Undefeatable – Ch84

Chapter 84 – He Is Luo Tian!

Drunken Immortal, the Jade Mountain City’s best restaurant.

The dishes were all delicious and the alcohol had been brewed for decades. When the food arrived, the fragrant smell would spread out miles around that even Immortals would pause in place.

This was a century old store and its business was booming.

But tonight, the Drunken Immortal’s main dining room appeared cold and lonely without any customers around. The strange thing was that a third floor room was the only place that was brightly lit.

It also happened to be the Drunken Immortal’s best private room.

Inside the private room, Zhu Mei was dressed in skimpy clothing showing off her two white and alluring half exposed watermelons with faint green veins. She was currently sitting in the embrace of a guy as she said in a flirty voice: “Big brother Chen Wu, my good big brother, you must bring me along to the Azure Cloud Sect.”

As she said that, the fragrant smell of her breath blew into the guy’s ear.

This made the guy’s heart itch, and his little brother down there had already pointed to the sky.

Since Zhu Mei was sitting on his lap, she naturally felt it poking against her. Her hands gently caressed it with a giggle: “Big brother Chen Wu, you are so naughty.”

“Come, you little demoness!”

Chen Wu was being played by Zhu Mei to the point that he couldn’t control it anymore. The only thing on his mind right now was to push down Zhu Mei and fiercely thrust into her!

What sort of person was Zhu Mei?

Many guys in the Jade Mountain City had been entranced head over heels by her.

Her teasing ability was extremely high that not many people could resist. Chen Wu was merely a hot blooded nineteen year old youth; his blood was no different than a thirsty wolf. Just a few moves and Zhu Mei had enchanted him to the point of losing all control, making him want to pull out his spear and start stabbing.


Just as he was about to pull his spear out, Zhu Mei quickly leapt off his embrace and giggled: “Big brother Chen Wu, you still haven’t agreed to this one yet.”

“I agree.”

“Since I’ve agreed, my promise will stay true. A few days later, you will come with me back to the Azure Cloud Sect. My father is an elder of the outer court so he’ll definitely have a way to circumvent the rules to make you a disciple.” Said Chen Wu as he couldn’t wait any longer.

The crotch area in his pants had already been poked up way high.

There was already a hint of pain in his little brother as it couldn’t wait to vent.

Seeing Chen Wu jump towards her, Zhu Mei dodged away before gently smiling: “Big brother Chen Wu, please don’t be so impatient. This one still has some more words to say.”

Chen Wu’s breathing quickened as he started feeling hot and unbearable. “Just quickly tell me so that this big brother can do his deed.”

Zhu Mei covered her shy smile with her sleeves…

The current image Zhu Mei was portraying was like those unmarried virgin women. If Luo Tian was here right now, he would definitely curse out: “You motherf*cker, can you be a little less shameless?”

There were no outsiders here so naturally no one would say anything to Zhu Mei.

And even if there were, would there be anyone in Jade Mountain City that would dare to curse her out? She was Zhu Changfeng’s little sister; would anyone dare to curse at her?

Zhu Mei cleared her voice: “If Luo Tian comes back alive, I want you to cripple him. Then I want you to deliver him to me so that I can personally kill him.”

“Luo Tian?”

Chen Wu frowned in thought before responding: “Fine, I will promise you. If he does show his face in front of me, I will definitely waste his cultivation and then hand him over to you. My little treasure, come now, heehee…”

After saying that, Chen Wu chuckled perversely before pouncing forth.

This time Zhu Mei didn’t dodge.

She was very clear on the limit to Chen Wu’s patience. If she were to keep dodging, it would certainly annoy him which would work contrary to her plans.

She found out everything about Chen Wu’s background from her big brother. Azure Cloud Sect’s elder in the outer court was responsible for recruiting new disciples. As long as she served Chen Wu well, she would easily become a disciple of the Azure Cloud Sect.

As long as she was given a springboard, Zhu Mei believed in her own strength and beauty. She would absolutely be able to stand firm in the Azure Cloud Sect and might even become an inner court disciple.

Women like Zhu Mei – in order to achieve their goals, they can use any underhanded means and even give up their own body.

Of course…

Her hymen had already been damaged.

Chen Wu went crazy with his actions making Zhu Mei feel a bit uncomfortable. She was secretly scolding in her heart: “Newbies are truly newbies; he doesn’t even know how to tenderly love this one. He can’t be a virgin right? Haha… tonight we will have a good time so that he can’t bear to ever leave me.”

“Once I control him, my future path would be easier to traverse.”

“How could a little Jade Mountain City be my stage for life? Hahaha…”

Zhu Mei was happy, very happy.

Everything was developing towards her plans.

“Big brother Chen Wu, we… we should go home and do… do it in my room.” Zhu Mei blushed as she said this in a cute manner.

Chen Wu’s head was nodding like a chicken pecking at rice. He then grabbed onto Zhu Mei and started running like crazy.

The two of them came down the stairs.

The waiter ran up to them and smiled: “These two guests have finished eating? The total will be three hundred and seventy silver taels.”

Chen Wu’s face changed as he slapped out and yelled: “This daddy is giving you guys face by eating here, and you dare to take this daddy’s money? Are you courting death?”

The waiter was slapped flying three to four meters away. His two front teeth were knocked out, his cheeks red and swollen, and his entire body shaking. He no longer dared to say a single word.

Zhu Mei started laughing while clapping her hands with a face of worship. “Big brother Chen Wu is so powerful.”

The manager immediately ran up and bowed with force to apologize.

Chen Wu didn’t bother looking and acted as if nothing happened. He walked out of the restaurant and a dozen people appeared before him.

These people were all in tattered clothing with disheveled hair. Their faces were covered in grime and they stunk of sweat. They looked like people who were in refugee camps and were in worse shape than the typical beggar.

There were still traces of dark clotted blood on their bodies.

“I’m going to eat at least eight bowls of rice. I’m about to starve to death from not eating rice for the past month.”

“I want to eat ten jins of beef. I’ve been dreaming of Drunken Immortal’s sautéed beef every night, so this time I will definitely eat my fill.”

“All you guys want to do is eat! What the Drunken Immortal is known for is their immortal wine. One drink and you guys will forget your intimate times with the sisters at the Joyful Spring Courtyard, hahaha…”


This crowd of people were chatting and laughing when they appeared. The dozen or so people were all in line and just happened to be blocking Chen Wu’s path.

“You bunch of stinky beggars, scram for this daddy!”

Before his voice even faded, Chen Wu had already kicked out.

He put all his strength into it since he was planning on showing Zhu Mei a man’s mighty ability.


His leg kicked nothing but air because it had been dodged.

“Why are you kicking people?”

“Who are you calling beggars?”

“Shit, you dare to act arrogant in Jade Mountain City? Why don’t you f*cking look at who we are?”

Each person in the crowd was more fierce than the other, more crazier than the next.

Since his kick landed on air, he had completely lost face especially when it was in front of Zhu Mei. The rage inside Chen Wu was burning up as he glared, then immediately flashing off to the side.


The sound of space being torn was heard. Chen Wu’s body moved and instantly arrived at the person who was laughing the loudest. His palm then swung down for a slap.

At the same time…

One of the youth’s eyes tightened. The moment Chen Wu moved, he also followed the movement but his speed happened to be one level faster than Chen Wu.

That disciple that was about to be slapped didn’t move while he still had a cold smile on his face.

Chen Wu’s slap was descending as he cursed: “You damn dog thing, go die off to the side for this daddy!”

The person that had rushed over used his right arm to block, and directly repelled Chen Wu’s slap away. He then said: “Brother, it’s not nice to hit people.”

Chen Wu felt pain coursing through his palm as his body became unstable. He was a bit startled but still angrily cursed out: “Who the f*ck are you? You dare involve yourself in this daddy’s matters? Do you even know who this daddy is?”

That person lifted his head and his mouth revealed a cold smile.

Zhu Mei stared at the extremely familiar and extremely hateful face. Her body then slightly shivered, “He, he, he is Luo Tian!”

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