Undefeatable – Ch844

Chapter 844 – Three Great Treasures

Last time, he earned a super defensive life-saving talisman.

Now, Luo Tian felt like Mount Hua’s progenitor got away without spending much.

He realized that Mount Hua’s progenitor was much more powerful than he thought. And the guy was no longer in the Ancient World and had left for a higher, stronger realm. From his words, Luo Tian felt that it hinted that the Tianxuan Continent was an origin continent where ascenders will still be able to use the origin continent’s power. And this power was related to their later cultivation and insights.

Why did Mount Hua’s progenitor make an appearance?

Was it really because the Tianxuan Continent was his birthplace and he was doing this due to affection?

All for the great dao?


A whole bunch of nonsense!

Luo Tian dared to gamble that all those righteous words spoken by Mount Hua’s progenitor were just a bunch of bullshit. What the guy wanted was the development and prosperity of the Tianxuan Continent. And He didn’t want experts from other realms to devour the origin essence of the Tianxuan Continent.

The origin essence most likely is a great help to his cultivation path!

And this kind of help is very important to him.

Of course, Mount Hua’s progenitor should still have some affection toward the Tianxuan Continent.

But it is most likely only a tiny bit.

Since this is the case, there’s no way Luo Tian can spare him for expenses!

Luo Tian showed a broken expression as he said: “Old ancestor, you want me to go to the earth’s core and kill this what’s-his-name, Devil Monarch Veil when I’m not even his match? There isn’t even a person to help collect my corpse if I die inside there. It’s too dangerous. I would prefer to stay here unless…”

The eyes of Mount Hua’s progenitor spun as he asked: “Unless what?”

Luo Tian had a pained look as he said: “It’s not impossible for me to kill that Devil Monarch Veil and save the Tianxuan Continent… You should at least give me the corresponding powers, right? Otherwise, I will just end up dying without being able to do anything. Give me some benefits and I will be able to complete your request. Give me some strength that allows me to finish the mission. What do you say?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor was faintly stunned, “What do you want exactly?”

Luo Tian was laughing inside as he said: “I’m not really asking for much. Aren’t you living in a very high realm right now? Just give me some supreme divine artifacts and a bunch of immortality pills or something. It would be best if you had something similar to resurrection pills as well. Then maybe some invincible clothing so that I won’t be defeated. Only then will I be able to complete your task as quickly as possible. I’m only doing this for you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t care if the Tianxuan Continent lives or dies. I am someone that’s going to die very soon anyways. Once that Arcane Dark King descends and resurrects Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Starsea, and Murong Wanjian, do you think I would still have a chance at survival?”

He was speaking like he was very pitiful.

Luo Tian’s pitiful eyes and expression would move anyone to tears.

But Mount Hua’s progenitor’s eyes were larger than a cow’s. He then shouted: “Last time I already gave you a defensive power and you want something else this time?! Kid, you, can, quit, dreaming!”

He spat out one word at a time.

Luo Tian was instantly unhappy.

“See ya!” Luo Tian turned around to leave.

Since soft tactics didn’t work, he could only use hard tactics.

“Apart from me, who else can help you? I refuse to believe you won’t beg me.” Luo Tian said to himself. He wanted to use Haki to see what Mount Hua’s progenitor was thinking but he was worried the old man might have the ability to detect it.

Even though Haki was a God skill, there was still a chance he would be discovered.

Mount Hua’s progenitor was only a remnant soul inside the Xumi Ring but Luo Tian couldn’t risk that his use of Haki would be a failure.

Just as Luo Tian predicted, Mount Hua’s progenitor immediately shouted when he heard Luo Tian say his farewells: “Hold up, you damn kid!”

Luo Tian clasped his hand on his chest and said with indifference: “What for? I’m helping you with things such as achieving the great dao yet you tell me to quit dreaming? I am so saddened by your words. There are no free lunches in this world. Old ancestor, I’m using my life to do your bidding so you should at least give me some ability to protect myself. Unless you really want me to just run to the earth’s core and kill myself there?”

The expression on Mount Hua’s progenitor darkened as he said: “I don’t have anything that you spoke about.”

“I’m in luck!”

Luo Tian was jumping for joy internally. He thought that Mount Hua’s progenitor might just watch him walk away and he wouldn’t be able to profit from anything this time. His tone was cold as he asked: “Then what do you have? You should at least give me something to help motivate me, right?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor counter-asked: “Except for those things you wanted before, what do you want?”

“I will be honest with you. I don’t have anything on me that you are able to use. Even if I gave those things to you, you wouldn’t be able to handle them. My items would devour you at your current Profound God Sovereign 9th rank strength. Your cultivation realm is simply too low for the spiritual treasures from the world I’m at.”

Luo Tian was dumbstruck from hearing this.

Mount Hua’s progenitor didn’t look like he was lying. That meant there were no spiritual treasures for him this time.

Luo Tian was in thought momentarily before asking: “Old ancestor, you should’ve entered the Ancient World after ascension, right?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor nodded, “That’s right. Amongst the 108,000 plus lower realms out there, Profound God Sovereigns that shatter the void would usually enter the Ancient World. This is the first place experts will head to and it was no different for me.”

Over 108,000 lower realms?


Luo Tian smacked his lips as he started becoming excited. “The Ancient World must be a wonderful place! Just thinking about it makes my blood boil!”

Compared to the Ancient World, the Tianxuan Continent is practically a village for beginners.

The Ancient World is where the strong truly gather!

Luo Tian was secretly ecstatic as he said: “You should at least have some spiritual treasures from the Ancient World, right? Even if you don’t have anything on you right now, you should have left some in the Ancient World after your ascension to a higher realm. It’s the same thing as leaving some treasures in Mount Hua Immortal Sect in the Tianxuan Continent.”

There was no doubt about this.

There was nothing on him now but there should be some in the world he had stayed in.

Luo Tian wanted those things and not the ones Mount Hua’s progenitor currently had because he was going to the Ancient World very soon.

Before he even stepped foot on the Ancient World, he had already offended two overlords – the Soul Sovereign and Devil Monarch Seven Light!

If he wanted a foothold in the Ancient World, he needed the corresponding strength.

When Mount Hua’s progenitor heard Luo Tian’s words, he replied: “You are such a calculative kid. You’re right, I have left behind some special treasures in the Ancient World. And these spiritual treasures are super strong to boot!”

“Since you have spoken those words, then I will promise them to you.”

“Listen up carefully!”

Mount Hua’s progenitor then spoke about three different places.

Two of those places were cave manors where he had cultivated at. The last one was where a powerful sect was located at.

Luo Tian memorized those locations since those were going to be his resources for him to establish a foothold in the Ancient World.

Luo Tian then quickly asked: “Old ancestor, can you help me with one more thing?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor was a bit impatient, “What is it?”

Luo Tian asked: “Do you know anything about soul poisons?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor froze like he was struck by lightning.

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