Undefeatable – Ch831

Chapter 831 – An Chunchun Bursts Forth

A big battle was about to take place.

The allied army of the ten great immortal sects, the Soul Hall, and the devil sect. The three strongest forces of the Tianxuan Continent versus the people led by Luo Tian.

At such a short distance from each other, the battle will immediately cause blood to flow like a river.

At this moment, Fatty Lei and the others felt their blood boiling. He then said with a smile: “This is the feeling! At Jade Mountain City and at Heavenly Sword City! The feeling where your blood feels like it’s burning up! It feels great!”

Xuanyuan Yi smiled as he looked at Luo Tian’s back. “It’s great to follow the boss!”

Blindman Liu chuckled, “In this entire world, only he can make our blood boil like this.”

Wild Blade didn’t say anything and only started laughing loudly.

All the girls looked at the guys and one of them said: “A lunatic leading so many other lunatics. This is practically a world gone mad.”

An Chunchun giggled, “Big brother Luo Tian isn’t a lunatic. He is the person who treats Chunchun the best in this world. Hee hee… Big brother Luo Tian, quickly go kill them all. We are waiting for you to roll around in bed together. Chunchun loves rolling around on the bed!”


The women all became dumbstruck.

They hadn’t seen Chunchun in two years so what has she been taught?!

Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang had a look of innocence on their face like they were trying to express that they didn’t do anything. They had no idea who taught Chunchun these things.

At this time, Leng Hanshuang was holding onto Li Xue’er with a frown. “It doesn’t look like the young miss can recover. Luo Tian, you have to be careful of that Soul King. He is an expert when it comes to poison and he can poison people without them knowing. I’m afraid only he has the antidote for the young miss. You have to find a way to save her!”

“Please save big sister Xue’er!”

“Quickly save sister-in-law!”

Luo Tian’s heart felt heavy as he replied: “Don’t worry everyone. Even if this world gets destroyed in the process, I will still find a way to save her.”

“Boom~!” A loud sound came from the sky.

It was similar to a trumpet heralding the start of a battle.

The two forces charged at each other.






The battlefront was so tragic that it was a hundred times worse off when compared to the myriad race war that happened ten thousand years ago.

Luo Tian was standing in place without moving.

Behind him were Fatty Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, Blindman Liu, Wild Blade, Murong Bai, Jingang, Big Mustache, and seven ferocious old devil kings. Only now did they charge forth in search of those Profound God Sovereign experts who didn’t get a chance to absorb an energy pillar.

The ten old devil kings who swallowed the Profound God Sovereign Pill went directly to confront Devil Monarch Crimson Fire.

At an unknown time, Xin Er and An Chunchun appeared to the left and right of Luo Tian.

Their bodies gave off a faint fluorescent glow that looked pure and holy. The two girls looked at each other at the same time. They were a little stunned at what they saw but then smiled.

Luck and fate – these two powerful forces were secretly moving!

Luo Tian looked over at Black Widow and the other girls and said: “Please protect Xue’er!”

His figure disappeared as his voice faded. Annihilate, in his hands, was giving off a ringing sound while a domineering pressure surged out. Luo Tian had a ferocious look on his face while he watched the immortal sect disciples charge at him like a tidal wave. He then shouted: “Everyone has to die!”

As Annihilate started moving, the power of critical strikes blasted out.

Wherever the blade qi went, those experts below the Profound God realm were shattered into powder.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing…”


“Undefeated points +1.”


“Congratulations to player…”

The system kept giving off alert tones.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with the details since these guys wouldn’t explode with any good loot or give him any good experience. His targets were the Profound God Sovereigns that had swallowed an energy pillar. He had to quickly absorb the second energy pillar!

The allied army of the ten great immortal sects was rather strong.

Along with the Soul Hall and the devil sect, the people behind Luo Tian were no match.

There’s a saying that you first capture the ringleader before capturing the little bandits. All he had to do was kill off their bosses and these people will naturally give up.

Murong Wanjian had also joined in with the slaughtering with his true dragon’s aura suppressing anyone near him. He started laughing like mad when the undead army from Dark Mountain was crushed into nothing. “Hahaha… What a bunch of trash! Luo Tian, your people are too weak! Hahaha…”

At this time, Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Starsea, and the Soul King had formed a small three-man squad to shuttle through the throngs of people and killing everyone around them. They were getting closer and closer to Luo Tian’s position.

These old monsters had the same plan – once Luo Tian dies, the rest of these people will not be a threat to them.

But Luo Tian was avoiding their three-man squad.

It didn’t matter whether Luo Tian was a match for them or not because he couldn’t lose. Once he loses, he will lose everything. His brothers and his women will be all done for.

“Luo Tian, scram out here for this daddy!”

“You damn trash, damn turtle, scram over here for this daddy!”

“Hahaha… Weren’t you just very arrogant?! Why don’t you scram over here now?!”

Cang Tianlong was yelling out various insults.

The Soul King was trying to lock down on Luo Tian’s position with his spiritual senses but Luo Tian was too fast so he wasn’t able to do so.

He couldn’t find Luo Tian at all.

This was bad news for them because once Luo Tian swallows a second energy pillar, no one here will be able to stop him.

Murong Wanjian furrowed his brow and said: “Master, move against that slut Li Xue’er. If you start killing his women one at a time, I refuse to believe Luo Tian won’t show himself. Hahaha…”

“Let’s see where else you can hide!”

Sinister to the extreme!

Cang Tianlong grinned, “Since you are unwilling to show yourself, then your women can go ahead and die! Hahaha…”

Those three immediately made their move and appeared in front of Black Widow and the others.

Several Dragon race warriors protecting them were smashed flying.

An Chunchun and Xin Er stepped in front of Black Widow. An Chunchun’s originally cute face now had a disgusted expression on it. She puffed her cheeks while looking at Cang Tianlong and said angrily: “I won’t allow you to hurt big sister Xue’er.”

She spread out her arms and looked like she was blocking Cang Tianlong’s path.

Xin Er also said: “You guys should back off or else…”

Old Ancestor Starsea scoffed, “You two weak little girls want to block our path? You are overestimating your strength!”

Old Ancestor Starsea made his move and slapped at An Chunchun’s face.

Fatty Lei’s expression drastically changed as he roared out: “Chunchun! Watch out!”

“Little girl, get out of the way!”

“Attacking a child?! Are you still f*cking human?!”

An Chunchun didn’t move away as some type of unfathomable energy surged up inside her. She then looked at a man not far behind Cang Tianlong’s group and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, catch!”


As Old Ancestor Starsea’s slap was about to land, an unshakeable force from An Chunchun’s body burst out and sent him flying.

Precisely this moment, electricity coursed through Luo Tian’s arm. “Three million volts, Hino Bird Zap!”

“Explode for me, second energy pillar!”

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