Undefeatable – Ch835

Chapter 835 – Seven War Gods

Murong Wanjian started getting worried when Luo Tian absorbed the second energy pillar.

But he was a lunatic like Luo Tian.

Ever since he was young, he had been working hard with his cultivation. He swore that he would one day become Tianxuan Continent’s number one expert, so that’s why he cultivated like crazy.

Swallowing one energy pillar was supposed to be the limit.

He didn’t hesitate to swallow a second one.

His fleshly body almost couldn’t endure it but he had no other choices. Luo Tian’s four divine beast bloodlines were oppressing his great perfection realm true dragon’s bloodline. Luo Tian’s Hino Bird Zap surpassed his God skills. Luo Tian was beating him in every aspect!

He cannot lose!

Especially in front of Li Xue’er, he couldn’t lose!

In order to beat Luo Tian, there was only one solution, which was to swallow even more energy pillars!

Murong Wanjian didn’t hesitate to choose that option. Even though he couldn’t create a cluster of energy after killing people like Luo Tian, he understood the process one undergoes after absorbing the energy pillar. One’s fleshly body, blood, and even bones would have a portion of the higher realm’s power. If he wanted to get that energy, the only thing he could do was to eat those Profound God Sovereign experts alive!

He would use his true dragon’s body to swallow them!

He proceeded to swallow seven Profound God Sovereign experts in a row!

Out of the thirteen energy pillars available, he had nine of them now!

With his true dragon’s body, the seven colored lights he was glowing with emitted an aura that looked down on this world.


Extremely strong!

No one imagined Murong Wanjian’s craziness would reach such a level!

Even Luo Tian didn’t expect this.

The body of Daoist Lie Yang exploded due to it, so isn’t Murong Wanjian afraid at all?


“Luo Tian!”

“You want to compete with me?! Come and let’s compare again! This daddy will have a good look and see how you’re going to compare with me now! Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian was laughing like mad while his huge dragon body suppressed the surrounding area.

At this time, Fatty Lei had transformed into his strongest form. He pounced over at Murong Wanjian and shouted: “Ancestral Demon Rift!”

“Humph~!” Murong Wanjian only harrumphed in disdain without moving away.

When he saw Fatty Lei charging at him, he had no thoughts of dodging. In his eyes, Fatty Lei’s so-called Ancestral Demon Rift won’t be able to cause any damage to him.

That’s why he didn’t try to dodge.




Feng Lei’s powerful Ancestral Demon powers exploded but it didn’t get close to Murong Wanjian’s true dragon body. In front of him was a shield made up of the five elements, similar to those on a spaceship.

The explosion dissipated without being able to get close.

Murong Wanjian never moved. He had a face full of arrogance as he said: “Come on! Do it again! Hahaha… A piece of trash like you dares to act arrogant in front of me? Even if you self-destruct your soul, you won’t be able to injure me even a tiny little bit! Hahaha…”

Arrogant to the extreme!

The power coming off Murong Wanjian was too strong!

Whether it was defense, speed, or strength, his abilities were overwhelmingly strong!

The energy from a higher realm was an existence able to suppress everything in the Tianxuan Continent. Since Fatty Lei never absorbed the energy pillar, there was no way he would be able to injure Murong Wanjian. Their attacks will most likely end up with a huge “MISS.”

At this time, Fatty Lei quickly condensed a new fleshly body from the remaining essence blood. His face was pale and he was panting like a bull.

His eyes turned fierce as he looked up at the huge figure similar to a Dragon God. Fatty Lei became enraged when he noticed Murong Wanjian towered into the clouds with an arrogant smirk on his face. He then shouted: “This daddy refuses to believe it!”

“Ancestral Demon!”

“Please grant me power!”

After that shout, the blood-colored scales on his body became shinier and his body started growing larger.

He grew to the size of a small mountain!

But in front of Murong Wanjian who had absorbed nine energy pillars, Fatty Lei’s fleshly body was still very small compared to his. Seeing how Fatty Lei was angry, Murong Wanjian sneered in disdain: “Damn dog thing, you think you can do anything with just your strength? You are simply weak to the max!”

Fatty Lei didn’t reply and only charged forth with a shout: “Ancestral Demon King Rift, explode!”

Xuanyuan Yi also moved as his sword spirit shot into the center of his brows. His Huge Fault Sword also merged together with his body.

Xuanyuan Yi’s body basically transformed into a huge majestic-looking sword.

Blindman Liu’s eyes turned serious as he shouted: “Ancient Devil, come out for me!”

He summoned his ancient devil without hesitation. His back ripped apart and a ferocious-looking devil started climbing out. It looked a little different from the one that appeared in Heavenly Sword City back then.

Blindman Liu was able to control the ancient devil now.

The ancient devil was locked onto Murong Wanjian’s true dragon body.

The three of them rushed forth.

Wild Blade was slaughtering his opponents in the crowd before chuckling, “How can I be missing out when we’re doing something big like this?”

“World of Slaughter, Blood Fills The Sky!”

The coffin behind him was thrown into the sky before Wild Blade slashed it in half. The coffin was completely filled with blood so it splattered outward. In less than half a second, it seemed to have dyed the entire sky red.

It looked exactly like the world of slaughter that he cultivated in.

The sky was full of blood!

The ground was full of blood!

The whole world was full of blood!

Eerie, terrifying, and brutal.

The people fighting with each other gradually came to a stop and stared up at the sky. Some just stared at the four people charging toward the true dragon.

Apart from them, Jingang smiled with excitement and said: “Mother, these people are so strong. I will be embarrassed to keep following the boss and those guys if I don’t reveal my true strength. Mother, please forgive me.”

“Power of Vajra!”

“Power of Bones!”

“Come out for me!”

After the shout from Jingang, his body underwent a drastic change. Bone spikes shot out from all over his body as they grew larger and larger. He eventually became a huge bone demon exuding the strongest powers of the Bone race.

His body shot forth like a warship battle ram.

Murong Bai’s eyes turned fierce, “This is so messed up! They are a bunch of lunatics!”

He also charged forth and shouted: “I’m going to go crazy together with you guys!”


Big Mustache laughed before saying: “Since we’re all going crazy, how can I be missing? Hahaha…”

“Heavenly Puppet!”

“Heaven Shocking Beast, come out!”

Those seven people were like seven war gods.

They were as tough as nails!

They charged at Murong Wanjian from seven different directions.

Seven different types of power.

Murong Wanjian sneered in disdain, “I will let you guys see the powers of the Arcane Dark King!”

“Dark Arcane!”


A powerful force exploded out from Murong Wanjian’s body before splitting up into seven and slaughtering its way toward the seven people rushing over.

At this moment, Luo Tian was staring at Murong Wanjian’s health bar floating above his head. He was calculating if his heavenly flames were enough to smash him to death.

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