Undefeatable – Ch838

Chapter 838 – Target Locked, Go To Hell


This was the prerequisite for activating Invincible Mode.

Luo Tian had to use this time to smash down Murong Wanjian’s health bar or else he won’t have another chance.

He exploded forth with all his powers!

His fists were like thunder as he pounded out continuously.



Murong Wanjian was enraged as he stared at Luo Tian. “Just based on you?! A piece of trash from Jade Mountain City wants to injure me?! You want to fight with me over a woman?! A stupid thing that overestimates his own abilities! Go to hell for me!”

He exploded forth with all nine energy pillars from the Arcane Dark King.

Added on was Murong Wanjian’s great perfection stage true dragon bloodline.

He also started punching out viciously, “I’m going to blast your flesh and soul into pieces! I’m going to make you unable to reincarnate! This is what happens when you go against me! Hahaha…”

The energy from their continuous collisions shot all over the sky.

Anyone who touches this impact energy would instantly turn into powder! They couldn’t resist this powerful force!

Everyone thought Murong Wanjian held the power to absolutely crush anyone.

Everyone thought Luo Tian was going to die. Even if he stayed alive without a head, he was still going to end up dying now.

They had seen how powerful these energy pillars from a higher realm were.

It was nine pillars versus three.

Luo Tian was going to die just based on this point alone.

They were watching the sky explode with fire and lightning but couldn’t see what was actually happening. Even if this was the case, they felt that Murong Wanjian was going to win and have the last laugh. The reason was that Luo Tian was simply too tiny when compared to the huge true dragon’s body.

“Kill him!”

“Kill Luo Tian! That bastard deserves to die! The Tianxuan Continent is in a complete mess all because of him!”

“That’s right, kill him!”

Fatty Lei was blocked in front of Leng Hanshuang and the others with a cold squint. He then shouted at those people: “I dare the bunch of you garbage to say another word and this daddy will kill you immediately!”

The surrounding went silent.

They were suppressed by the aura coming from Fatty Lei and didn’t dare to make a noise.

After being healed by Xin Er’s special ability, Wild Blade and the others were mostly recovered. They went to the side of Fatty Lei to protect the chopped off head of Luo Tian.

They were all feeling apprehension.

Xin Er couldn’t see Luo Tian’s future and didn’t dare to try. Even though Luo Tian’s fate was constantly changing, she was afraid of seeing an ending that she didn’t want to see. Those times were the times she felt the most pain in her heart.

“Big brother Luo Tian, you have to be okay.”

“He will definitely win!”

“He has to…”

“Fight on boss! Kill that f*cker! That whatever son of a true dragon is nothing but a dog’s fart! You definitely have to f*ck him up!”

Jingang and the others all started hollering.

Their faces looked calm but their fists were clenched as they were feeling anxious and worried for Luo Tian.

Up in the sky, Luo Tian’s fists were like torrential rain. He was basically punching like crazy at Murong Wanjian’s huge dragon body.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Murong Wanjian was also doing the same.

He was using his strongest powers to attack Luo Tian’s headless body. But eventually, he realized no matter how much strength he used, it was useless against Luo Tian. It seemed like the headless body was not suffering any kind of damage.

How can this be?

Murong Wanjian was internally shocked as he kept trying but couldn’t injure Luo Tian. His expression turned to one of astonishment as he said to himself: “Is this his Invincible Mode? Is he really invincible?”

“That’s impossible… absolutely impossible.”

“No one possesses such a martial skill.”

“Even a God would be able to do this. Since a God isn’t truly invincible, how can he be invincible?”

His heart had a sinking feeling.

The longer they fought, the more alarmed Murong Wanjian became.

What can one do when one meets with an invincible opponent?

What use would it be if they poured in as much strength as they could?

His opponent was invincible!


This Invincible Mode was too freakish. Murong Wanjian was almost played to the point of having a mental breakdown by Luo Tian.

The lunatic Luo Tian didn’t say anything. He just kept punching like crazy and didn’t give Murong Wanjian any chances to think about the situation. And each punch of his was at full strength so Murong Wanjian was suffering from quite a bit of damage.

Who was Devil Sovereign Xingtian?

He was a super overlord existence ten thousand plus years ago.

He was considered invincible in the Tianxuan Continent.

He became even more invincible after losing his head.

This was the greatest secret of the Tianxuan Continent.

Luo Tian had transformed into Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshy body so he naturally inherited the invincible powers.

The only drawback was Luo Tian’s invincibility had a time limit.

He had to smash down the dozens of meter long health bar that Murong Wanjian possessed within a certain time limit. He had to accomplish it or else he would die. Not only will he die, but Li Xue’er and all his brothers that have been through thick and thin with him will die.

He can’t allow that to happen!

He had been fighting with all he had these past three years!

He had been waiting for this exact day for three whole years!

These past three years, Murong Wanjian was like a mountain sitting on top of him and making him unable to breathe properly.

Everything Luo Tian did these past three years was for today!

Murong Wanjian had to die!

He had to be killed!

Therefore, Luo Tian desperately smashed and used up his profound energy. He was overusing his physical strength so this exhaustion was actually causing heavy damage to his body. It was similar to one’s body being wrung dry.

But he didn’t let off for a single second and just kept punching Murong Wanjian like a lunatic.


“This kind of strength isn’t even enough for me to scratch an itch!”

“Luo Tian, can you put in a little more strength?”

“Your Invincible Mode must have a time limit, right? Or else you would’ve used this move earlier on instead of absorbing the energy pillars. I should be correct… You want to kill me before your time limit is up?” Murong Wanjian was like someone who was enlightened as he started laughing. “Your strength to me is no more than scratching an itch! You are simply too weak! Hahaha… Once your invincibility goes away, the time of your death will come!”

“It’s not just you!”

“Your brothers will be all slaughtered!”

“As for your women… hahaha… they will become my, Murong Wanjian’s sex slaves! I will ravage them one at a time and let them float to the heavens in ecstasy! Hahaha…”

Once he came to the assumption that Luo Tian’s invincibility had a time limit, Murong Wanjian instantly turned ferocious.

He didn’t dodge and attacked Luo Tian with more vigor.

Luo Tian’s attacks were not fatal for him and only caused him minor injuries. Those injuries didn’t really matter in the grand scope of things.

He was waiting.

Waiting for the moment that Luo Tian’s Invincible Mode goes away!

Luo Tian was constantly paying attention to Murong Wanjian’s health. “Just a little bit more… a little bit more… Give me ten more seconds…”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Luo Tian’s body suddenly bounced away while his body quivered.

Murong Wanjian laughed like mad, “Your invincibility is over now, right? You can die for this daddy now!”

Luo Tian smiled!

At this time, the system gave off an alert tone.


“Target locked!’

“Go to hell!”

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