Undefeatable – Ch819

Chapter 819 – This Daddy Doesn’t Agree

When you’re a Profound God Sovereign expert, standing in the air was the same thing as standing on flat ground.

Murong Wanjian was dressed all in red.

Li Xue’er was also dressed in red with a red cloth covering her entire head.

The two of them walked through the air one step at a time.

The unparalleled grandeur of having a wedding in the air was seen by everyone in the Shattered Sky City.

It gave off the sense of defying the earth.

In order to prevent people from causing trouble, a bunch of Profound God experts surrounded Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er. The scene of this was simply too mighty and imposing. Who else can have a wedding where so many experts were used as an escort?

The crowd had broken out into discussions.

Fatty Lei and the others had arrived outside of Heaven’s Temple.

After looking up, Fatty Lei’s gaze turned serious as he said: “Everyone needs to be extra careful. There’s a huge pressure knot up in the sky and we will be instantly knocked down if we trigger it. Even if we have to die, it needs to be worth the sacrifice.”


Fatty Lei then looked over at Xuanyuan Yi.

Xuanyuan Yi nodded.

Feng Lei released the ancestral demon’s aura inside him. His soul shook as his eyes locked onto Murong Wanjian. He clenched his fists and was about to step into the sky when a hand pressed down onto his shoulder.

“Don’t act recklessly.”

Feng Lei’s expression turned gloomy. Just when he turned around to start scolding, he exclaimed in shock: “Uncle Wild Blade!”

Xuanyuan Yi and Blindman Liu turned together and their expressions changed.

They had suddenly become excited.

In front of Feng Lei was none other than Blood Devouring Wild Blade. He had gained a powerfully fleshly body with the help of Luo Tian.

He was wearing a bamboo hat with strands of messy hair spilling out from the sides. He had a long beard and a face full of vicissitudes. He looked exactly like those middle-aged uncles who had wandered and traveled all over the world.

And he was actually carrying a coffin behind his back!

A stone coffin that was at least 10,000 jins in weight.

Many people were pointing and whispering at him because they were upset with his coffin.

“Why would he be carrying a coffin on a day of celebration? If this was seen by the Murong family, he will definitely receive a heavy beating. Isn’t this basically courting your own demise?”

“What an unlucky thing.”

“He actually dared to bring a coffin to the wedding of the true dragon and the young phoenix.”

The surrounding people were speaking in outrage.

Wild Blade ignored everyone like he didn’t hear the people discussing him. He looked at Fatty Lei and chuckled, “Two years apart and now we’re together again, hahaha… This feeling is rather good! I thought that I was going to be the first person here and didn’t expect you guys to be here earlier than me.”

Fatty Lei felt excited but instantly became depressed when he thought of Luo Tian.

Wild Blade looked around, looked at Murong Wanjian, then eventually stopped on Leng Hanshuang. He then said with a smile: “Luo Tian truly has some capabilities. A woman that once wanted to kill him has now turned into his woman, hahaha… What a unique character just like me!”


“How come I don’t see that girl An Chunchun?”

“I don’t see Tang Tang or Qin Yue’er either.”

“Didn’t those girls come?”

Wild Blade didn’t notice Fatty Lei’s depressed look.

Fatty Lei shook his head, “We arrived at Shattered Sky City half a month ago and haven’t seen Chunchun and the others. Maybe they are still on the way or maybe they won’t make it on time?”


“Who said we wouldn’t make it on time?”

The dense crowd suddenly parted to the side for a group of women to walk over.

Women that were capable of toppling cities and kingdoms!

To be exact, it should be two stunningly beautiful women and a girl. They were each very beautiful, especially the girl with a pair of charming and seductive eyes. Her exquisite face was similar to those gorgeous porcelain dolls.

So beautiful that it reached a drop-dead gorgeous level!

An Chunchun, Qin Yue’er, and Tang Tang were here!

An Chunchun’s mother wasn’t.

An Chunchun had an arrogant pout on her face when she stared at Fatty Lei. She then pretended to say in anger: “Who said we weren’t here? How can we miss such an important event where big brother Luo Tian is going to snatch the bride?”

Qin Yue’er said with a smile: “We met a candied haw seller and Chunchun really wanted some, so we were delayed for a bit.”

Tang Tang had a playful smile on her face as she said: “How can we be missing when there’s such a fun event? Heehee! Are these all the friends of that smelly scoundrel? Eh? Big sister Yue’er, look at those beautiful twin sisters!”

Qin Yue’er’s gaze wasn’t on Yun Ling or Yun Yi but on Black Widow. “Wow, hers are even bigger than mine! And they seem to be even more alluring than my pair! Big sister… How did that scoundrel Luo Tian scam you?”

An Chunchun walked to Leng Hanshuang’s side and said: “Big sister Shuang’er, you’ve changed! You aren’t as cold as you were before! Now that’s the big sister Shuang’er I know!”

Those women became familiar with each other very quickly when they hadn’t even introduced themselves yet.

Murong Bai’s eyes almost popped to the ground. He then asked Fatty Lei: “Are these all Luo Tian’s women?”

Fatty Lei nodded.

Murong Bai immediately felt an urge to commit suicide. He then looked at the sky and said: “This is not fair. This is absolutely not fair. Oh heavens, are you blind? I don’t even have a single woman yet Luo Tian has so many. I…”

Jingang tried to comfort him, “Don’t worry eldest senior brother, I’m going to introduce you to some village girls. Just now, I saw some village girls send you some invisible hearts through their eyes.”


All the girls started laughing.

Fatty Lei frowned while contemplating for a brief moment. He then decided to say: “The boss may not be able to come.”

An Chunchun had no reaction.

Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang didn’t show any reactions either.

It was the same with Wild Blade.

Fatty Lei said with uncertainty: “Sister-in-law Xue’er said that the boss entered a place called the Geocentric Tower and may not be able to get out.”

Those girls still looked the same as if they didn’t care.

Leng Hanshuang added: “It’s really true. How come you girls don’t look saddened by it?”

An Chunchun giggled, “Big sister Shuang’er, big brother Luo Tian will definitely come. I have complete faith that he will show up.”

Wild Blade also added, “I can sense his aura. I have been dwelling inside him for a long time so I’m very familiar with his aura. And that aura is getting closer and closer so I believe he will be at Shattered Sky City very soon.

Everyone was stunned.

Fatty Lei was baffled. Could it be that the young phoenix’s star powers made a mistake?

Jingang was the most direct as he said with a smile: “This one already knew the boss wouldn’t die! Boss is the strongest!”

Wild Blade exhaled before saying: “The only issue we have is whether he can make it in time before the miracle descends. If he doesn’t make it in time, then things are going to be pretty messed up.”

Back to Heaven’s Temple.

Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er stood side-by-side.

“First bow to the heavens and earth!”

“Bow to the heavens and earth a second time!”

“Last bow to the heavens and earth!”

They were only bowing to heaven and earth for the ceremony because their bloodline was bestowed to them by the heavens.

After bowing to them, an Elder from the Imperial God Immortal Sect asked: “Is there anyone that doesn’t agree to their wedding union?”



“A true dragon and a young phoenix are a perfect match! Who would disagree with that?!”

“We don’t agree!” Fatty Lei and his group shouted.

A deep shout also came from the sky: “This daddy doesn’t agree!”

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