Undefeatable – Ch817

Chapter 817 – The Start Of The Ritual

They refused to believe anyone who told them Luo Tian was dead.

But it was different when the words came out of Li Xue’er’s mouth.

Especially when it came to Fatty Lei. He understood Li Xue’er’s character and that she would never randomly say stuff. It was also very clear to see the painful expression she had on her face. Luo Tian was truly no longer of this world…

They were all dumbstruck!

The ten of them looked like they had been all struck by lightning.

They froze in their spots and their eyes looked spiritless.

“The boss is really dead?”

“Boss is dead? Boss is dead…?” Fatty Lei kept repeating that while his body no longer gave off the aura of an ancestral demon. He slowly walked away like someone that had lost their mind. “Boss is dead. Boss is dead…”

The others were not much better off than Fatty Lei.

There was no pain and only numbness like they didn’t know how to react.

The ten of them were like zombies slowly walking out of the courtyard and then out of the imperial palace. No one made a move to stop them.

“Xue’er, it’s about time.”

“We need to go and get ready.” After saying that, Zi Loulan had a look of disdain as she watched Fatty Lei and the others leave. She then said with a smile: “You really shouldn’t have kneeled before Murong Wanjian. Your bloodline is nobler than his, so how could you do such a thing? This Murong Wanjian is really… he actually put forward such an unreasonable request of you. I will have to have a good talk with him the next time I see him.”

Li Xue’er’s eyes turned icy cold as she turned around and stared at her mother Zi Loulan. “If you were not my mother, you would have died already!”

Those words were cold to the max.

Li Xue’er almost couldn’t hold it in when she said her vicious words in the beginning.

When Zi Loulan struck Leng Hanshuang, she almost made a move.

But she desperately clung on and endured it because she was her mother. If Zi Loulan was to continue speaking more words, she really wouldn’t be able to hold herself back.

There was undisguised killing intent in Li Xue’er’s voice.

Zi Loulan’s mind shook before her expression changed. “Xue’er, no matter how much you hate me, everything I’ve done is for your own good and for your future. I really regret going to the Ghostly Mountain Range. If I hadn’t met with Luo Tian’s parents, then none of these things would be happening now.”

“Look at you right now.”

“It was that trash Luo Tian that harmed you. It’s unfortunate that my cultivation wasn’t as high as his or else I would’ve killed him at South Heavenly Gate.” Zi Loulan said this in a ferocious manner while deep hatred could be seen in her eyes.

Li Xue’er’s expression turned even colder as she said: “If you dare to call big brother Luo Tian trash one more time, I will be impolite to you without any hesitation! Please don’t challenge my bottom line!”

She enunciated every word with killing intent.

Zi Loulan’s expression kept alternating as Li Xue’er’s powerful aura made her unable to speak. She was gasping for air and feeling very uncomfortable, but she still shouted: “Luo Tian is a piece of trash! A piece of trash with a crippled dantian! He is one in the past and he is one in the present! Even if he has already died, he is still a piece of trash!”

Of course, this was shouted inside her heart as she didn’t dare to use her mouth.

She could feel her daughter was enraged and she had spoken those words in all seriousness.

Moreover, today was a day of celebration and it wasn’t too good for a mother and daughter to fall out with each other.

Zi Loulan then sneered internally: “Luo Tian, it is so great that you’re dead. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to witness it myself, otherwise, I will definitely scream out ‘great!’ From today onward, Xue’er will become Murong Wanjian’s wife while you are being tormented in hell. Hahaha…”

A few seconds later, Li Xue’er was the first to leave.

Once the pressure was removed, Zi Loulan started gasping for air. Her face was a bit red as she watched her daughter’s back disappear. A strange flash of light appeared in her eyes before she ran to catch up with her daughter.

Heaven worshiping altar.

Nine supreme Profound God Sovereign experts were standing at a specific location of the heaven worshiping altar.

Cang Tianlong was standing at the center of the altar as his brows relaxed. “He’s finally here.”

A figure of a human was getting closer.

Eventually, he landed on a specific location on the altar. Upon looking at Cang Tianlong, he smiled and nodded: “The young phoenix is coming and everything is under control.”

He was the last one to appear.

He had been monitoring Li Xue’er in the dark the entire time, including when she kneeled in front of Murong Wanjian.

He was of the same thoughts as Cang Tianlong, making sure that there wouldn’t be any accidents during the heaven worshiping ceremony.

The young phoenix was one of the most important factors.


“Brother Soul King, you came exactly at the right time.” Cang Tianlong smiled as the inexplicable excitement inside him grew stronger. He looked up at the sky while his mouth started chanting something silently.

Immediately after, Cang Tianlong announced: “It’s time to worship the heavens! Bring out the offerings!”

As his voice faded, Cang Tianlong’s eyes turned serious and a drop of essence blood flew out from the center of his brow. Under the control of his thoughts, it dropped at the location he was standing at.

At the same time, the other Profound God Sovereigns followed his actions.




A constant intense humming sound came from the depths of the earth.

The heaven worshiping altar started shaking.

The ritual to worship the heavens had begun!

In another area where Fatty Lei was.

The ten of them walked out of the imperial city in a dazed manner. They didn’t speak as they stumbled down the street, walking like the ground was shaking beneath them. One of them looked up and said: “How can the boss be dead? It’s impossible for him to die.”

Fatty Lei suddenly woke up and turned around to ask the other nine people, “Where’s sister-in-law? How come she didn’t follow us out?”

Everyone looked over at Fatty Lei.

“Oh crap!” yelled Fatty Lei.

Upon thinking of the words Luo Tian said to Li Xue’er at Jade Mountain City, he shouted: “Sister-in-law is still waiting for the boss to appear! Boss will definitely appear at the start of the new day because that’s what he told her!”

“If the boss doesn’t show up, sister-in-law will…”

Upon speaking to this point, Fatty Lei clenched his teeth and said seriously: “His granny! This daddy will really self-destruct my soul!”

After saying that, he rushed toward the place where the wedding ceremony was to take place.

It was called Heaven’s Temple and was very close to the heaven worshiping altar.

Because it was the union between a true dragon and a young phoenix, the wedding would be held at Heaven’s Temple. The heaven worshiping altar was only meters away, making it a place where two important locales co-existed. The temple was very old and had words that no one could read carved on it.

When they saw Fatty Lei rushing away, Xuanyuan Yi also made his move. “Fatty, wait for me!”

Blindman Liu smiled and shouted: “Me too!”

“Add me in too!”

“I’m going too! Isn’t it just dying?!”

“His granny! Just as brother fatty said, there’s no need to do anything but detonate our souls! Even if we cannot kill Murong Wanjian, we need to let him see we are the brothers of Luo Tian!”


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