Undefeatable – Ch818

Chapter 818 – Almost There

Heaven worshiping altar.

The essence blood of eleven Profound God Sovereigns entered the altar and disappeared without a trace.




Eleven consecutive minute sounds pierced into the sky, through the clouds, and reached beyond the nine heavens.

In another realm.

A majestic force began to stir along the thin line of energy linked to the altar. The scene looked like how the Transformers opened up a space-time channel with their energy and summoned a powerful force to them.

But the energy from the higher plane didn’t immediately reach toward the Tianxuan Continent. It was staying still like it was waiting for another power to summon it.

At this time, Cang Tianlong’s eyes widened in delight. The corner of his mouth curved up to show the excitement that couldn’t be held in. “The link has been established. We are just missing the union of the true dragon and the young phoenix. Once the two are formally joined at Heaven’s Temple, it will immediately trigger the power from the higher planes. At that time, we will be able to obtain a more powerful energy and it’s possible that our lifespan will no longer have a limit. We will possess the destiny of an immortal! Hahaha…”

He started laughing like crazy due to his excitement.

The rest of the Profound God Sovereigns revealed excited smiles on their faces.

Cang Tianlong had waited over three thousand years for this moment.

Three thousand years ago, he inadvertently entered the Northern Abyss and found a tombstone. Engraved on the tombstone was a method of how to invoke the power from the higher realms and how to use that power to make an instant breakthrough. From that moment on, his plans were set in motion.

He had been waiting for a long time until the birth of a true dragon and the birth of a phoenix.

This was the greatest gift the heavens had bestowed him. And he had paid a high price in order for this day to come.

He was filled with excitement now that an extremely strong power was about to descend and his dream was about to become reality.

Cang Tianlong made a thought and sent out a sound transmission: “We can start the wedding now.”

“Ommm~!” A loud bell ringing sound was heard.

“It’s here!”

“Hurry up, the wedding is about to start! I can say for sure that the wedding between the true dragon and the young phoenix is the biggest wedding in all of human history! A phoenix and a true dragon are truly a match made in heaven!”

“That’s for sure! They both broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm on the same day! They were basically a couple ever since the day they were born!”

“Enough with your nonsense and hurry it up! We might get a chance to see the stunning features of the young phoenix if we’re lucky! She’s the number one beauty of the Tianxuan Continent and I will definitely never forget her face if I get to catch a glimpse of it!”

The streets were crowded with people who looked like a surging tide heading toward Heaven’s Temple.

Amidst the crowd, Fatty Lei and the others were walking like death gods covered in killing intent towards Heaven’s Temple as well.

Cang Tianlong asked: “Brother Starsea, are the disciples of the ten great immortal sects ready? We cannot allow any mistakes or else our efforts will be all in vain.”

Old Ancestor Starsea replied: “Don’t worry, apart from your eldest disciple Lie Yang who brought a group of people to the forest to get rid of those Mount Hua Immortal Sect pests, the rest of the ten great immortal sect disciples are in the city. They won’t let any random people near Heaven’s Temple. No one can dream of ruining this day.”

All disciples of the ten great immortal sects had come in order to guarantee the ceremony would proceed without a hitch.

This was all for the descent of a miracle!

Cang Tianlong nodded, “That’s good then. We cannot afford a single mistake, not even a minor one. Whoever dares to interrupt our ceremony can be directly killed without hesitation!”

Old Ancestor Starsea then said: “I will pass that order down.”

The Soul King smiled and said: “Don’t worry brother Cang, there won’t be any mistakes in today’s wedding ceremony. Everything will work out so don’t be so worried. Even if the young phoenix dies, this will only happen after the descent of the miracle.”

After saying that, the Soul King had a secretive smile on his face.

Cang Tianlong also faintly smiled, “I am very clear on brother Soul King’s abilities so I’m not worried at all when it comes to you.”

The corner of the Soul King’s mouth curved up under his black cloak.

The other Profound God Sovereign experts ordered their disciples to be on extra alert.

For a brief moment, the entire Shattered Sky City looked like it was surrounded by an iron wall.

Outside the city, a forest to the west.

Daoist Lie Yang wasn’t there leading. Ever since he came out of Cang Tianlong’s room, he only called up several of the disciples he had personally groomed. They were absolutely loyal to him so there was no need for him to leave the city to attend to matters.

He had actually hidden himself.

Han Hua was pacing back and forth with a frown, “We’re not waiting anymore!”

“Gather all the disciples and let’s kill our way over!”

“Even if we die, we cannot allow the heaven worshiping ceremony to proceed successfully. Once the miracle descends, their power will increase dramatically and that will mean our Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s doomsday will be near.” Han Hua paused to look up at the sky before saying anxiously to herself: “Luo Tian, why are you not here yet?”

Eggy smiled with excitement, “I’ve been having a hard time holding back since the beginning!”

“All Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples listen to my command! Let’s kill our way to the city and snatch the bride!”

All the Mount Hua disciples stood up with high spirits. They brought out their semi-divine weapons and started shouting: “Snatch the bride! Snatch our sister-in-law! Snatch the bride! Snatch our sister-in-law!”

Under the lead of Eggy and Han Hua, the several thousand Mount Hua disciples looked like tigers leaving the mountain and charging toward Shattered Sky City.

They were originally supposed to wait for Murong Bai and the others to return before figuring out the situation.

But the wedding ceremony was about to start and those guys haven’t returned yet, so it’s possible something bad might have happened.

Since that’s the case, then there’s no need to hide anymore. They will just directly kill their way over!

Back to the heaven worshiping altar.

Eleven people were standing firm in their positions.

The wedding ceremony was about to start.

At this time, the people of the devil sect arrived.

Liu Chengfeng and four other Profound God Sovereigns landed at the edge of the altar.

One of the devil sect experts said with a smile: “It looks like we’re not late. The wedding hasn’t started yet, right?”

Cang Tianlong replied with a smile, “Devil Monarch Crimson Fire, it’s just about to start. And here I was thinking that you weren’t going to come.”

Devil Monarch Crimson Fire smiled, “How could I not come when brother Cang invited me with such generosity? Besides, this is the greatest event in the history of the Tianxuan Continent where a miracle will descend, so how can our devil sect not participate?”


Over ten plus supreme Profound God Sovereigns started laughing together.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the miracle’s descent, Cang Tianlong brought together all the most powerful forces on the continent.

He only had less than a year of life left. He didn’t want to die so he had to succeed no matter what!

Because of this, he allied with the Soul Hall and the devil sect.

Seconds and minutes passed.

A voice from the imperial city was suddenly heard saying: “Here comes the groom!”

A voice coming from another area where the Phoenix Manor was, “Here comes the bride!”

Suddenly, the sound of festive gongs and drums was heard. The entire Shattered Sky City instantly turned into an ocean of celebratory happening.

Two wedding processions walked step by step in the air high up in the sky. One came from the east and one from the west.



“This daddy is about to lose my mind!”

“I’m almost there!”

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