Undefeatable – Ch837

Chapter 837 – Explode Forth With All Powers

“Invincible Mode!”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded, Murong Wanjian was somewhat stunned as he didn’t know what Luo Tian was up to.

His Dark Arcane Sword Spirit instantly chopped off Luo Tian’s head.


Luo Tian’s head fell through the air and landed on the ground.

All the people in the area were dumbstruck!

“Boss Luo Tian was instantly killed?”

“Can he still live with his head chopped off?”

“Oh heavens! How did it turn out like this?! It can’t be! Boss Luo Tian is supposed to be unbeatable!”

Many people on Luo Tian’s side were alarmed by the scene.

A bloodied head landed on the ground and rolled around for a bit. Two gruesome eyeballs were seen protruding out of their sockets with a fierce look. This was definitely Luo Tian’s head! He couldn’t even resist a single attack? This was unexpectedly an instant kill!

“Big brother Luo Tian…”

An Chunchun started wailing when she saw Luo Tian’s bloodied head. Her face was so pale that she almost fainted.

“Luo Tian!”


“How can this be?! How can this be?! This is impossible! Absolutely impossible! There’s no way he would die like that!”

All the girls were crying. Even Li Xue’er who was under the soul poison and couldn’t move was crying. Her heart ached so much that it felt like steel needles were piercing through it.

Seven different directions and seven deep craters.

Fatty Lei was the first to climb out of the crater. The moment he climbed out, he saw Luo Tian’s head drop to the ground. His expression instantly changed as he roared out like thunder: “Agggghhhh~! Murong Wanjian! F*ck your ancestors!”

He then charged forward without caring about anything.

Luo Tian was his boss.

He was forever his boss.

If someone needs to die, then he will be the first to die. He had promised Luo Tian’s father that he would take care of Luo Tian for the rest of his life. He went crazy and lost control when he saw Luo Tian’s head being chopped off.

Those on Luo Tian’s side felt like their heart was bleeding.

Their hearts sank into an abyss and suddenly felt like there was no point in living in this world.

A numbing pain inside their hearts.

Their eyes and hearts turned lifeless.

Murong Wanjian was laughing in the air. Laughter filled with arrogance and smugness. “Hahaha… Hahaha… Invincible Mode… So invincible that a single slash could slice his head off… Hahaha…”

“Luo Tian, oh, Luo Tian… You are practically a walking joke! Hahaha…”

“I was wondering what kind of powerful skill that was. That was your invincibility? You become invincible after dying? I guess I really can’t kill you once you’re dead… hahaha…”

“I almost laughed myself to death!”

Murong Wanjian kept laughing like mad as he flopped about.

The Soul King also started laughing before his eyes turned cold. He looked at Luo Tian’s women and said: “Since Luo Tian is dead now, you girls can go to hell as well. Hahaha…”


“Luo Tian is such a joke!”

“Invincible mode? I almost pissed my pants in fear! Now that would definitely be an invincible move.”

“Murong Wanjian is the son of a true dragon, Tianxuan Continent’s strongest existence. Comparing himself to him? Fighting with him? What kind of thing is Luo Tian? What qualifications does he have to compete with young master Murong Wanjian?”

“That’s right! After dying, Luo Tian’s brothers and sisters will all have to follow his death.”

“Look at his gorgeous women. Even I’m about to drool from seeing how seductive they are.”

The allied army of the ten great immortal sects started tightening the circle.

Many guys were staring at Leng Hanshuang and the other girls with a perverted smiles.

If Luo Tian dies, then their fate would be very miserable.

But was Luo Tian really dead?

Of course not!

Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s Invincible Mode can only be activated after losing his head. All attacks will be ignored afterward!

When Murong Wanjian was laughing like mad, Luo Tian’s body faintly wobbled a bit.


His figure instantly disappeared.

No one noticed this. Even Murong Wanjian didn’t notice it. At this time, many people from the ten great immortal sects were cheering. The Soul Hall and the people of the devil were cheering as well. The momentum was gone with Luo Tian’s death. This meant they had no one left to stand in their way on this continent.

When they were still cheering and celebrating, Luo Tian’s headless body disappeared.

A sudden shout was heard coming from the sky, “Three million volts, Hino Bird Zap!”


“Boom~, boom~!”

Lightning danced about and illuminated the dark sky.

It looked like heaven and earth was being lit up!

This lightning cluster was appearing in defiance of the heavens!

It smashed against Murong Wanjian’s body! Even if he absorbed nine energy pillars from the Arcane Dark King, his body still couldn’t resist the attack of Hino Bird Zap.

What kind of skill was Hino Bird Zap?

A God skill!

A skill that exploded out from Divine Origin Celestial Venerable!

An expert from the Ancient World would still take heavy damage if three million volts of electricity struck them, let alone this was Murong Wanjian. His health bar dropped like crazy while his huge dragon’s mouth kept spraying out mouthfuls of blood after another.

The powerful higher realm energy inside his body was raging about and he could barely control it now!

Too strong!

Everyone in Shattered Sky City turned silent.

They looked up at the sky to see lightning shooting about. They watched Luo Tian’s headless body release a devastating cluster of lightning that looked like a bird. They were all dumbstruck and speechless.

“He, he, he’s still alive?”

“How can he still be alive after his head was chopped off?”

“How can this be?”

No one could understand.

Can you live if your head was chopped off?

This was an impossible matter!

Bear Devil’s expression relaxed as he started laughing madly. “Hahaha… That’s the power of our devil sovereign! He won’t die even with his head chopped off! Hahaha… He is really our devil sovereign! Our devil sect’s strongest war god!”

At this time, all the people from the devil sect kneeled down including the disciples that Devil Monarch Crimson Fire brought along. Devil Sovereign Xingtian was an existence integral to their faith. Back then, it was Liu Chengfeng who suppressed the dissidents so the disciples didn’t believe the reincarnation was actually real.

Now, they saw with their own eyes so they didn’t dare to show the slightest disrespect.

“Big brother Luo Tian didn’t die! Big brother Luo Tian didn’t die! Big sister Shuang’er, big sister Yue’er, big sister Tang Tang, big brother Luo Tian is still alive!” An Chunchun wiped away the tears on her face and started acting joyfully like it was the New Year.

All the girls broke into smiles through their tears.

They felt a huge burden was let go when they looked up into the sky.

The person with the ugliest look on their face was the Soul King.

When he saw Luo Tian moving about with no head, he almost shit his pants in fear. He then shouted: “Murong Wanjian, you have to kill him!”

Murong Wanjian’s body shook as anger surged out of him. His dragon eyes glared at Luo Tian before he roared out: “Go to hell for me! I am going to crush you into powder!”

Luo Tian didn’t move out of the way.

He completely disregarded any attacks from Murong Wanjian. He lowered his fists and released all the power from the energy pillars he absorbed. He then released level 9 Berserk, Nine Dragons and Elephants, and finally Myriad Devil.

Luo Tian released all his powers!

“Critical strike!”

“Ten thousand punches, smash!”

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