Undefeatable – Ch821

Chapter 821 – Those Who Block Me Shall Die

Connection directly to her mind!

The power directly went into her sea of consciousness and Li Xue’er couldn’t reject it.


There was a loud ringing inside her brain.

Her eyes turned dull and lifeless like she had become a puppet.

“Young miss!”



Their group all shouted in shock.

Once that bizarre power entered her sea of consciousness, everyone could clearly see Li Xue’er’s aura change.

The Soul King grinned, “She has become my puppet and my words are her command. The wedding can continue forward.”

Cang Tianlong revealed a smug smile, “Good!”

At this time, the Soul King made a thought: “Put your gown and phoenix crown back on.”

With that command, Li Xue’er obediently picked up the gown to put on and then the phoenix crown. She then stood there unmoving after completing her actions.


“Good! Good! Good! Very good! Brother Soul King, you surely haven’t disappointed me.” Cang Tianlong said with excitement. He then watched as Luo Tian dropped down to the ground before saying: “You damn dog thing, I will take care of you a little later on.”

Murong Wanjian started laughing.


He was laughing loudly and rampantly. He looked at the motionless Li Xue’er before smirking at Luo Tian, “You want to fight with me over a woman? Who the hell do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to fight over a woman with me?”

“She is my woman.”

“Once she’s played to half-dead by me, I’m going to send her off to the Beastmen race and let them enjoy that slut! Hahaha…”


Loud and smug laughter!

The anger he was previously feeling was all released right now.

There was really nothing he could do if Li Xue’er wanted to leave. But now that she is being controlled, the wedding ceremony can continue as usual. It was useless no matter how hard Li Xue’er tries to resist.

Luo Tian’s eyes turned gloomy while his Profound God Sovereign aura surged out along with his rage.

His gaze landed on the Soul King. He then looked at Li Xue’er and said: “Little sister Xue’er, I will not let anyone harm you!”

Luo Tian then summoned out his sword, Annihilate.

At the same time, Cang Tianlong shouted: “Wanjian, finish the wedding ceremony and exchange your essence blood! Once you are done with all that, you can let loose and kill as much as you want!”

Cang Tianlong started feeling some pressure with Luo Tian’s appearance.

It wasn’t because of Luo Tian’s strength, but because Luo Tian seemed to have beaten the Geocentric Tower. What kind of powerful backing did he have to accomplish that?

Murong Wanjian grinned, “Order received!”

His grin then turned fierce as he stared at Luo Tian from the air. “Damn dog thing, sit still and just keep watching this show. Watch how I play with your little sister Xue’er, hahaha…”

The wedding started up once more.

”At this time, the coffin behind Wild Blade started moving as he shouted: “Don’t let them exchange essence blood! Once the miracle descends, we won’t have a chance to fight back! Now is the time for us to make our move!”


“This one already couldn’t hold back from the beginning!”

“My fists have been very sad and lonely for a long time!”

“Kill them all!”

“Today, we shall f*ck the entire Shattered Sky City over!”

They each pulled up their sleeves and released their killing intent with arrogant smiles on their faces. They all looked like they had an injection of a chicken blood stimulant as Luo Tian’s appearance made them all excited to a complete mess.

“Where are the ten great immortal sect allied armies?!”

“Stop them for me!”




Over a hundred thousand disciples from the ten great immortal sects appeared around Heaven’s Temple.

Wild Blade and the others were surrounded before they could even make their move.

Wild Blade gently patted his coffin and said: “Brother, it’s time to let you out. I will let you enjoy yourself to the fullest today.”

“Kill them!”

Luo Tian’s expression sank as he watched Li Xue’er up in the sky. His heart was in pain while he gripped onto Annihilate. He then shouted: “Critical Strike Mode!”

“Shocking Heaven Slash!”

“Level 2!”

“Break for me!”

A blade qi appeared high up in the sky like a monarch greeting heaven and earth. The domineering aura surged out in all directions forming an ocean of blade qi. The entire Tianxuan Continent started shaking like crazy due to its appearance.

Incredibly strong blade qi!

Wild Blade was stunned briefly before saying: “Good! He managed to comprehend such a domineering blade qi by himself. And the blade he has… very strong! It contains an energy capable of annihilating everything. What makes me the most surprised is his blade move… how strong is it really?


Luo Tian chopped downward.





The blade qi shot down from high above onto the barrier and caused a crack to appear. Like an eggshell, the barrier had suddenly become very fragile under the astonishing power of the blade qi. Shocking Heaven Slash was simply too strong, so that barrier was unable to resist at all.

A few seconds later.

“Crack~, crack~, crack~, crack~…”

The recently activated barrier had shattered all over the place.

After the blade qi’s impact, the center of Shattered Sky City looked like it had been cut in half. A deep but thin crack had appeared on the ground due to the slash.

The gaze of many of those Profound God Sovereigns underwent a change.

“What kind of martial skill is that?”

“What a powerful blade strike. I’m afraid none of us here can block that.”

“This person is Luo Tian?”

“Cang Tianlong, this is the so-called ‘ant’ you were referring to? He isn’t a threat to us at all? Are you sure about that?”

Those Profound God Sovereign experts on the heaven worshiping altar were all shocked by Luo Tian’s blade strike.

Shocking Heaven Slash was definitely a God skill!

The power behind the second level of blade intent seemed to have surpassed a God skill!

Even Cang Tianlong’s super barrier he created himself was unable to handle a single strike from Luo Tian. And because Li Xue’er had become like this, Luo Tian had entered a berserk mode which made him look like an enraged demonic beast.


Luo Tian then landed on the ground and shattered all the pressure created by those Profound God Sovereign experts on the altar. He stood in front of Wild Blade while staring at the allied army of the ten great immortal sects before shouting: “Those who block me shall die!”

His oppressive pressure surged out like a mountain.

The Profound God Sovereign aura coming from Luo Tian had turned into a fiery blue flame clearly visible to the eye.

The faces of the army of ten great immortal sects revealed horrified looks as they could barely breathe due to the pressure coming from him.

Power without limit!


“Boss is mighty! Boss is domineering!”

Their group walked over and stood behind Luo Tian in a straight line.

Their momentum was even stronger than the one hundred thousand troops of the ten great immortal sect’s allied army! It was as if they weren’t the ones being surrounded but the ten great immortal sects were being surrounded by the ten of them!

When Luo Tian watched the unmoving Li Xue’er floating above Heaven’s Temple, his eyes narrowed before shouting: “Little sister Xue’er, I’m here now!”

Two trails of tears managed to leak out of Li Xue’er’s eyes.

It has begun!

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