Undefeatable – Ch839

Chapter 839 – Murong Wanjian Becomes A Dead Dog


“Target locked!”

Upon hearing the system’s alert tone, Luo Tian’s mouth turned into a grin. He stared at Murong Wanjian with a gloomy look and said: “Acting arrogant in front of this daddy, huh?”

“Let’s f*cking see you act arrogant again after this!” shouted Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as he shouted: “Green Lotus Core Flame, come out!”


The dim sky was brightened up by the flame with the power to ignore all defenses. The flame didn’t look very strong on the surface so Murong Wanjian sneered in disdain: “Luo Tian, oh, Luo Tian… You are truly a poor wretched fool from the mountain villages. How can this kind of weak power injure me?”

“It looks so weak!”


“Your so-called Invincible Mode should be over now, right?”

“Then you can go ahead and die for me now.”

A powerful aura similar to flames exploded forth from Murong Wanjian’s dragon body. His expression was filled with arrogance, contempt, and smugness as he looked at Luo Tian like he was looking at an ant.

But before he could use his powers, the Green Lotus Core Flame smashed down like a meteorite.

With the power surging out of him, Murong Wanjian wanted to flick his tail and smash the Green Lotus Core Flame flying like a ball.

He didn’t bother giving that Green Lotus Core Flame a second glance because he looked down on it!

He looked down on Luo Tian and looked down on this cluster of flames that didn’t exude too much power. This kind of attack was something he could completely ignore!

It was at this moment that the cluster of flame went past the energy the aura he was giving off. It ignored everything and landed on his head before exploding!



The explosion shook heaven and earth like they were about to split apart!

Murong Wanjian’s body dropped slightly. His expression turned fierce but his heart was feeling shocked. He stared at Luo Tian and harrumphed: “So what if your attack struck me? This little bit of damage is nothing to me!”

“It wouldn’t matter even if you struck me ten more times!”

The moment Green Lotus Core Flame struck, a red number -5,000,000 appeared on top of Murong Wanjian’s head.

Luo Tian faintly smiled, “You still want to act arrogant in front of this daddy?”

“The second heavenly flame! Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, smash for me!”

The third heavenly flame! Prison Flame, smash for me!”

“The fourth heavenly…”

“The fifth… the sixth… the seventh… the eighth… the ninth… Broad Ice Flame, smash for me!”

The whole sky looked like it was incinerated by heavenly flames one stronger than the next. They acted like they were magically enhanced to lock onto their target. No matter how Murong Wanjian tried to dodge, he couldn’t get away from the flames locked onto him.

Luo Tian released nine flames all at once. After adding the first one he cast, there were now a total of ten heavenly flames.

This kind of power was practically heaven-defying!

Murong Wanjian started feeling a trace of danger. He was frowning but his expression still showed one of arrogance. He coldly harrumphed, “I was just careless before and didn’t release my powers. Otherwise, your trashy martial skill would have never been able to hit…”


Before he could finish speaking, the second heavenly flame smashed right into his face.

After the sound of the explosion, a red numerical figure appeared above Murong Wanjian’s head.

His expression turned fierce as his dragon eyes became bloodshot. He glared at Luo Tian and roared out: “Luo Tian, you better…”

Before he could finish speaking again, the third heavenly flame smashed into him.


The attack landed on his face once more. His huge dragon body had now been smashed several times in a row and blood started spurting out. The dragon’s face was basically Murong Wanjian’s face, so these heavenly flames had directly disfigured him!

Boiling rage!

Murong Wanjian’s rage looked like it was burning up around his body. He roared out once more: “You damn dog thing! I’m going to play you to…”

The fourth heavenly flame descended right onto his face again.



The fifth heavenly flame landed.


The sixth heavenly flame landed.


The seventh heavenly flame landed.


The eighth heavenly flame landed.

The ninth heavenly flame landed.

The tenth heavenly flame landed.

Murong Wanjian’s dragon face was practically destroyed. His teeth were blown off, and his once domineering and arrogant dragon face now looked like a blown-up dead dog’s face. Wind was leaking through the gaps in his teeth and his face was bleeding all over. If one didn’t look properly, they wouldn’t even know that he was a dragon!


This was even more embarrassing than when he was kneeling down in front of Luo Tian!

Previously, he was being suppressed to the point of kneeling.

Now he was smashed by Luo Tian’s heavenly flame to the point of losing his human facial features. Wait, dragon facial features to be correct. In front of so many people, his so-called true dragon transformation had become a miserable existence. Did he even have any dragon’s might left? What about being the son of a true dragon? A dragon amongst men?

Everything had turned into a pile of shit.

His face had been thrown all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

“Keep shouting!”

“Keep calling yourself this daddy!” Luo Tian chuckled in a smug manner. “You like to act arrogant? Keep acting arrogant for this daddy! Don’t you enjoy being f*cking arrogant? Don’t you love acting like you’re above everyone? Aren’t you the son of a true dragon?”

“Go ahead and show this daddy how arrogant you are!”

The angrier Luo Tian got, the louder his voice became.

He was shouting like he had lost his mind.

Everyone was dumbstruck by his words and actions.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~… fuuu~…” Murong Wanjian was panting like an ox while his face was swollen. One of his eyes was already blinded by the heavenly flame while the eye had its eyelid blown off and looked like it was about to fall out at any time. He was in a particularly wretched state.

His pupils instantly became the size of a pinprick as he released his Arcane Dark King’s powers. He then half shouted while gasping for breath: “Luo Tian, are you done with your attacks? It’s now my turn! I’m going to kill you! Go to hell for me!”

“Agghhh~!” Murong Wanjian roared out.

He became arrogant once more after seeing the heavenly flames come to an end.

Although he was in a wretched state, the aura exploding forth from him was still as cold and domineering as before.

Just when Murong Wanjian wanted to speak once more…


Luo Tian spat a glob of phlegm at Murong Wanjian before saying: “I’m actually a bit happy when I see how you’re acting arrogant once more. Did you really think I’ve used up all my heavenly flames? Hahaha… What this daddy likes the most is seeing your eyes filled with hope and then suddenly seeing them filled with despair!”

“The eleventh heavenly flame, come out!”

“The twelfth heavenly flame, come out!”

“The thirteenth, the fourteenth… the twenty-fifth heavenly flame, come out!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~, bang~…”

A more intense wave of heavenly flames started smashing down.

Murong Wanjian’s expression sank. He looked just like someone in a tragic drama that was speechless with a pale-looking face.

At this time, he truly entered a state of despair.

The fifteen heavenly flames struck one at a time.

Murong Wanjian’s body was riddled with holes but he didn’t die. He started laughing like mad: “Hahaha… Luo Tian, you cannot kill me! You can forget about beating me in your life!”

Luo Tian smiled, “Really?”

“The twenty-sixth heavenly flame, Nihility Devouring Flame, come out!”

“Give me a big explosion!”

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