Undefeatable – Ch828

Chapter 828 – A Large Wave Of Mutant Bosses

Daoist Lie Yang was the main character of a tragedy!

He thought that he found a great opportunity for advancement but never imagined his body couldn’t handle the energy and thus exploded to his death.

The scene became chaotic but Cang Tianlong and the other Profound God Sovereign experts stayed in their position without moving.

They were staring at the energy pillars on the heaven worshiping altar and at Heaven’s Temple where Murong Wanjian was absorbing another energy pillar. They weren’t in a rush to snatch this energy anymore.

They weren’t sure if their body could handle it.

If they ended up like Daoist Lie Yang…

This was exactly what they were afraid of.

At this moment, they slowed down their breathing and waited patiently.

Luo Tian made his move the moment Murong Wanjian transformed into a dragon to harness the energy pillar.

His target – Heaven’s Temple!

“Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”


He instantly appeared above Heaven’s Temple and held onto Li Xue’er. When he saw her teary eyes, Luo Tian felt like his heart was being sliced up by a knife. He hugged Li Xue’er tightly and whispered: “Little sister Xue’er, I will not let anyone bully you again.”

Luo Tian was also worried whether Li Xue’er could handle the energy pillar from a higher realm. What if she exploded like Daoist Lie Yang?

It was better to be safe than to be sorry.

Daoist Lie Yang had a tragic death and even his soul exploded. If Li Xue’er went through the same demise, all the effort she made in training will be all for naught. And if he couldn’t even protect his own woman, how qualifications did he have to continue doing what he planned?

Therefore, Luo Tian grabbed Li Xue’er just as another energy pillar came down and leaped away.

The powerful energy pillar came down from the sky and went into the center of the true dragon’s brow.

The moment the energy pillar made contact, a powerful shockwave surged out like a planet had just exploded. Fiery blue gas flames burst outward for at least millions of kilometers. Countless rings of power rippled out like crazy.




Sounds of thunder swept out through the area.

The true dragon’s body shook uncontrollably while blood seeped out from beneath its scale.

Murong Wanjian kept roaring into the sky. It was full of pain but showed a trace of excitement. The energy pillar was slowly melting and merging together with his own powers.


Murong Wanjian suddenly gave one last roar and released a pressure similar to heaven’s might that encapsulated the entire Shattered Sky City.

At this moment, all the nearby martial artists below the Profound Venerate realm were crushed into powder.

Instant kill!

All the martial artists below the Profound Saint realm were seriously injured and looked like they were on their last breath.

Just the roar of his voice was already powerful to a complete mess!

This was way too overpowered!

“It was fused together?”

“It looks like Murong Wanjian was successful in fusing with the energy pillar.”

“His cultivation is breaking through like crazy!”




The sound of explosions kept going off inside Murong Wanjian’s body. His original powers were rising, his cultivation was rising, and every inch of his body was getting stronger.

Profound God Sovereign 2nd rank!

Profound God Sovereign 3rd rank!

Profound God Sovereign 4th rank!

It was still going up!

This speed was heaven-defying fast!


“Power! Power! This is real power!” Murong Wanjian was filled with confidence now. His eyes turned serious as he stared at Luo Tian with a sneer. “Luo Tian, let’s see how you are going to fight me now!”

“I want you dead!”


Murong Wanjian went into a state of frenzy.

At this moment, Cang Tianlong and the others went crazy.

Since Murong Wanjian’s body was able to endure it, then their bodies should be able to endure it as well!

Seeing the energy pillar on the heaven worshiping altar, they all charged toward it at the speed of lightning.

Another energy pillar had landed next to Murong Wanjian’s feet around Heaven’s Temple.

He didn’t hesitate and went to swallow it.

“Crack~!” The light shattered upon being bitten.

“Hahaha… hahaha… I’m going to be the strongest expert on the Tianxuan Continent!” Murong Wanjian was acting like he went crazy as he swallowed the second energy pillar. A series of explosions were heard coming from his body after that.

His power expanded.

The pressure and aura coming from him rose up.

In the end, he didn’t die like Daoist Lie Yang but managed to merge the higher realm energy into his own. His power instantly flew up like crazy!

He became super strong after fusing with two energy pillars!

One must mention that Murong Wanjian was a lunatic.

And his true dragon’s body at the great perfection realm was really strong.

At this time, Murong Wanjian started laughing out loud. The scales on his dragon body had a golden glow around them like his great perfection realm transformation was about to evolve to a higher type of dragon.

“You want to fight with me?”

“Can you even compare with me now?”

“You want to fight with me for a woman?”

“Are you even qualified?”

“Luo Tian, you have always been a measly ant in my eyes. It was the same at Jade Mountain City and it’s the same now. Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian started acting arrogant once more after absorbing the two energy pillars.

His current cultivation realm had reached a terrifying level!

Heaven worshiping altar.

The eleven energy pillars were quickly snatched up.

But those experts didn’t dare to absorb two energy pillars like Murong Wanjian and only took one each.

Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Starsea, Soul King, Devil Monarch Crimson Fire from the devil sect, and seven out of the eight members of the other immortal sects grabbed one each. Once they swallowed the energy, the power from each one of them underwent a crazy change.

Their powers quickly rose up.

Half a minute later.

They were the same as Murong Wanjian, able to handle the force pouring into their bodies and fusing with their original powers.

Their cultivation underwent a dramatic increase.

Cang Tianlong smiled.

Old Ancestor Starsea smiled.

Soul King smiled.

Those supreme experts who managed to absorb the energy pillar all smiled.

At this time, Cang Tianlong glared at Luo Tian and sneered: “Damn dog thing, I’ve allowed you to be presumptuous for too long. This old man tolerated you in order for the miracle to descend. Now, it is time to send you on your way to hell, hahaha…”

Soul King chuckled coldly while staring at Luo Tian.

The other Profound God Sovereigns stared at Luo Tian as one of them said: “You were very close to ruining this important event. Now it’s time to teach you a good lesson so that you will understand how high the heavens are and how thick the earth is.”

Their eyes were filled with killing intent!

Their power was like the raging ocean!

At this moment, over a dozen strong pressures crushed down on Luo Tian. His face turned slightly pale from it as he put Li Xue’er down. He looked over Fatty Lei and the others and said: “Take good care of her. You guys don’t need to bother with anything else.”

Luo Tian revealed an excited grin on his face. He then muttered to himself: “Even a boss can mutate?”

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