Undefeatable – Ch836

Chapter 836 – Invincible Mode, Activate!

The amount of health left was a very important issue.

The cooldown timer for heavenly flames was very long.

It had to be an instant kill.

He had to crush Murong Wanjian to the ground so hard that he couldn’t climb back up on his feet!

This was the most important point.

Murong Wanjian had absorbed nine pillars of energy so his strength had already reached an unshakeable level.

This was his own negligence.

Of course, this was due to Zi Loulan being too much of a b*tch.

Luo Tian was enraged by her and neglected Murong Wanjian. He never expected that Murong Wanjian would use this little amount of time to swallow so many Profound God Sovereign experts and go above board in fusing with the energy pillars. This was completely beyond Luo Tian’s expectations.

But the stronger they were, the happier Luo Tian was.

Killing a Profound God Sovereign expert who absorbed a single energy pillar allowed him to level up once. What if he kills Murong Wanjian?

Would he be able to shatter space and ascend to the Ancient World right away?!

Luo Tian was excited about those prospects. He felt fortunate that he didn’t smash Murong Wanjian to death in the beginning with all his heavenly flames, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to see a boss that had a seven-colored rainbow glow. This was something he has never seen in video games in his previous life!

“A Profound God Sovereign shattering space to ascend?!”

“Just thinking about the scene is rather exciting!”

Luo Tian became serious once more as he stared at the health bar above Murong Wanjian’s head. He then said to himself: “Once your health goes down to the instant kill zone, I will definitely end your life!”

At this time, the seven of them had reached their target.

Murong Wanjian activated Dark Arcane and created seven phantom images of himself to meet the attacks.




The explosions were deafening as they shook the sky.

The seven people were smashed flying backward. Even though they had released their strongest moves, they still couldn’t resist the Arcane Dark King’s energy coming from Murong Wanjian. It looks like the power of a higher realm was something that can absolutely crush all powers in the Tianxuan Continent.



A dust cloud appeared in seven different locations.

The seven strongest people belonging to Luo Tian’s side were crushed by Murong Wanjian.

Each one of them looked like they had suffered serious injuries.

At this moment, several numbers flashed above Murong Wanjian’s head. Luo Tian’s pupils shrunk while his expression darkened. “Damn it, his health is still beyond the total damage of my heavenly flames!”

The situation was getting a bit thorny now.

Xin Er looked at Luo Tian and said: “They are fine, they won’t die. I will go save them so don’t worry.”

Luo Tian felt some relief, “En~, quickly go help them.”

After saying that, Luo Tian pulled back his sleeves and revealed a gloomy smile.

An Chunchun got worried seeing that and said to Luo Tian: “Big brother Luo Tian, don’t do anything reckless. Chunchun can handle him. I still have some energy…”

Luo Tian lowered himself and scraped An Chunchun’s nose. “Chunchun, just watch how your big brother Luo Tian kills him. I will help your big sister Xue’er, Fatty Lei, Wild Blade, and the others get revenge.”

“Whoever dares to touch my people will not live long in this world.”

Luo Tian leaped into the air and stood there staring at the huge Murong Wanjian. He then said with a smile: “Fusing with nine energy pillars doesn’t feel too good, right?”


“Luo Tian, you’ve finally shown yourself.”

“Take a look at how weak your trashy brothers are. They couldn’t even handle my phantom image. Where did you find these pieces of trash from? Oh, I forgot that you’re also a piece of trash,” mocked Murong Wanjian.

“It is very normal for trash to hang out with fellow trash, hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian’s eyes looked like they were spewing flames with killing intent.

It was the same with Luo Tian’s eyes.

But there was also a trace of excitement in Luo Tian’s eyes. “I’m a piece of trash? Who was it that had to kneel before a piece of trash back then? Kneeling to the point where their kneecaps were busted and they couldn’t even speak. If I am a piece of trash, then what kind of thing are you?”

“You are something a person wouldn’t even care to step on!”

Murong Wanjian’s fury surged internally when he recalled how badly he was suppressed by Luo Tian. He then shouted: “Luo Tian, enough of your bullshit! Back then was in the past, while we are talking about the present now! You want to fight with me, Murong Wanjian, over a woman? This daddy will show you what absolute suppression is!”

“Arcane Dark King!”

“Please bestow me with your power!” Murong Wanjian roared into the sky.

Up in the sky above the heaven worshiping altar was still a beam of light that led to the higher realm. The powerful energy was still pouring down and the sky became darker after Murong Wanjian’s shout. It was as if a huge planet was gradually blocking out the light of the sun.

At this moment, the atmospheric pressure pressed down like it was summoned by Murong Wanjian. His body suddenly underwent a change once more.


A ripple of power surged out from his body like a huge halo sweeping through everything before enveloping half of the Tianxuan Continent.

Luo Tian’s body faintly shook.

The ripple of power had actually made his body unstable. “What strong power! Most likely this heaven worshiping altar and this Heaven’s Temple is some kind of bridge to the higher realm. Power is still being fed down to this continent for some unknown reason. I wonder what will happen afterward?”


“My brothers and my women are all here. If some sort of creature of the higher realm descends, then there’s no way we can handle that.”

“I need to kill Murong Wanjian as soon as possible.”

Luo Tian’s gaze instantly turned serious as he shouted: “Become a Devil!”


His body transformed into Devil Sovereign Xingtian and his blade was held like an axe. He locked onto Murong Wanjian’s position before charging over with a shout: “Level 9 Berserk!”

“Myriad Devil!”



Power thundered through Luo Tian’s body.

Murong Wanjian sneered in disdain: “Luo Tian, is that all the power you’ve got?”

Murong Wanjian felt that three energy pillars’ worth of power was simply too weak.

Luo Tian only absorbed three energy pillars while he absorbed nine of them. The difference in power was too big. Even though Luo Tian used his skills Berserk and Myriad Devil that was capable of stacking together, that kind of power still wasn’t Murong Wanjian’s match.

Murong Wanjian had a ferocious grin as he watched Luo Tian charge over. “Go to hell for me!”

“Arcane Dark King Sword Spirit!”

“Come out!”

As his voice faded, a sword spirit that was countless times more powerful than the true dragon’s sword spirit sliced space apart around Murong Wanjian. This was a power that didn’t belong to this realm, so the spatial laws of the Tianxuan Continent were completely crushed by it.

The sword shot out and locked onto Luo Tian’s throat.

This sword…

Cold sweat appeared in Luo Tian’s palms as he exclaimed internally: “I can’t block it!”

“If that’s the case…”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth as he stared at Murong Wanjian’s face which had a smug smile on it. “I guess I will let you see some of my other abilities… Invincible Mode, activate!”

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