Undefeatable – Ch842

Chapter 842 – Damn It, You’ve Finally Appeared

“No antidote?!”

“Are you f*cking messing with me?!”

Luo Tian was instantly angered.

His oppressive pressure was like a mountain smashing into the Soul King to the point that he wasn’t able to move, causing his face to become paler. “You poisoned her and now you’re saying you don’t have the antidote? I’m going to give you more last chance – if you don’t get rid of the poison on Li Xue’er, I will immediately kill you.”

The Soul King’s legs were shaking to the point where he almost couldn’t stand up properly.

He knew Luo Tian was very angry because he could sense it like it was coming from the depths of his heart.


Of course he was angry!

If Luo Tian doesn’t break through to the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm in one month, the system is going to obliterate him. This was five hundred billion experience points! This was playing him to death, so how could he not be angered?

Was he even still human if he wasn’t angry?

The Soul King had a somber look as he clenched his teeth, “Luo Tian, I really don’t have the antidote but you cannot kill me. If you kill me, no one in this world will be able to get rid of the poison.”

The soul poison is actually refined by a portion of his soul in order to control his subordinates.

He had never thought of creating an antidote.

That’s why there has never been an antidote.

But now he started regretting it. If he created an antidote back then, he wouldn’t be in such a vulnerable position now. His heart started shaking when he looked at Luo Tian’s bloodshot eyes. He then said in all seriousness: “Give me ten years… No, eight years. Eight years is enough. I will definitely be able to refine an antidote for the soul poison, this I promise. I will immediately give it to her once it is refined. The Soul Hall pledges their allegiance to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and will never go back on their word!”

What’s a Soul Hall when he can protect his own life?

So what if he built the organization from the ground up and became one of the strongest forces after ten thousand years? When compared to his life, nothing was more important!

Luo Tian’s expression changed to an extremely gloomy look. When he was forced by the system to make a breakthrough in a month, his rage was already burning high without a place to vent. Now that the Soul King couldn’t hand over an antidote, he was the perfect target to vent everything out on.

Luo Tian’s four divine beast bloodlines instantly surged out with a roar and forced the Soul King into a kneeling position. “Eight years?! Do you know how many eight years a person has in their life?! You want such a pretty girl to wait eight years?! Soul King, this daddy thinks that you have lived for too long!”


The Soul King’s knees were bleeding and his face paper white. “Luo Tian, I will quickly research an antidote right now! I’m the only one in this world that knows which direction to take the research and create an antidote to the soul poison!”

Luo Tian replied: “You can just say you’re the only one that can cure the poison on Xue’er, so why do you need to say so much nonsense after that?!”

The Soul King then said: “I guess you can say that, except I…”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Tian’s eyes widened as he shouted: “Die!”

He didn’t give the Soul King a chance to react and just slapped him after the shout.

This was the rage inside his heart.

The rage was caused by the system and the Soul King. These two sources of rage made Luo Tian completely pissed off. One thing he was thinking of was that the Soul King also fused with an energy pillar so would killing allow him to level up once more? Even if he couldn’t, it should be able to give him a bunch of experience points.


The Soul King wasn’t able to react. He only saw Luo Tian move and his head was sent rolling to the ground.

Blood spurted all over the place.

With his head on the ground, the Soul King’s eyes were staring up at Luo Tian as if it was trying to say: “After killing me, no one will be able to save Li Xue’er.”

“You want me to wait eight years?”

“If you aren’t able to refine an antidote in eight years, do you want me to wait eighty thousand years?” Luo Tian then proceeded to kick the Soul King’s head flying like a ball.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Soul King. You have gained 10,000,000,000 experience points, 10,000,000,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the energy of the Arcane Dark King. Do you wish to fuse with it?”

Nothing else exploded out.

What a pity!

Luo Tian could only sigh internally since he didn’t level up. He then announced loudly: “All the people from the Soul Hall listen up! From today onward, the Tianxuan Continent will no longer have a Soul Hall! You can either join Mount Hua Immortal Sect or you can die for me!”

The Soul Hall was a huge force in the continent.

There was no way Luo Tian would allow such a force to grow and develop and eventually become a threat to Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

All those disciples from the Soul Hall were stunned by the announcement.

They looked at each other briefly before all kneeling down toward Luo Tian and chanting: “Supremacy Luo Tian!”

Evening, Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Luo Tian’s mind was buzzing as he stared at the darkening sky in a daze.

Very annoyed!

Extremely irritated!

He was successful in snatching the bride, he stepped into the Profound God 9th rank, and he became an existence that could look down on everything in the Tianxuan Continent. But Li Xue’er had become lifeless like a person in a vegetative state. One can see how powerful the soul poison was when her phoenix power can’t even break it.

Luo Tian tried using Regeneration many times but wasn’t able to get rid of the poison inside of her.

He thought of many possible solutions but nothing would work.

He was now feeling extreme annoyance.

He had no time to think of anything else. He had been doing everything these past three years for her, a single woman!

Now she was by his side but he couldn’t save her. This kind of feeling was very painful. The worst of all was that Luo Tian had no way to get rid of the poison within Li Xue’er’s body. This was the thing he was most pained about.

So what if you’re the strongest?

You cannot even save your own woman!

That means you are nothing but trash!

Luo Tian smiled mockingly at himself, “What can I do to detoxify Li Xue’er’s poison? No matter what, even if I don’t do anything this next month and get obliterated by the system, I still have to find a way to save her.”

Li Xue’er was someone very important to him.

He didn’t realize until today that Li Xue’er’s importance had exceeded his imagination.

Who knows how many times Li Xue’er had helped him out these past three years? There were many times Luo Tian seemed to have felt that she was by his side and this gave him a joyous feeling. Now he couldn’t sense that feeling anymore.


“Xue’er, I will definitely save you.”

“This I promise!”

Luo Tian’s face sank as he unconsciously started touching the Xumi Ring on his finger. This was the ring the progenitor of Mount Hua left him. He no longer cared about it because Mount Hua’s progenitor never showed up ever again after their first encounter.

He never used the strongest life-saving defense that the old ancestor left behind.

After playing around with the ring, it suddenly gave off a faint glow.

At this moment, Luo Tian’s vision changed as he was sucked into the Xumi Ring.


“Kid, you haven’t disappointed me! You actually beat the Geocentric Tower, hahaha…” An old man similar to those stereotypical immortals walked out of the void and looked at Luo Tian with a smile.

Luo Tian was stunned, “Damn it, you’ve finally appeared!”

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