Undefeatable – Ch829

Chapter 829 – One Word – Explode

The bosses mutated!

This was the first time Luo Tian encountered such a thing.

He had never encountered such a thing while playing video games in his previous life either.

They were originally normal bosses with a normal golden glow. Only Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Starsea, and Soul King had a more intense golden glow. The other Profound God Sovereign experts had your normal golden glow.

A golden glow meant that they were a boss.

But the scene had completely changed! Their bodies no longer had a golden glow around them but a dark purple light that was especially blinding to the eyes!

After fusing with the energy pillar from a higher realm, they became stronger and somehow made their boss rank rise up.

If that’s the case, does that mean equipment from a higher realm might explode from their corpses?

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian couldn’t hold down his excitement. His blood was boiling and his battle intent had been ignited. He coldly swept his gaze past them and sneered: “You want to kill this daddy? Come, come at me with all you’ve got!”

There was no fear.

Luo Tian was only worried they would run away and he would end up losing a bunch of experience points.


“No one makes a move!”

“Luo Tian is mine!” yelled Murong Wanjian. He transformed back into his human body and leaped into the air like a rocket. He then curved back down and shot straight toward the ground with space tearing apart behind him.


A beam of light fell to the ground and caved in the ground.

Murong Wanjian then floated above the pit that was only five meters away from Luo Tian. He had an excited and ferocious look on his face, “Your life belongs to me. I will let you experience all the most gruesome tortures this world has to offer.”

Murong Wanjian started moving and a powerful aura blasted out from his body.


A fist shot out.

There was a flash in Luo Tian’s eyes as he became serious.


It was too late for any type of reaction as Luo Tian was smashed flying. Everything happened too quickly and was beyond words to describe. Maybe even his heavenly flames may not be able to lock him down anymore. This kind of speed had surpassed the speed limit of the Tianxuan Continent!

This was the power from a higher realm?


Luo Tian’s body slammed down heavily, destroying half the Shattered Sky City’s imperial city. Dozens of glorious-looking buildings instantly became ruins.


“Luo Tian!”

“You want to fight with me? You don’t have the qualifications! Hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian knocked Luo Tian flying with a single strike. His face had an elated expression as he stared at his own hands, “Power… this is the power to dominate over everything! Hahaha…”

Too strong!

The entire Shattered Sky City was silent.

All the people were staring at Murong Wanjian. He was previously crushed to the point of looking like a dog, yet now he had sent Luo Tian flying with a single strike. The energy pillar from the higher realm was too strong, making Murong Wanjian’s cultivation soar to a terrifying level.


“Big brother Luo Tian!”

“Boss Luo Tian!”

Their side was shocked as their expressions changed.

Fatty Lei took the lead as his body entered a state of berserk. He transformed into the bloody ancestral demon and roared at the sky: “Murong Wanjian, f*ck your ancestors!”

They were all enraged.

When they saw how Luo Tian was struck flying, they no longer cared about anything and only wanted to kill Murong Wanjian!

Just when Fatty Lei was about to charge forward, a voice was heard: “Everyone, get back!”


Below the debris, a thick energy shot into the sky before landing with a heavy thud.

Luo Tian had transformed into his Devil Sovereign body!

At this moment, blood was seeping out from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were staring at Murong Wanjian while the dark flames around his body looked endless. His mouth curved into a cold smile as he said: “You enjoy playing games, right? This daddy will play to your heart’s content then!”

As his devil sovereign aura radiated outward, the expression of those devil sect experts changed.


“Who would’ve expected that you had two bodies? Did the previous one die?” sneered Murong Wanjian. When he looked at the strong and sturdy body of Luo Tian’s devil sovereign, he said with disdain: “As long as I fuse with a second energy pillar, no one in this world will be a match for me! Hahaha…”

“Luo Tian, you are nothing but an ant in my eyes now!”

“You are an ant that I can pinch to death any time I want to!”

“You dare to act arrogant with your little bit of cultivation? What a weakling, hahaha…” Murong Wanjian wasn’t in a rush to kill Luo Tian.

At the same time, Luo Tian also wasn’t in a rush to use his heavenly flames.

The reason was very simple – Murong Wanjian had a very long health bar. Even though his twenty-something heavenly flames were fierce and powerful, they were the strongest attack skills he possessed. If he failed to end Murong Wanjian’s life by using them, then he would be revealing the cards he held for all to see. Trump cards naturally had to be used at the appropriate time.

Moreover, since Murong Wanjian can fuse with those energy pillars, then that means he can too!

The thirteen energy pillars had been divided up already so what should Luo Tian do if he wanted a piece of them?

Very simple!

Just one word – explode!

Acting arrogant just because you can fuse with two energy pillars, huh?

Fine, then this daddy will fuse with the remaining eleven energy pillars!

This was what Luo Tian was planning to do this very second.

In an instant, Luo Tian’s eyes locked onto a person. He then said to Murong Wanjian with a smile, “Murong Wanjian, you think you are very awesome to fuse with two energy pillars? Let this daddy show what true awesomeness is.”

The devil sovereign flames around Luo Tian shot into the sky.

“Level 9 Berserk!”



Five hundred plus times his base attributes exploded forth. A powerful energy roared inside Luo Tian’s body as he shouted: “Four divine beasts bloodline, come out!”


A ferocious-looking beast appeared around Luo Tian.

With those two powers stacked together, the sound of power resonating with each other was heard. White steam and streaks of power came out from Luo Tian’s body. He currently looked like a piece of heated iron that had been doused with water.


“With just this bit of power? It’s not enough!” sneered Murong Wanjian.

When compared to Murong Wanjian’s power, Luo Tian’s power indeed couldn’t be compared with his. But Luo Tian’s aim wasn’t at him for now.

Luo Tian grinned and muttered: “You will know in a bit.”

He made his move and the steam disappeared from him.

In a blink of an eye, Luo Tian appeared in front of an ancestor of the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect. He then used the martial skill that exploded out of Divine Origin Celestial Venerable, “Three million volts, Hino Bird Zap!”

“Explode for me!”

His hand grabbed onto the old ancestor while three million volts of electricity entered the old man’s mind.

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