Undefeatable – Ch830

Chapter 830 – Kill Them All

A sneak attack at the speed of lightning!

No one expected that Murong Wanjian wasn’t Luo Tian’s target but the old ancestor of the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect was. He had absorbed an energy pillar so his cultivation had increased by several times.

This was too out of the blue so the Vast Heaven old ancestor couldn’t react in time.

He was still coldly grinning at Luo Tian like he was watching a good show.

Why would he even think Luo Tian’s target would be him?

Even though the Vast Heaven old ancestor had become stronger, he wasn’t able to utilize it at this moment.

Moreover, three million volts of damage suddenly struck his head. His mind, sea of consciousness, and soul were instantly shattered by Hino Bird Zap.

What was Hino Bird Zap?

This was Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s martial skill. A martial skill that came from the God realm!

We can say that Hino Bird Zap was the real deal God skill!

Moreover, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was basically One Piece’s God-Enel to Luo Tian. How powerful was such a character? How powerful was Hino Bird Zap? If Hino Bird Zap evolved to its highest level, 200 Million Volt Amaru, most likely the Tianxuan Continent wouldn’t be able to handle such power!

Since Luo Tian used a sneak attack, Vast Heaven’s old ancestor couldn’t withstand it.

Electrical currents shot out all over.

Vast Heaven’s old ancestor spasmed for a bit. Smoke came out of his mouth, his body was scorched black, and his hair had all been burnt off.

Instant kill!

At this time, Luo Tian heard an alert tone go off in his mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Vast Heaven’s Old Ancestor. You have gained 0 experience points, 0 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar. Do you wish to fuse with it?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for getting a system reward for killing Vast Heaven’s Old Ancestor. Your reward is a single level up. Your current level is Profound God Sovereign 2nd rank.”

Luo Tian was originally depressed.

How can there be 0 experience points?

He was a purple colored boss! It was fine if there weren’t any divine artifacts but how can there be no experience?

But Luo Tian started smiling at the end.

He was rewarded with an entire level!

This was a hundred billion experience points! How crazy was that? This was simply nothing more awesome than that!

Luo Tian’s right hand started moving as he grabbed onto the Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar from within Vast Heaven’s old ancestor. He waved the cluster of energy in front of Murong Wanjian’s face and said: “Energy pillar? I have one too.”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian directly swallowed it.


A powerful energy burst out from Luo Tian’s body!

Luo Tian felt like he was being electrocuted by tens of millions of volts. His body was shaking like crazy as the higher realm energy pounded his fleshly body, mind, and sea of consciousness. He could feel every part of his body getting stronger!

This kind of feeling was too awesome!

But very painful at the same time.

Luo Tian understood the energy impact was strengthening his internals and producing some type of chemical reaction. This reaction allowed his body to undergo a metamorphosis to surpass his already powerful fleshly body. The process was extremely painful so Luo Tian could only clench his teeth and continue to endure.


“This is really f*cking great!”

In less than half a minute, Luo Tian clearly felt his body and the aura he emitted had become stronger than before.

The crowd was dumbstruck!

“He… what did he just do?! Did he just grab the energy that Vast Heaven’s old ancestor absorbed previously and then swallow it?”

“The strangest thing is the moment he killed Vast Heaven’s old ancestor, his cultivation instantly rose to the Profound God Sovereign 2nd rank. How is that possible? There’s no way an epiphany can work that quickly, right?”

“His strength and profound energy seemed to have recovered as well. What kind of martial skill did he learn to accomplish that?”

“That huge electric current looked like a bird made of thunder when it slammed into Vast Heaven’s old ancestor. What kind of martial skill was that? I have never seen it before. It felt like something that has surpassed the realm of a God skill!”


Everyone was stunned by what they saw!

No one knew how to react.

Murong Wanjian had an extremely ugly look on his face.

He thought that Luo Tian would attack him so he mentally prepared his counterattack. But Luo Tian didn’t even give him a glance and instantly killed off Vast Heaven’s old ancestor. Luo Tian then proceeded to swallow the energy from a higher realm. Based on Luo Tian’s character, he will definitely try to swallow a second energy pillar!

If Luo Tian swallows a second energy pillar, then Luo Tian will definitely be able to suppress him to the point of looking like a dead dog once more.


“I can’t allow that to happen!”

“I absolutely cannot allow it to happen again!” When Murong Wanjian thought of the scene of himself kneeling in front of Luo Tian, the anger in his heart burst out like crazy. He then shouted: “Master, let’s join hands to deal with him!”

He was afraid.

Murong Wanjian was very afraid.

He was afraid that Luo Tian would succeed in another sneak attack and fuse with a second energy pillar. If that were to happen, then what Luo Tian said will really come true – he will die today!

Cang Tianlong also understood this.

Today, he finally realized how strong Luo Tian really was.

He also realized how much of a lunatic Luo Tian was.

Even though they had already fused with the energy pillar from a higher realm, he still couldn’t help but start feeling fear rise up in his heart.

Cang Tianlong immediately shouted: “Everyone! It’s time that we send that damn dog thing to hell!”

Just as he finished speaking, he shouted out once more: “All disciples of the ten great immortal sects! All disciples of the Soul hall! All disciples of the devil sect! Listen to my command – kill them all!”

As his voice faded, Devil Monarch Crimson Fire shouted: “Kill!”

Old Ancestor Starsea followed up shouting: “Kill them all!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Their voices were like thunder that echoed ten thousand kilometers out.

The transformed Fatty Lei revealed an excited smile as he said: “This daddy has been waiting a long time just for this! Hahaha…”

Xuanyuan Yi waved his Giant Fault Sword and a sword spirit shot out.

Blindman Liu readied his ancient devil and Erhu.

Blood started dripping out of the coffin on Wild Blade’s back. He grinned, “It’s time for blood to flow like a river. Brat, I will let you witness today how brutal my Wild Blade’s world of slaughter is! Hahaha…”

“Dark Mountain’s undead army listen to my command – kill them for me!”

“Dragon race warriors listen up – kill!”

“This one is a member of the Titan race! Whoever dares to touch my boss, I will beat them into a meat pulp!”

“Gnome tribe’s Absolute Killing Array! Activate!”

“Hahaha! Let us deal with the people from the devil sect! I want them to understand what a real devil sect is! I want them to see what a real devil is!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The army behind Luo Tian also screamed out the word “kill” filled with a powerful killing intent.

At this time, Luo Tian activated his War Leader’s System and directly raised the momentum of everyone on his side. He was watching the cooldown of his skill so that he could use it again to swallow another energy pillar. He was planning on devouring all eleven remaining energy pillars!

He wanted to be in the strongest state before he clobbered the shit right out of Murong Wanjian!

This was the goal he had been fighting hard for three years!

Today was the day he was going to accomplish that goal!

Luo Tian summoned Annihilate and pointed it at the sky. He then shouted: “Kill! Kill them all!”

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