Undefeatable – Ch845

Chapter 845 – All Resurrected

“Soul poison?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor had a shocked expression as he frowned. He then asked: “There is someone in the Tianxuan Continent capable of refining soul poison?”

Luo Tian became anxious upon seeing his expression, “Old ancestor, are soul poisons hard to detoxify?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor had a depressed tone as he replied: “It is more than difficult to detoxify. Even in the Ancient World, there are not many people capable of detoxifying soul poison. How can there be someone so sinister on the Tianxuan Continent that would use such poisonous means?”

Luo Tian then said: “It’s someone from the Soul Hall.”

“Soul Hall?”

“Is that an organization established by that pretentious prick who calls himself the Soul King?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor had a look of disdain as he continued: “If that kid can refine soul poison, I will chop off my dick and feed it to the dogs. Just based on him? Humph~! Soul poison isn’t a poison someone like him can refine. Don’t be fooled by him and just kill him as soon as possible. He doesn’t have any antidote and you can forget about him refining an antidote. The antidote to soul poison is an extremely complex solution.”

“Just as I expected!”

Luo Tian cursed internally for a bit before saying: “It was good that I’ve already killed the Soul King, or else who knows where he would hide when given the chance.”

It wasn’t important whether the Soul King was dead or alive now.

Luo Tian was most worried about finding an antidote.

The question was how long has the soul poison been residing inside Li Xue’er’s body? How long can she live after having her soul poisoned?

This was what Luo Tian was worried about the most.

If Mount Hua’s progenitor is unable to detoxify her, then he would have to enter the Ancient World to find an antidote. Otherwise, Luo Tian would feel that his life was lived in vain. He felt that it was his intrusion into her life that caused her to end up like this.

Luo Tian will not forgive himself for the rest of his life if he cannot save her.

Luo Tian immediately asked: “Old ancestor, do you have any solutions?”

Mount Hua’s progenitor replied: “Of course, there’s a solution. I could help detoxify her if I was present but I’m currently in another realm. It takes too long for me to come back and the person poisoned cannot wait that long. We can only count on you now.”

Luo Tian immediately said: “Tell me, I’m listening!”

Mount Hua’s progenitor looked at Luo Tian and said: “There’s no use in talking about these things for now. Once you beat the earth’s core and kill the Devil Monarch Veil, I will reappear and tell you the way to detoxify the soul poison.”

“Don’t make any negative assumptions. I’m just afraid that you will be distracted from your task. And with your current strength, there’s no way you can refine an antidote, and will only make you distracted. Once your cultivation realm goes up and you’re eligible to enter the Ancient World, I will tell you everything.”

“The Tianxuan Continent also doesn’t have the materials to refine an antidote for the soul poison. Just focus on saving the Tianxuan Continent as well as killing the Arcane Dark King. Otherwise, the Tianxuan Continent will become a colony of the Dark Continent and it would be useless even if you managed to kill Devil Monarch Veil. The Tianxuan Continent will be in even greater danger at that point,” advised Mount Hua’s progenitor.

Luo Tian was feeling a bit unhappy by the words of Mount Hua’s progenitor. And he also felt the old man’s objectives were not that simple.

What Luo Tian was worried about now is what happens if he can’t kill that Devil Monarch Veil and cannot save the Tianxuan Continent? He will definitely be affected by the repercussions. He then said to himself: “What on earth is it? What does Mount Hua’s progenitor want from the Tianxuan Continent?”

“Even if this continent is an origin continent, it shouldn’t have that big of an effect on him, right?”

“It looks like I need to pay attention to this and be more cautious.”

Luo Tian pushed aside his thoughts and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, old ancestor. I will definitely do my best and save the Tianxuan Continent. I am a very righteous person and will definitely bring the Tianxuan Continent to its highest peak.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled in satisfaction and said: “I am relieved by your words. Okay, go back and make some preparations so that you can take care of this as soon as possible.”

Luo Tian cupped his hands and replied: “Okay!”

Luo Tian’s figure then disappeared from the Xumi Ring.

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled to himself: “You brat, you wanted to bargain with me? Now you won’t dare to anymore! Just obediently kill that Devil Monarch Veil so that I can find a breakthrough point for King Kṣitigarbha’s Buddha Sea Cage, hahaha…”

“Oh, King Kṣitigarbha, you would never expect that I would send someone to kill one of your soul clones right? When you’re missing a portion of your soul, your powers will decrease and you won’t be able to imprison me anymore! Hahaha…”

Mount Hua’s progenitor started laughing in a ghastly manner.

His figure then disappeared.


The sky was already dark when Luo Tian came out from the Xumi Ring.

Beside him was Eggy and a large crowd of people.

When they saw Luo Tian, one of them said: “It’s not good boss! Shattered Sky City is like a river of blood! All those immortal sect disciples stationed there have died! More than ten million civilians were instantly shattered into powder by an energy similar to the energy pillars from earlier today! The worst thing of all…”

“All those dead experts who had fused with an energy pillar have been resurrected by a certain power!”

“Murong Wanjian, Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Starsea, Soul King… and even that wretched shrew Zi Loulan have been revived!”

Han Hua then said somberly: “This isn’t the greatest problem. Several strands of power are constantly pouring power into the heaven worshiping altar and Heaven’s Temple. It’s almost like a bridge of some sort and eight unusually fierce demonic beasts came through with the help of that power. The ten million Shattered Sky City civilians were shattered into powder by one of those demonic beasts roaring. Strangely enough, those eight demonic beasts didn’t leave Shattered Sky City but started carrying out ritual-like sacrifices as if they were trying to invite their Monarch over.”

“Arcane Dark King!”

Luo Tian frowned as he muttered: “Just as expected…”

“Mount Hua’s progenitor didn’t say any false words.”

“Tianxuan Continent’s greatest calamity is here.”

Luo Tian thought Mount Hua’s progenitor said those things to scare him so he never expected them to be all true. And this happened faster than what Mount Hua’s progenitor spoke about. These creatures are on a higher level than the demonic beasts from the Tianxuan Continent so there’s no way the martial artists here can handle them.

“Boss, what should we do?”

“Big brother Luo Tian, what should we do?”

“Boss, let’s start killing them!”

“I haven’t killed enough today so let’s just kill our way to Shattered Sky City!”

Everyone stared at Luo Tian with burning killing intent in their eyes.

Luo Tian looked at Leng Hanshuang and asked: “How is Xue’er doing now?”

Leng Hanshuang’s eyes turned heavy as she shook her head: “Young miss is still the same. Her eyes are dull and she hasn’t reacted to anything after leaving Shattered Sky City and coming back to Mount Hua. It’s as if she’s turned to a vegetative state.”

Luo Tian lightly exhaled before exclaiming: “Han Hua, get ready to accept a new order!”

“Disciple is present!” Han Hua cupped her hands.

Luo Tian said with seriousness: “Immediately summon all the disciples from the ten great immortal sects! If they don’t want to die, then they should all gather at Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If they want to become Arcane Dark King’s lapdog, you can let them freely go. The remaining disciples of the ten great immortal sects will build a defensive line here!”

“Boss, we’re not going to go there and fight?” asked Fatty Lei.

He was a guy that wasn’t afraid of anything.

Luo Tian shook his head, “We’re not fighting. I have something more important to take care of first.”

He had to go to earth’s core first and kill Devil Monarch Veil to obtain the power to fight the Arcane Dark King. Fighting him now was basically courting death!

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