Undefeatable – Ch843

Chapter 843 – Tianxuan Continent’s Greatest Calamity

After coming out of the Geocentric Tower, Luo Tian no longer paid attention to the Xumi Ring and didn’t try to look for Mount Hua’s progenitor.

He thought that Mount Hua’s progenitor used up his soul powers to give him a super defensive ability. After consuming all his power, the soul remnant would naturally die. Luo Tian was actually quite saddened by it for a period of time.

But now Mount Hua’s progenitor was standing before him and looked even more lively than before. His body was now exuding with power and gave people a feeling like he was a God or some great immortal.

Luo Tian was shocked as he asked: “Weren’t you dead? How come you can appear again now?”

“Cough~, cough~…”

Mount Hua’s progenitor coughed a few times before knocking Luo Tian’s head. “You… Who told you I was dead?!”


Luo Tian wanted to dodge but couldn’t. He couldn’t even sense what kind of power Mount Hua’s progenitor was utilizing. He could only rub his head in pain and say: “If you aren’t dead, how come you didn’t show up when I was yelling for you?”

“I thought that you had used up all your soul powers to create a defensive power for me and then died because of it. I was even grieving for you for a few seconds. I never imagined that you would waste my grief like that by being alive and all. And you now look like you’re more energetic than the last time I saw you.”

“Old ancestor?”

“Are you a remnant soul or are you something else? You haven’t been playing with me, right?”


“Could you be…”

“My system?!”

Luo Tian couldn’t help but be suspicious of it.

The memories were still fresh in his mind of how dangerous the Geocentric Tower quest was. The system would kill him if he didn’t complete each level. This was a mission given to him by Mount Hua’s progenitor so Luo Tian would refuse to believe he and the system weren’t connected somehow.

Even if he wasn’t the system itself, he was definitely an NPC or some type of super bug existence.

Mount Hua’s progenitor was stunned with a confused expression. “What is this system you speak of? What mission did I give you? What kind of nonsense are you talking about? I just wanted you to save the Tianxuan Content and walk the path of the great dao. Did I ask you to do anything differently?”

Luo Tian stared at the eye of Mount Hua’s progenitor for a good amount of time. He didn’t notice anything and said to himself: “Maybe he isn’t related to the system. If he is, then Mount Hua’s progenitor has a God-like acting ability where even I cannot tell true or false.”

After being stared at by Luo Tian, Mount Hua’s progenitor cleared his voice and said: “When you looked for me the last time, I was probably not inside the Xumi Ring so I didn’t hear you. I am usually in another realm.”

“I never imagined that you were able to beat the Geocentric Tower in just a month and a bit. You need to understand that no one has done this after many many years. It looks like I was really right about you. But don’t act so smug just yet because many things have become complicated now. You may have taken down the Geocentric Tower but Cang Tianlong and Old Ancestor Starsea used the true dragon and phoenix bloodlines to activate the heaven worshiping altar. This drew the attention of a realm several times higher than the Tianxuan Continent – the Arcane Continent!”

“The heaven worshiping altar and the Heavenly Temple has linked up with the Arcane Continent and is drawing it closer. There might be a huge wave of creatures from the Arcane Continent arriving in Shattered Sky City tomorrow and causing a river of blood.”

“The Arcane Dark King might use this chance to devour Tianxuan Continent’s origin source. This will become the Tianxuan Continent’s greatest calamity.”

“It’s not just the Arcane Dark King…”

“Most likely the people you’ve killed today will be resurrected by him as well. At that time…”

Luo Tian wasn’t dumbstruck by the words of Mount Hua’s progenitor.

He didn’t feel fear either.

He was actually feeling excited!

Luo Tian started talking to himself: “Damn man, the system wanted me to break through to the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm in a month. Now that creatures from a higher realm are descending, then my chances of breaking through have increased greatly! Hahaha…”

He hid his excitement while showing a worried look, “Old ancestor, what should I do then? I’m only in the Profound God Sovereign realm so there’s no way I’m a match for the Arcane Dark King and his creatures. You might as well have your true body come back and send them all to hell. This way, the Tianxuan Continent’s calamity will be solved and you can take care of the next part of the Geocentric Tower’s mission. Your cultivation of the great dao will then be accomplished at that point.”

“Cough~, cough~!…”

Mount Hua’s progenitor was stunned by Luo Tian’s words before he shouted: “You… Why would I need your help if I could come back?! Moreover… If the Tianxuan Continent wasn’t my birthplace, I wouldn’t even care about what happens to it!”

“You better listen up for me.”

“The Arcane Dark King’s powers are only twice as strong as someone at the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm, so you don’t have to worry so much.”

Before Mount Hua’s progenitor could continue talking, Luo Tian immediately cursed out: “F*ck! Twice as strong as the great perfection?! And you want me not to worry?! Keep cheating me if you can! You come over here yourself and give it a try! You want me to be your cannon fodder?! I don’t give a shit either! The moment the Arcane Dark King appears, I’m going to submit to him and become his lackey! Who the hell cares about the Tianxuan Continent?! Humph~!”

Two times stronger than someone at the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm!

What kind of concept was that?

An unsurpassable existence!

Just a brief thought and Luo Tian could tell this was an impossible matter to take on.

He may be arrogant and crazy, but he only did this because he had the ability to back it up. He was only a tiny mortal yet he needed to deal with some colossal giant? Can he even do it? It was useless to go crazy and arrogant unless you had the strength!

Mount Hua’s progenitor was stunned before wanting to knock on Luo Tian’s head until it was covered in lumps.

He then acted on it.

Even though it wasn’t a head full of lumps, Luo Tian was still scurrying about like a mouse screaming: “Stop it! Stop it! Enough already!”

Mount Hua’s progenitor was quite angry as he said: “Kid, I haven’t even finished speaking yet so what are you afraid of? The Tianxuan Continent is the continent of your birthplace. Once you break through to a higher realm, you will find out what benefits the Tianxuan Continent will give you.”

“Listen carefully to me.”

“Go to the earth’s core and finish the mission I gave you. Once you kill Devil Monarch Veil there, you will gain a special power from him. This power is the nemesis of all creatures from the Arcane Continent so you might have a chance of survival when fighting the Arcane Dark King.”

Luo Tian widened his eyes, “I’m not going! The earth’s core sounds very dangerous so there’s no way I’m going to send myself to death!”


Mount Hua’s progenitor was so angry he started blowing on his long mustache. He tried convincing Luo Tian: “Why don’t you understand? If you save the Tianxuan Continent, you will be rewarded with things beyond your imagination! If I could come back, I would be personally going myself.”

Luo Tian felt some shock.

Something even Mount Hua’s progenitor wants to get? What could it be?

Luo Tian didn’t reveal his desires.

Mount Hua’s progenitor was a super tycoon. Was he still considered a human if he didn’t take some advantage of this?


(T/N: I’m going to keep the literal translation as earth’s core as a layer of earth or a layer of soil’s core, different from our planet Earth’s core.)

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