was heard.

Murong Wanjian sneered before scolding: “Even a Heavenly Emperor won’t be able to stop me! These people all have to die!”

“What about me?”

As the voice faded, a pair of starry wings fluttered and the owner of those wings appeared like the descent of a Goddess from the ninth heavens. Her dress was all white and made of a gauze-like material and her facial features were rather cold but extraordinarily beautiful.

A coldness that caused people to unconsciously stay away from her.

Her looks were definitely capable of toppling cities and one would never forget. The coldness in her face carried a hint of sadness that made every beholder ache in the heart for her.

Li Xue’er!

The young phoenix Li Xue’er had arrived!

She stood coldly in front of Murong Wanjian and said: “What about me?”

Murong Wanjian’s gaze changed as he was enraptured by Li Xue’er. It was the same for him as Luo Tian, they hadn’t seen Li Xue’er after leaving Jade Mountain City. Now that they were meeting once more, his heart was moved from seeing her stunning features.

His ferocious gaze instantly withdrew and now had a soft look of a gentleman. “Little sister Xue’er!”


The only woman Murong Wanjian was attracted to in this world was Li Xue’er.

From the first moment his eyes saw Li Xue’er, Murong Wanjian secretly vowed he would get her. Today was their wedding day and his vow was about to be realized!

Although Li Xue’er was his fiancee, the word fiancee had always been a thorn in his heart. He had always been looking forward to turning the title of fiancee to a wife. His heart started thumping faster when he saw Li Xue’er.

He was also somewhat unsettled.

It’s possible that any straight male seeing Li Xue’er won’t be able to stay calm.

She was the number one beauty in the Tianxuan Continent!

Who can resist her beauty?

Li Xue’er had grown more mature now compared to the cuteness a few years back. She possessed a hint of that mature beauty that was described as ‘the girl next door’ had grown up. With the addition of a hint of sadness to her face, her features made her even more attractive to the beholder.

She was so beautiful that one would forget to breathe at the sight of her.

Murong Wanjian pulled back his powers and said once more: “Little sister Xue’er.”

Li Xue’er maintained her cold gaze and said: “Let them go. None of them pose a threat to you.”


Murong Wanjian was a bit surprised.

He was a dragon amongst men. He was the only person out of hundreds of millions of martial artists in the Tianxuan Continent to have the true dragon’s bloodline. He was crazy and insufferably arrogant but could still lower his posture before Li Xue’er. But…

Something was bothering him.

Fatty Lei was a person on Luo Tian’s side. Li Xue’er was soon to be his woman but she was pleading on behalf of Luo Tian’s brother, so this made him very irritated.

He forced himself to calm down.

The excitement on Murong Wanjian’s face reverted back to his cold and proud look. “They indeed pose no threat to me but I still cannot spare them because they are Luo Tian’s friends.”

After saying that, Murong Wanjian sneered in disdain: “I have never put Luo Tian in my eyes and have never considered him an opponent. He doesn’t have the qualifications to be my adversary. Even though that’s the case, I still detest him.”

“He, and everyone related to him, must die. Mount Hua Immortal Sect has to be destroyed. The Great Tang Dynasty had to be destroyed. I won’t even let that Jade Mountain City off. I will never spare anyone who goes against me. I won’t even spare them even if they are an infant!”

Cold killing intent surged out of Murong Wanjian’s body as he spoke those words.

The conclusion here couldn’t be ended as if everything was a joke.

The moment Li Xue’er pleaded on behalf of Fatty Lei and the others, he instantly made a decision.

Li Xue’er’s expression didn’t show any emotions and said: “What if I insist that you let them go?”

Murong Wanjian frowned before replying: “I will not change my decision unless…”

Li Xue’er interrupted: “Unless what?”

Murong Wanjian gave an entertaining chuckle before saying: “You’re the young phoenix, right? You are the most noble woman of this world, an existence that all men look up to. I really want to know how it feels when the young phoenix begs someone. Go ahead and beg me.”

“Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian laughed.

A very sinister laughter.

At the same time, he was feeling a vague pain in his heart. He could clearly see the coldness in Li Xue’er’s eyes and understood where it came from. He hated that. And the more he looked at Li Xue’er, the more he hated Luo Tian. It was Luo Tian’s appearance that made the woman who originally belonged to him, become like this.

Since this was the case, Murong Wanjian started laughing internally filled with evil thoughts. “Since I cannot get your heart, then I will just take your body. I will ravage you with all sorts of methods! Hahaha…”

Li Xue’er didn’t hesitate and said: “I’m begging you, please let them go!”

“Young miss!”

“Sister-in-law! Don’t do it!”

“Don’t do it! We are not worth you doing that! Even if we don’t die now, we won’t be able to live much longer. Our fleshly bodies have already reached the brink of destruction and can no longer recover!”

“Sister-in-law, don’t beg that dog thing!”

Everyone cried out various words inside the pit.

Murong Wanjian laughed in a grim manner, “Hahaha… Little sister Xue’er, with just a single sentence of yours? It doesn’t sound like you’re really begging me, right? These are the good brothers of that trash Luo Tian. And there’s also these girls of his. You want me to let them go with just a few words from you? Wouldn’t I be blemishing my identity if I did something like that?”

Li Xue’er asked: “What do you want me to do then?”

Murong Wanjian stared at Li Xue’er while an undisguised lustful smile appeared on his face.

Li Xue’er’s gaze instantly changed.

Murong Wanjian said with a perverted smile: “What? Are you scared? Don’t worry, I won’t make any excessive demands. After all, you are my, Murong Wanjian’s woman. There will be plenty of time later for us to play, so I won’t do anything to you now.”


Murong Wanjian’s tone instantly changed back to a sinister one, “When you beg someone, I think you should look the part as well. It’s very simple if you want me to let them go… just kneel down and beg me. If you kneel down and beg me, I will definitely let them go. Hahaha…”

His laughter was filled with arrogance.

“Murong Wanjian, you will die a horrible death!”

“Sister-in-law, don’t kneel to this animal! Who the hell does he think he is?!”

“Young Miss, you cannot do that!”


Everyone started screaming like crazy.

Li Xue’er smiled and said: “Kneeling down doesn’t cost me anything.”

After saying that, Li Xue’er immediately kneeled down.

Murong Wanjian’s body faintly shook.

He had an extremely ugly look on his face.

Li Xue’er possessed the supreme bloodline of a phoenix. It made her extremely noble and she absolutely shouldn’t be kneeling down in front of anyone. But she didn’t hesitate to kneel down in front of Murong Wanjian, which somehow pissed him off to no end.

Li Xue’er coldly asked: “You can let them go now, right?”

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