Undefeatable – Ch822

Chapter 822 – Boss Luo Tian

The barrier created from essence blood was smashed apart by a single strike of Luo Tian.

Even in his dreams, Cang Tianlong never imagined this could happen.

He couldn’t even make a sound after being questioned by so many Profound God Sovereign experts.

But Cang Tianlong managed to recover from his shock very quickly and said: “The arrangements surrounding the heaven worshiping altar have finished so we can leave it. We just need to pour our strength into protecting the ceremony above Heaven’s Temple and that should be enough.”

“No one will be able to stop the descent of the miracle.”

“My fellow daoists, you all wish to make a breakthrough in your cultivation, right? It’s time for you guys to put in some effort now.” Cang Tianlong swept his gaze past the other supreme experts while saying that.

Everyone was looking at each other before cold smiles appeared on their faces.

“Luo Tian is courting death by coming here.”

“Trying to obstruct our grand plans? Even if the Heavenly Emperor was here, I still wouldn’t spare him!”

“Let’s kill him first and talk later.”

Eleven Profound God Sovereigns made their move in unison.

At this time, the Profound God Sovereign experts from the devil sect made their move too. Liu Chengfeng also followed them in attacking.




A total of fifteen Profound God Sovereigns soared into the air with their majestic powers of a supreme expert. They were like thunder strikes as they instantly landed in front of their respective immortal sect disciples. Fifteen oppressive pressure from those Profound God Sovereigns blocked the pressure that Luo Tian was giving off.

The allied army of the ten great immortal sects could finally breathe normally.

Fifteen Profound God Sovereign experts were now staring at Luo Tian in unison.

For Luo Tian to ruin their important plan was similar to attempting to take their life. If they missed this opportunity for the miracle to descend, there would be no more chances in the future. To them, time was the most important thing since their lifespan was their everything.

If they cannot make another breakthrough, their lifespan will come to an end and they will die.

Everyone was afraid of death.

And a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm was especially afraid of death.

When those supreme experts joined in, Luo Tian and his group were immediately surrounded by a powerful force.

There was an instant reversal as pressure from those Profound God Sovereigns crushed down on them.




Murong Wanjian suddenly started laughing like mad before saying: “Luo Tian, it looks like you have no one to help you. You’re even worse off when we compare our strength. I have the ten great immortal sects backing me, so where is your Mount Hua Immortal Sect? When comparing bloodlines, I have the true dragon’s bloodline that’s been cultivated to the great perfection realm. What about you? So what if you’ve merged some divine beast bloodlines? Your Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise are probably still at level one. In front of my great perfection true dragon bloodline, your bloodlines are equivalent to ants!”

“Comparing Profound God Sovereign experts? I have fifteen of them, sixteen if you count me as well. How many do you have?”

“You are even worse off when comparing our cultivation realm.”

“What are you going to take out to fight with me?”

“What qualifications do you have to fight with me?”

“I’m the son of a true dragon, the right man for the young phoenix. She was born for me to do whatever it is that I want to. You like her a lot, right?” Murong Wanjian revealed a fierce grin as he asked that.

He then suddenly gave Li Xue’er a vicious slap.


A very loud and strong slap landed on the frozen Li Xue’er’s face. Blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth and she almost fell to the ground. She then stabilized herself and continued standing there like a puppet who didn’t know pain.

She was indeed just like a puppet under the complete control of the Soul King.

“Young miss!”


“Motherf*cker! Murong Wanjian, you damn filthy animal! You will die a painful death!”

Everyone became enraged.

Luo Tian’s eyes widened in rage like a buddhist vajra. His teeth were cracking from clenching as he stared at Murong Wanjian’s smug look. He was beyond pissed as he grunted out: “You want to fight with me?”


“This daddy will fight you right now!”

Luo Tian’s rage surged as his right hand pulled out a medal. He shattered it while shouting: “Dark Mountain Corpse City army, come out for me!”




An elderly couple appeared from the void and looked over at Luo Tian. They had excited smiles on their faces as they said: “I knew you would need us one day. I have been preparing for this day for two years now.”

“Corpse Sea, come on out!”



One after another, golden corpses similar to zombies came out behind the elderly couple. Each one of them were powerful corpses refined by a rank 8 undying gu insect. The strongest aspect about them was that they didn’t fear attacks or feel any pain!

The expressions on the faces of the ten great immortal sects all changed.

“Dark Mountain Corpse City? They seem to be descendants of the Undying Gu Insect King…”

“This guy has been to Dark Mountain Corpse City?”

“That’s a lot of zombies! And they all look rather strong!”

In less than a minute, over ten thousand zombies had appeared. They all stood behind the elderly couple while the old man said: “Who do you want us to attack?”

Luo Tian didn’t respond.

Murong Wanjian sneered, “What use is there to bring a bunch of trash here? Descendants of the Undying Gu King? From the way I see it, they are nothing but a pile of shit!”


“Who the hell is this person spouting shit from their mouth?! Is he the one we need to kill? Luo Tian, how can you even endure this? Your personality seems to have changed from the last time we met.” The old man was pissed off and wanted to immediately shove a pile of shit into Murong Wanjian’s mouth.

Luo Tian didn’t speak and pulled out another medal. He then shouted: “Gnome tribe, Fan Zhangjian, come out for me!”

The medal was pinched to pieces and the void was split apart once more.

Fan Zhangjian was chuckling as he walked out, “Boss Luo Tian, I’m here! Everyone from the Gnome tribe can come out now!”



A large group of people ran out from the void.

Compared to two years ago, the cultivation realm of the Gnome tribe members had increased greatly. The greatest improvement belonged to Fan Zhangjian.

When his members came out, Fan Zhangjian shouted: “Start the formation! Absolute Killing Formation!”

“Order received!”

“Hero, we meet once again.”

The people of the ten great immortal sects were shocked once more.

“Descendants of the Array King!”

“He actually has a relationship with the Gnome tribe… how many places has he been to?”

Murong Wanjian still had a disdainful look on his face, “They’re just a bunch of midgets yet you’re relying on them? Luo Tian, what kind of people are you calling for backup? They are either a bunch of zombies or a bunch of midgets. Why don’t you just bring them back to the waste recycling plant where they belong?”


“I’m getting pissed now!”

Fan Zhangjian and the old man from Dark Mountain shouted at the same time.

Luo Tian still didn’t speak and shattered another medal. “Titan race, come out for me!”



Two huge figures walked out from the void and walked up to Luo Tian with an excited smile. “Boss Luo Tian!”

It wasn’t over yet.

Luo Tian shattered another medal with a shout: “Sky Palace, Dragon race, come out for me!”



Qin Changtian roared out in his dragon form as other dragons flew out from the void. He then landed next to Luo Tian and said: “Boss Luo Tian!”

It still wasn’t over yet!

Luo Tian pulled out another medal.


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