Undefeatable – Ch820

Chapter 820 – Rage Surging To The Sky

The Elder, as the master of ceremony, asked this question symbolically.

He never imagined that there would be people disagreeing with the union.

And it wasn’t just a single person.

At this time, Wild Blade, Feng Lei, and the others suddenly looked up to the sky because they were very familiar with this voice.

“The boss is here!”

“Hahaha… boss is really here!”

“Big brother Luo Tian!”



Their silent hearts instantly turned heated. Their fighting spirit surged and every one of them had an excited smile on their face.

He was finally here!

Above Heaven’s Temple, Li Xue’er instantly threw off the red cover over her head. She looked up high while tears involuntarily gushed out of her eyes. She cried like she had lost her voice. She was trying to clench her teeth so that she wouldn’t make a sound but she eventually couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Her emotions had been suppressed for too long.

She had endured a lot of pressure these past two months.

Li Xue’er was half crying and half smiling as she watched a black dot in the sky grow larger as it came closer. “Big brother Luo Tian, you’re really here. You’re really here, wuuu~…”

Tears were streaming down Leng Hanshuang’s face.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were both crying.

It was the same with Black Widow.

Their hearts were completely occupied by Luo Tian’s presence.

At this moment, the true dragon’s bloodline inside Murong Wanjian instantly surged to the peak. He then roared out: “Luo Tian!!!”




Explosions rocked the sky and the entire area instantly turned oppressive. It was as if the power coming from Murong Wanjian was trying to violently suppress heaven and earth.

“He’s not dead?”

“He’s still alive? He managed to leave the Geocentric Tower? Did he beat the entire tower? Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Even a Profound God Sovereign expert wasn’t able to leave. He only has a Profound God cultivation… Huh? No! He broke through! He has also become a Profound God Sovereign expert and the aura coming from him is especially intense!” The Soul King was dumbstruck as he never imagined Luo Tian could leave the Geocentric Tower alive. This was an impossible matter to him.

“He’s really not dead?”

“That’s very fortunate for him.”

“He even managed to beat the Geocentric Tower.”

The ten plus Profound God Sovereign experts were all discussing this on the heaven worshiping altar.

Zi Loulan’s expression changed as she said to no one in particular: “Why didn’t he die inside the Geocentric Tower?”

Cang Tianlong frowned as he watched the black dot in the sky get closer.

At this time, Murong Wanjian’s eyes turned fierce as he harrumphed: “It’s good that you’re not dead. I will personally kill you with my own hands. I will kill you directly in front of Xue’er. I will kill you in front of everyone here. Luo Tian, your appearance here shall only make my brilliance shine brighter.”

“You can die now!”

Just when Murong Wanjian’s figure readied itself to fly off, Cang Tianlong shouted: “Wanjian, don’t go! The miracle is about to descend! I will take care of Luo Tian! I will hand him alive to you! The only thing you need to do right now is to stay at Heaven’s Temple!”

“Li Yong, continue with the wedding ceremony!”

The Elder in charge of the ceremony immediately announced: “We shall continue with the wedding…”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Xue’er pulled off the red phoenix crown cloth and threw it off to the side. She looked at Luo Tian getting closer before coldly staring at Murong Wanjian and saying: “I am not willing to marry you. The person I like is big brother Luo Tian. I have liked him ever since I was a young child, and my feelings have not changed even now. Murong Wanjian, there’s no way I’m going to marry you.”

Li Xue’er also ripped off the red gown of hers.

Murong Wanjian became even angrier as his eyes looked like they were spraying out flames. “You damn slut, you want to be together with that piece of trash?! You can forget about that in this life! You are my woman! Even if you die, you will be my Murong Wanjian’s woman! Don’t even dream that you can leave me! Hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian was laughing like crazy.

Li Xue’er’s expression turned gloomy as her gaze turned icy cold. Dots of starlight started glowing around her body as she said: “Your true dragon’s bloodline is indeed quite strong, but it’s impossible for you to force me to stay. If I want to leave, no one here is capable of stopping me.”

After saying that, a huge fluctuation appeared behind her back.


A pair of huge wings created by star power appeared, and her body was giving off a type of power that seemed unshakeable by others. The power surging out directly forced Murong Wanjian back by half a step and shook the entire Shattered Sky City.

“This is the merging of a phoenix and the power of the stars!”

“Too strong!”

“This kind of power isn’t less than Murong Wanjian’s true dragon’s power!”

“Who is that person? Why would the young phoenix suddenly become like this after seeing that person?”

Everyone in the crowd started discussing this.

Murong Wanjian’s face turned uglier and uglier as time went by.

He had this unsightly look because he had lost face in front of so many people. He was being insulted by his woman in front of the public!

The rage inside his heart was erupting! Shiny dragon scales started appearing on his body! The scales of a true dragon that had a golden glow and exuded an incomparably strong aura!

The great perfection realm!

The true dragon’s bloodline that had reached the realm of perfection!

True dragon’s possession!

Transforming him into a huge true dragon!



Ever since Murong Wanjian was born, he was placed on a high pedestal while looking down on all other existences. But his self-esteem was being trampled on right now. His own woman in his own wedding had decided to go after another man. There was no way he can endure this level of humiliation!

He clenched his teeth and spat out one word at a time: “Li Xue’er, I am going to kill Luo Tian. I will kill him right in front of your face. I will then bring you to the worst place of your dreams and let the barbarians have their way with you. I want a damn slut like you to be ravaged by ten thousand men! Hahaha…”

“There’s only one outcome for those that try to fight against me, Murong Wanjian – and that’s death!”

Rage burning up like crazy!

His sanity was now out of control.

Cang Tianlong started getting worried.

He never imagined Luo Tian would appear here and cause such a scene. He started blaming himself for underestimating Luo Tian’s capability.

Immediately after, Cang Tianlong shouted: “Wanjian, she’s going to be your woman no matter what! Luo Tian will also die by your hands! Don’t make any reckless moves and just continue with the wedding!”

After shouting that, Cang Tianlong looked at the Soul King and asked: “It’s about time, right?”

The Soul King’s mouth curved into a cold smile and replied: “It’s ready to go anytime now.”

Cang Tianlong smiled in satisfaction before staring into the horizon. He then snorted with disdain: “Luo Tian, you want to ruin my plans? You are overestimating your abilities!”

“Universal Laws of the Heavens!”

“Heavenly Dragon Immortal Array, activate for me!”

Cang Tianlong furrowed his brow and a series of explosions was heard all over Shattered Sky City. The energy of an array then shot into the air before forming a powerful barrier that encapsulated the entire Shattered Sky City.

At the same time, Cang Tianlong looked at the Soul King and said: “Let’s start!”

The Soul King smiled and a bizarre type of power came out of his body and linked up with Li Xue’er’s body.

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