Undefeatable – Ch83

Chapter 83 – Noble, This Little Lady Admits Her Mistake

Jade Mountain City, the Luo family.

“What happened to the Song family was too inhumane.”

“The disciples without the surname were driven out, and those that didn’t leave were killed on the spot.”

“None of the disciples with the surname Song were spared, even babies still in their cribs weren’t! Zhu Changfeng is simply too ruthless, he’s even lower than a beast!” Said Luo Kunshan through clenched teeth.

Inside a room.

The faces of Song Yannan and Song Yanqun were completely pale. Their eyes were dull and lifeless; their hearts completely dead as they couldn’t even utter a single word.

They will never forget the scene of the massacre their entire lives.

This pain was more painful than having a drill bore into one’s heart; it was a pain beyond words could describe.

They were so much in pain that they couldn’t say a thing. They looked like they had died already and only a soulless empty shell was left.

Luo Kunshan was frowning. He wanted to comfort them but had no clue how to even start.

The Song family that had established themselves for several centuries in the Jade Mountain City had suddenly been massacred to the point where blood flowed like a river. How was he to go about comforting them? What kind of words could he even use to comfort them?

Luo Kunshan sighed a few times before saying: “Patriarch Song, you two should be at ease and stay here. As long as there’s still one member of our Luo family around, we will do our best to protect you.”

After saying that, Luo Kunshan sighed again as he too grieved for them. “A good family like theirs would be gone just like that, sigh…”

Once the Song family was destroyed, the pressure on Luo Kunshan increased dramatically.

Without a doubt…

The next target of their Zhu family will definitely be the Luo family. Although Luo Kunshan had been secretly preparing for the inevitable arrival, he was still secretly hoping that Luo Tian could come back a little earlier. He really couldn’t endure the pressure any longer…

There were many disciples with and without the Luo family name that had chosen to leave the household. Within these several days, the amount of disciples that left totaled over a dozen. At this point in time, one could say it was one disaster after another.

It could be said that in one night, the Zhu family’s forces had become the strongest family in the entire Jade Mountain City. Even the Zhou family who were allied with them didn’t dare to take any unnecessary actions.

The entire Jade Mountain City was in fear of the Zhu family.

The current Zhu family was similar to the dictator of the Jade Mountain City; whoever dares to make a noise will be immediately annihilated!

“Elder Luo…”

Song Yanqun suddenly spoke up as Luo Kunshan was about to leave the room: “Little brother Luo is still in the Ghostly Mountain Range so you should quickly send someone to notify him to run as far away as possible. Until he has enough strength, tell him not to return to the Jade Mountain City.”

The amount of experts at the Profound Master realm was not little in the Song family. One could even say that out of the four major families, they would have the most, yet…

In front of Zhu Changfeng and the other two Azure Cloud Sect disciples, they had no power to resist at all. They were basically beaten by a single strike – instant killed!

With his strength at the Profound Master 9th rank, Song Yannan was defeated by Zhu Changfeng in less than ten moves. And Zhu Changfeng hadn’t even displayed all his potential yet which shows how terrifying his strength was!

The Song family was destroyed. How would the Luo family who were already shaking from minor wind and rain survive as well?

The annihilation of the Luo family would happen sooner or later.

That’s why Song Yanqun was worried about Luo Tian even though he was in such an emotional state. Luo Tian was still in the Ghostly Mountain Range so he had to remind Luo Kunshan what he should do.

Luo Kunshan’s eyes widened as his heart panicked.

Without waiting for Luo Kunshan to respond, Song Yannan started saying: “You should understand Luo Tian’s temper. If you were to tell him everything that’s happened in the Jade Mountain City, he will not run away and instead immediately return. He’s currently in a critical moment of his training so we shouldn’t affect him emotionally right now.”

After saying that, Song Yannan looked out of the window and faintly said: “I believe in him.”

The three of them had a desolate look to their faces. They were now staring out the window into the sky with a trace of endless expectation.

They were secretly looking forward to the moment that Luo Tian returns!

The Luo family, inside a small exquisite looking courtyard.

Li Xue’er had a slightly ugly look on her face as she angrily said: “A little tiny Zhu family are already so vicious; they were killing people like they were cutting down grass!”

Beneath the black robe, Leng Hanshuang’s voice was as cold as ice: “The law of the jungle is how people survive in this world, and the Song family openly supported the Luo family. The Zhu family had hidden their trump card so once Zhu Changfeng came back, I already foresaw the Song family would suffer. What I didn’t expect was a young aged Zhu Changfeng would possess such a desire for murdering people. He was so damn despicable that killing people was like a game to him.”

Li Xue’er then asked: “Big sister Shuang, do you think the Zhu family will come after the Luo family?”

Leng Hanshuang replied: “Most likely not for now or else they would’ve made their move already. It looks like someone in the Zhu family told them Luo Tian hasn’t returned yet.”

“What the Zhu family is planning is to rip up the roots all at once. Once Luo Tian comes back, I’m afraid…”


“Once big brother Luo Tian comes back, he’ll beat them all to the ground.” Li Xue’er believed in Luo Tian so she made this statement filled with confidence.

This type of belief was completely unreasonable. Even if the sky was falling down, Li Xue’er believed Luo Tian would be able to hold the sky back up!

Leng Hanshuang coldly laughed out once.

Her laughter was extremely cold, similar to an iceberg frozen for over a millennium. Her laughter was filled with contempt and disdain: “Him? How much improvement can he achieve in a short one month period? Even if he makes a breakthrough to the next level, he’s still not Zhu Changfeng’s opponent. The difference between their cultivation is like a completely different realm.”


Li Xue’er was unhappy.

She didn’t like it when people said bad things about Luo Tian. After pausing in thought, “Last time you said big brother Luo Tian isn’t the opponent of the Lava Lizard yet he won. I also won a hundred pieces of xuan stones out of it. Now you’re saying big brother Luo Tian isn’t the opponent of Zhu Changfeng. Big sister Shuang, should we bet on this or something?”

Leng Hanshuang coldly replied: “Last time was definitely my mistake in judgment. This day I will absolutely not be wrong – Luo Tian is definitely not a match for Zhu Changfeng.”

Li Xue’er was even more unhappy now. Her voice was raised an octave higher as she said: “Big sister Shuang, I’m going to be mad at you if you keep saying big brother Luo Tian is not that pig head Feng’s ¹ opponent. Just tell me, are you willing to bet on it?”

Leng Hanshuang replied: “What are the stakes?”

Li Xue’er giggled: “If I were to win, you will take off your black cloak and bow to big brother Luo Tian in apology. You also have to say ‘Noble, this little lady admits her mistake!’”

Leng Hanshuang’s complexion hiddenly changed as her body involuntarily shivered a bit. She then patiently asked: “Then what if I win?”

Without hesitating, Li Xue’er said: “I will immediately go home with you.”

Leng Hanshuang immediately responded: “It’s a deal! I will say in advance that I will absolutely not save your big brother Luo Tian!”

She despised Luo Tian.

It was because of Luo Tian that Li Xue’er was reluctant to leave Jade Mountain City. Furthermore, Li Xue’er’s status was at such a level that Luo Tian wasn’t even qualified to look up to her; he was absolutely not someone that can match up with Li Xue’er.

Only Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian was a match for her!

Li Xue’er’s little mouth pouted as she angrily said: “Like my big brother Luo Tian would need you to save him. Just you watch, my big brother Luo Tian will beat up Zhu Changfeng to the point that he’s unable to stand back up, humph!”

After saying that…

Li Xue’er didn’t even look back before going into her room. Her expression was arrogant and domineering, not to mention extremely cute as well.

After entering her room, Li Xue’er clasped her fingers together and piously prayed: “Daddy, you have to bless big brother Luo Tian so that he can avoid this crisis.”


Time passed on quietly and with a blink of an eye, it was already the twenty-ninth day.

It was very quiet during this time in Jade Mountain City. It was so quiet in the city that it made some people have difficulty breathing.

The assembly point in the Ghostly Mountain Range.

Luo Tian looked at the ten Luo family disciples that were selected for this training. He couldn’t help become excited as he noticed that they were all now different from the past.

“Let’s go, back to Jade Mountain City!”


¹ – The family name Zhu sounds like pig in Chinese, so Li Xue’er is using a play on words to call him a pig head.

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