Undefeatable – Ch833

Chapter 833 – Go To Hell

Was Luo Tian worried about Li Xue’er?

Of course, he was worried!

He was very worried!

How can he not be worried about a woman whose life was more important than his?

But he knew that Li Xue’er had suffered some kind of poison from the Soul King and not from Cang Tianlong. Yet Cang Tianlong kept acting arrogant for some reason. If he doesn’t die, then the others will start acting arrogant as well. That’s why Cang Tianlong had to die no matter what!

This was Luo Tian’s personality.

If you can kill them, why bother disabling them?

Luo Tian stared at the Soul King.

The Soul King stared back at Luo Tian.

The Soul King was actually afraid.

Fear that he had never felt before.

He only stared at Luo Tian for a few seconds before not daring to continue staring. He then said: “Luo Tian, Cang Tianlong cannot detoxify Li Xue’er’s soul poison but I can. If you kill me, there will be no one in this world that can save her.”

“If you don’t believe my words, you can ask her mother Zi Loulan.”

“No one else can detoxify the soul poison?”

At this time, Zi Loulan came forward to show her face.

Because everyone knew she was Li Xue’er’s mother, they didn’t dare to attack her. But she used this to her advantage and killed many people on Luo Tian’s side.

When Zi Loulan showed herself, she was glaring at Luo Tian with hatred. “It’s all your fault! It’s because of a dog thing like you that Li Xue’er has become like this! Luo Tian, why didn’t you die?! Why didn’t you stay at a poor place like Jade Mountain City for the rest of your life?! Why did you have to go and run over here?!”

“If it weren’t for you, Li Xue’er wouldn’t have to end up like this!”

“If it weren’t for you, today wouldn’t end up in such a mess! It was because of you that she has been harmed!”

Zi Loulan was just like a villainous shrew.

Luo Tian frowned but didn’t retort her words.

This was indeed related to him.

He didn’t have a good comeback facing Zi Loulan while Li Xue’er was poisoned.

She was Li Xue’er’s mother so if he acted against her… The heat of anger rose up inside Luo Tian the more he thought about it. If Zi Loulan wasn’t Li Xue’er’s mother and was just a powerful boss, he would’ve used his strongest powers to completely crush her into a pulp already!

Seeing how Luo Tian wasn’t speaking, Zi Loulan became even crazier. Every word she said had spittle come out: “What?! You don’t dare to say anything?! You don’t dare to defend your actions?! Weren’t you very arrogant?! Weren’t you very domineering?!”

“You are fully responsible for the state that Li Xue’er is in!”

“Just die!”

“Once you die, Li Xue’er will get better. She and Murong Wanjian have already bowed to the heavens and become husband and wife. You can forget about having Li Xue’er this life, the next life, and the one after that!”

Zi Loulan’s words were aggressive to the max!

Luo Tian endured them by clenching his fists!

Leng Hanshuang tried to defend Luo Tian, “Madam, the young miss is your daughter. But have you ever treated her as one? She is just a commodity in your hands whom you exchange for power and status. Have you ever considered her needs and wants? Do you even know what she likes? You have always been forcing her to do the things she doesn’t like. All these years that she’s been by your side, have you ever seen her smile once? You say that all the mess here is caused by Luo Tian but if you had agreed to the young miss and Luo Tian being together, the mess here today would have never happened. Madam, please consider on behalf of the young miss.”


“A mere lowly servant dares to lecture me?!”

Zi Loulan was instantly enraged. Her figure blurred in an attempt to slap Leng Hanshuang.

It was the same vicious slap she did early in the morning prior.

Leng Hanshuang’s expression darkened but she didn’t dodge.

It was the same reason – Zi Loulan was Li Xue’er’s mother. No matter what, she couldn’t dodge and could only close her eyes to await the slap.

But after a few seconds, the slap still hadn’t landed yet.

There was a figure standing in front of her like a large mountain. It gave her an explicable sense of warmth and safety.

Luo Tian had blocked in front of her while holding onto Zi Loulan’s hand. His eyes turned gloomy as he whispered to Zi Loulan: “Please don’t challenge my bottom line.”

He let go of her after saying that.

He turned around and looked at Leng Hanshuang who had just opened her eyes. “You silly girl, you should be dodging if someone tries to slap you. If you can’t win in a fight, you can always just call your husband over. Don’t do something so silly in the future. You are my, Luo Tian’s woman, and not some family’s servant.”

“Whoever dares to attack my, Luo Tian’s woman, they will die no matter who they are!”

He emphasized the word “die” as a message to Zi Loulan.

The meaning was clear – If you dare to be unreasonable and attack Leng Hanshuang once more, this daddy will kill you!

“So handsome!”

“Sire is so handsome! I love him to death!”

Black Widow had an intoxicated look on her face like she couldn’t wait to jump into Luo Tian’s embrace. She stared at Luo Tian like a ripened banana and wanted to eat him up in one bite. Her urge had suddenly become overwhelmingly strong.

An Chunchun was giggling and clapping her little hands. “Big brother Luo Tian is so handsome!”

It wasn’t just the two of them.

The girls behind him revealed a look of happiness. They were dumbstruck and smitten by Luo Tian’s words. They all looked like girls in heat who couldn’t wait to give Luo Tian a bunch of babies!

Leng Hanshuang was so moved that she started tearing up.

Luo Tian gently wiped away a tear before looking at the rest of the girls. He then said: “It is the same with the rest of you. Whoever dares to touch you, I will f*ck over all eighteen generations of their ancestors! No one can touch my, Luo Tian’s women!”

Luo Tian’s gaze suddenly changed as it focused on Zi Loulan. He then said coldly: “I’m only respecting you because you are Xue’er’s mother. You can leave now and I will still call you mother-in-law in the future. You can also stay if you want but if you dare kill another person on my side, I will not let you off!”

Zi Loulan shivered. A sense of fear rose up from her heart when she saw the gloomy look Luo Tian was giving her.

Zi Loulan then glanced over at the Soul King.

Soul King’s gaze changed, “Luo Tian, I will detoxify Li Xue’er’s soul poison and then leave this place. In the future, we will have nothing to do with each other!”

Luo Tian smiled, “Sounds good to me.”

The main problem for Luo Tian right now was taking care of the poison inside Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian wasn’t willing to delay for even a single second, so he gave a quick reply.

As long as the Soul King resolved the poison, he was willing not to touch him.

But when the Soul King saw how quickly Luo Tian replied, his face darkened. He was a person suspicious by nature so he thought that Luo Tian was playing tricks.

At this time, Zi Loulan said: “Lord Soul King, you definitely won’t live for long if you detoxify her poison. Luo Tian is a sinister character so you can’t believe his words!”

“Luo Tian!”

“You want my daughter, right?!”

“I will not let you get what you want! Let her die! I want you to suffer for the rest of your life! Hahaha…” Zi Loulan started laughing like mad.

Immediately after, her gaze turned vicious. “I forgot to tell you the truth. She isn’t actually my daughter. My daughter had already died a long time ago at the Ghostly Mountain Range. Li Xue’er is some random child that I picked up there! Hahaha…”


Luo Tian instantly shouted in rage: “Go to hell!”

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