Undefeatable – Ch816

Chapter 816 – Villainous Woman

She was willing to do anything for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian wasn’t here anymore so her heart was dead.

When she saw Fatty Lei and the others suffering, she thought of Luo Tian and wanted to do something on his behalf.

This was the first time she kneeled in front of someone.

And she happened to be kneeling in front of the person she hated the most.

But she didn’t regret it.

Fatty Lei and the others were Luo Tian’s brothers, and this was the only thing she could do for them.

It was considered a great shame for someone to kneel before others, but it was considered nothing for someone whose heart was already dead. When someone wasn’t even afraid of death, why would they fear the shame of kneeling?

Even if Murong Wanjian wanted her life, she would show no hesitation.

Women were sometimes this silly.

During these two months, Li Xue’er was similar to a walking corpse, a physical body without a soul. She didn’t speak, she didn’t sleep, and she didn’t respond to anyone. She just quietly looked in the direction of Jade Mountain City while thinking of a certain person.

Every day went on like this.

She was very clear on what kind of place the Geocentric Tower was.

She was also very clear that there has never been anyone who managed to come out alive after entering that place.

She used her star powers every day to search.

The day before yesterday, she was still trying to look for any traces of Luo Tian. But she didn’t find any and it was then that her heart completely died. There was no longer any pain and just a total sense of numbness.

Luo Tian was the only person in this world who gave her a feeling of warmth.

Now that he was no longer in this world, she felt like there was no point in living anymore. But once she arrived at Shattered Sky City, she unknowingly recalled what Luo Tian had said.

In a few years, I will definitely show up at Shattered Sky City.

I will snatch you away.

No one can stop me.

Perhaps she was holding onto a trace of hope so she obediently came along. Apart from her, there was her mother and the various experts from the Soul Hall.

She didn’t hesitate to charge over the moment she saw Fatty Lei and the others suffering.

Her mother kept on trying to discourage her but this only made her feel an impulse to smack Zi Loulan. She managed to hold back in the end and activated her Profound God Sovereign powers so that no one could stop her from going.

When she looked at Murong Wanjian, there wasn’t a single ripple in her heart as she maintained her cold demeanor.

The moment she kneeled down, she noticed the rage spraying out of Murong Wanjian’s eyes. She maintained her emotionless expression and said: “Is it okay now?”

“Aggghhhh~!” Murong Wanjian roared into the sky.

His fiancee was kneeling down for the brothers of another man. He felt like he had just suffered the greatest insult! Very uncomfortable, very painful, pain that words couldn’t describe! He roared out once more just to vent the anger inside his heart. He then shouted: “Fine! Of course it’s okay! It’s certainly okay since the young phoenix kneeled down! Li Xue’er, oh Li Xue’er, you have completely disappointed me. You are truly a… cheap slut!”


Murong Wanjian roared out once more as blood surged into his eyes. His figure disappeared in a blur as he gave one last shout to Li Xue’er: “You just wait and see! Tonight, I will let you see how powerful I am! Hahaha…”

The sound of perverted laughter echoed through the sky.

Murong Wanjian was completely enraged.

But he suppressed the anger raging inside his heart. He was filled with hatred but there was nothing he could do. Luo Tian was already dead so it was useless even though he hated the guy. There was no way for him to pull Luo Tian out of hell so that he could beat him up, right?

“Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian… you’ve died and gotten off easy.”

“If you were still alive, I would definitely step on your face in front of Li Xue’er. I will let her see what kind of trash the man she likes is. I will make you tremble while crawling under my crotch!” Murong Wanjian’s hatred was extremely strong!

At this time, he wanted to rip Luo Tian into a thousand pieces!

Except, he was very clear on how dangerous the Geocentric Tower was. People can only enter but no one has ever come out alive.

He didn’t dare to enter!


Murong Wanjian had left.

There were tear stains at the corner of Li Xue’er’s eyes.

She didn’t make a sound.

This was the first tear in two months. She thought that she would no longer cry but she couldn’t hold back today.

Those tears were heartbreaking for those that saw it.

Li Xue’er slowly stood up without wiping the tears from her face. She furrowed her brow and little glittering starlights appeared around her. They were like fireflies in the night as they slowly drifted into the deep pit.

The starlight slowly entered their bodies.



The pleasant sounds of bells ringing were heard. The fleshly body of everyone inside the pit could be seen rapidly recovering. Their bodies were nearly destroyed but the starlight powers had healed them to the point of fully recovering. Even their strength had been enhanced to a new level.

This was the power of the stars!

This was also why Li Xue’er was so strong.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

The ten of them flew out from the pit.

Leng Hanshuang was the first to run over and said: “Young Miss, how could you kneel down to him when you’re a noble young phoenix? It’s not worth it to do it for us! It’s really not worth…”

Leng Hanshuang started crying and didn’t finish her sentence.

Black Widow had a surprised look on her face as she said: “So beautiful! No wonder sire would train so desperately. Even I would throw my life on the line as well. This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a beautiful woman.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi giggled, “Sister-in-law is so beautiful. Back then, rumors say she is Tianxuan Continent’s number one beauty, but it looks like she is even more beautiful than the rumors.”

Murong Bai’s eyes were dumbstruck.

Same with Big Mustache.

Even Jingang had a shocked expression as he mumbled, “Sister-in-law is so pretty.”


Extremely beautiful!

Beauty that one cannot be forgotten after a single look.

But there were two tear stains on Li Xue’er’s face which made the beholder’s heart ache.

Fatty Lei scratched his head which made the evil buddha image behind him even more terrifying. “Sister-in-law, thank you for saving us. Since you’re here, you might as well leave together with us.”


“A bunch of street beggars like you guys cannot kill Murong Wanjian, yet you want to leave with my daughter?! You guys better scram as far away as possible or else don’t blame me for treating you guys impolitely!” Zi Loulan shouted at them fiercely as she descended from the sky.

She was extremely angry due to Li Xue’er kneeling.

She hated Luo Tian even more now.

The reason being that it was Luo Tian that made her daughter become like this!

Fatty Lei instantly wanted to vent his anger but Jingang advised him: “This is sister-in-law’s mother.”

Fatty Lei’s expression turned milder as he grumbled, “How can a mother be like this? She’s nothing but a villainous woman!”

A trace of resentment flashed in Li Xue’er’s eyes before she said to Fatty Lei: “You guys need to leave now. Go as far away as possible and don’t look for me ever again. Don’t try to get revenge either.”

Leng Hanshuang immediately said: “Young Miss, please come with us.”


Before she could say anything more, Zi Loulan’s figure blurred as she slapped over. “You damnable servant! If you dare say another word, I will take your life right here!”

Leng Hanshuang lowered her head and didn’t dare to retaliate.

At this time, Black Widow asked: “Is Luo Tian really dead?”

Tears streamed down Li Xue’er’s face as she faintly nodded.

Everyone became dumbstruck.

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