Undefeatable – Ch832

Chapter 832 – Cang Tianlong, Dead

A very strong rebounding power.

The stronger the impact, the stronger the exponential rebounding power.

Old Ancestor Starsea had put in a lot of strength in his slap.

He wanted to slap the person blocking his path instantly to death, which shows what kind of vicious personality he has.

Who could’ve imagined that An Chunchun burst forth with a strong and mysterious force that directly sent him flying? His head was spinning and he couldn’t tell which direction was north or south. When he landed on the ground, he looked up and his heart shivered briefly.

There was no longer any arrogance on his face because it was replaced with fear. He started stuttering: “I, I, I didn’t really mean it. Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me. I, I, I don’t dare to make such threats ever again!”

He had already pissed his pants before he finished saying those words.

Luo Tian had a fierce grin on his face but didn’t stop. A bird formed from lightning in his hand slammed down. Just like the last victim, the power of Hino Bird Zap drilled into Old Ancestor Starsea’s mind.

“Crackle~, buzz~…”

Sparks flew everywhere like a vegetable knife cutting into a power cord.

The four limbs of Old Ancestor Starsea started convulsing while squeals of a pig being slaughtered came out of his mouth.

He didn’t have the power to resist!

There was no way someone like him could resist Hino Bird Zap.

This was a true God skill!


Old Ancestor Starsea’s body exploded into several chunks.

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Old Ancestor Starsea. You have gained 0 experience points, 0 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Arcane Dark King’s energy. Do you wish to fuse with it?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Old Ancestor Starsea and gaining the system reward – one level up. Your current level is Profound God Sovereign 3rd rank!”

Instant kill!

As long as Luo Tian gets a chance, his God skill Hino Bird Zap would go straight to the enemy’s den. Their three great weaknesses such as their mind, sea of consciousness, and soul would be cut off and result in an instant death. No one will have the strength to fight back!

Just like before, Luo Tian brought out the energy cluster that exploded out from Old Ancestor Starsea. He swept his gaze about before locking it onto Murong Wanjian. He then grinned, “This is the second one!”

After saying that, Luo Tian swallowed the energy down.

A bright red light surrounded his body and his eyes almost popped out of its socket. The pain his fleshly body was experiencing was even stronger than before. If there was a level in hell where one was being fried alive, this would be the feeling! This kind of pain went straight into one’s heart!

During this pain, Luo Tian’s body was undergoing a crazy metamorphosis.

His power clearly increased during this process.

Half a minute later.

Luo Tian clenched his fists.

“Boom~, boom~!”

The area around his left and right fists had shattered revealing darkness. He had shattered space with this simple motion!

“This power…”

“Feels too f*cking great! Hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing in excitement. He then coldly looked at Murong Wanjian with a trace of playfulness, “Little b*tch, go ahead and act arrogant for this daddy.”

Murong Wanjian’s expression darkened. He could clearly feel that the aura coming from Luo Tian had increased several times from before. He then harrumphed: “I really want to see how strong you’ve gotten!”

“Oh? The little b*tch is angry?”

“I’m so scared!”

Luo Tian sneered in disdain before looking at Cang Tianlong. “It was you who wanted to move against my women, right?”

Cang Tianlong’s expression darkened as he released all his powers. He looked over at the Soul King and Soul King nodded back in response.

Cang Tianlong’s aura suddenly pulled back as he said: “Now we don’t need to move against your women. Luo Tian, Li Xue’er’s life is under our control. You are here to snatch the bride today, right?”

“You have treated Li Xue’er as your woman all this time, right?”

“In this world, only we are able to save her. It’s actually doable if you want us to do it. Luo Tian, don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance. As long as you kneel down and kowtow for your wrongdoing, I will immediately save her. If you dare continue acting presumptuous towards us, don’t blame this old man for killing her…”

Luo Tian’s figure had disappeared before Cang Tianlong could finish speaking.

His aura disappeared and was undetectable.

Murong Wanjian’s expression drastically changed as he shouted: “Master, watch out!”

“It’s too late!”

Too fast.

Luo Tian had exploded forth with two energy pillars from a higher realm. For someone like Cang Tianlong who only absorbed one, he wasn’t able to react in time. It was just a blink of an eye when Luo Tian suddenly appeared in front of him.

Cang Tianlong’s face instantly paled.

Before he could attack, Luo Tian already grabbed onto his collar and raised him into the air. “What this daddy hates the most are people threatening me! You dare to threaten this daddy?!”

Cang Tianlong couldn’t move.

The power from the energy pillars was too strong.

For a Profound God Sovereign 8th ranker who swallowed a single energy pillar, he still wasn’t a match for Luo Tian!

In front of Luo Tian, he was similar to a little powerless bird being raised into the air. His mind was being suppressed so he couldn’t circulate his powers. His face paled when he was raised up but he still managed to shout: “Luo Tian, you better think it through! Do you not care about Li Xue’er’s life?! If you dare make your move, her life…”

“F*ck your ancestors!”

“You still dare to threaten this daddy at a time like this?!”

Luo Tian frowned as the flaming aura around him spread to Cang Tianlong. The power inside him surged into his arm before pouring toward his hand. The hand grabbing Cang Tianlong’s collar instantly shoved him down to the ground.




A deep crater was formed in the ground!

The earth fractured!

Spider web-like cracks blasted outward from Luo Tian’s strength! The ground couldn’t withstand the impact force!

Cang Tianlong’s body was curved into the crater. Black-colored blood kept spilling out of his mouth and his eyes almost popped out of its socket. He couldn’t believe that Luo Tian actually dared to act against him. Wasn’t Luo Tian worried about Li Xue’er’s safety? Could their feelings for each other be fake?

His eyes were staring at Luo Tian in confusion!

He couldn’t fathom why this was happening.

“You dare to threaten this daddy?!”

“This is what you get for threatening this daddy!”

Luo Tian relaxed his hand but raised his right foot. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he glanced over at the Soul King. His right foot stomped down at Cang Tianlong’s head as he shouted: “Explode for me!”


Cang Tianlong’s head looked like a watermelon being smashed apart.



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Cang Tianlong. You have gained 0 experience points, 0 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Arcane Dark King’s energy. Do you wish to fuse with it?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound God Sovereign 4th rank!”

He leveled up once more!

Luo Tian flew out from the deep crater and smiled playfully at the Soul King. He then said: “What I hate the most is when someone threatens me!”

The Soul King started shaking!

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