Undefeatable – Ch854

Chapter 854 – Super Reward

Cooldown timers were a hardware barrier to stop the player from being too overpowered.

For Luo Tian, this martial skill restriction was one of his greatest weaknesses.

When compared with a martial artist who could keep using their martial skills, this was the inadequacy of his system.

But if he could use his martial skills non-stop, even a true god wouldn’t be his opponent since he could just keep spamming his heavenly flames.

Luo Tian stood up and looked at the quiet stone door. His mouth curved into a cold sneer as he said: “My cooldown is over, so it’s about time to send you on your way.”

Seeing Luo Tian stand up, Fatty Lei and the others also stood up.

Each one of them was in high spirits and full of killing intent.

Fatty Lei had an excited smile as he asked: “Boss, do we start killing now?”

Blindman Liu smiled, “Do you want me to play a cheerful song?”

“Give it a rest.”

“Please don’t! Last time you said you would play a cheerful song and I couldn’t sleep normally for three days. I would have nightmares every single night! Brother Blindman, I’m begging you to be obedient and give it a rest.” Xuanyuan Yi said in fear.

The Blood Devouring Blade in Wild Blade’s hands hummed, “Let’s start killing!”

The four of them were more ferocious than the next.

They were even more impatient than Luo Tian. It was as if there were a bunch of naked women down there and they couldn’t wait to go down and screw them all.

There was no way they were going to listen to Luo Tian now if he tried to stop them again.

Luo Tian understood this and no longer blocked them. “Let’s go down!”

He then made a thought: “Open the door to the molten rock level.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for opening the Molten Rock Stone Door. You have been rewarded with a random heavenly flame!”


“Getting a reward just for that?”

Luo Tian chuckled to himself: “It looks like the reward for this ultimate quest will get me all 108 heavenly flames. If that’s the case, it will certainly be quite awesome. If the damage value remains the same in the Ancient World, would anyone still be my opponent? I will directly become a hegemon of a territory!”

Of course, this was just Luo Tian’s wishful thinking.

“Clank~ clank~ clank~…”

A deep, heavy sound was heard.

The stone door slowly pushed open from the inside out. A strong aura burst out as the door widened. The aura was extremely strong, and felt like it came from another world. But it was also very similar to the origin essence of the Tianxuan Continent.

Luo Tian’s brows twitched as he saw a golden glow spill out from the door. He then clenched his teeth and said: “Go in!”

Luo Tian strode in after saying that.

Fatty Lei was the next person to follow in. This was followed by Wild Blade and the rest as they showed no hesitation or fear.

“Clank~ clank~ clank~…”


When Luo Tian and the others entered the molten rock level, the door slammed shut.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the Devil Monarch Veil quest.”

“Quest time limit: 30 days.”

“Quest Objective: Kill Devil Monarch Veil and save the Tianxuan Continent.”

“Quest Reward: Fifty heavenly flames.”

“Grading Reward: A-grade, ten. S-grade, twenty. SS-grade, thirty. SSS-grade, fifty!”

“Sure enough, I’m heading towards collecting all 108 heavenly flames.” Luo Tian was feeling shocked and how difficult the task was at the same time. He also noticed the time limit and the grading reward was different from previous quests.

Thirty days was the most the system had ever given him.

Getting an A-grade would still net him ten heavenly flames, which seemed a little too generous.

Luo Tian’s emotions turned gloomy as he said to himself: “Looks like I’ve been thinking the wrong things. For the system to give me such quest rewards, it definitely means I won’t be able to use my thirty-one heavenly flames to instantly kill off my opponent. It’s impossible for it to be that easy.”

“If that doesn’t work…”

Luo Tian’s expression suddenly changed as he shouted: “Oh shit!”

An insufferably arrogant laughter exploded above their heads.



“I didn’t expect you guys to have the guts to really come in. Luo Tian, you are considered the number one expert on the Tianxuan Continent this period. Even your Mount Hua old ancestor cannot be compared with you. It’s only a pity that you will die here, or else you will definitely become the number one expert who came from the Tianxuan Continent, hahaha…” The laughter contained an insurmountable power as it exploded in the mind and sea of consciousness of all five of them. They almost couldn’t handle it anymore!

The five of them spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time.

“Motherf*cker, come out if you have the guts!” Fatty Lei cursed out. The feeling of being suppressed pissed him off. This kind of power was something even he, with a super defense, couldn’t handle.


“A descendant of the ancestral demon? This origin continent is truly not like others.”

“There are descendants of the ancestral demon and people with special abilities. The people spawned from an origin continent are really a mixed bag of trash.” His voice was laced with contempt.


He didn’t put Luo Tian and the others in his eyes!

In his eyes, Luo Tian and his group weren’t human but ants crawling on the ground.

Luo Tian’s spiritual senses kept searching for Devil Monarch Veil but it was like sending a bull made of mud into the sea. It felt like he had entered a world that was incomparably vast, so there was no way to find Devil Monarch Veil’s location. But he did sense a bunch of Nightmares rushing toward where they were!

An overwhelming black mass that covered the sky and earth!

“That’s my army of Nightmares that’s going to welcome you guys. I don’t want to waste my time on you all.” Devil Monarch Veil harrumphed as he had no interest in killing Luo Tian and the others.

Because Luo Tian was not qualified to be killed by him!

Complete disdain!

Devil Monarch Veil’s voice reverberated throughout the area before gradually disappearing.

The moment it disappeared, the Nightmare army killed their way over without hiding their figures.

Their speed was exceptionally fast.

In less than a second, they had already surrounded Luo Tian and the other four. There was a Nightmare in the lead who started saying: “I told you that you will all die a very painful death, hahaha…”


After that shout, the Nightmare army attacked without giving Luo Tian and the others the chance to prepare.

Fatty Lei took the lead and blocked in front of Luo Tian with a grin. The demonic-looking Buddha on top of his head started glowing red as he shouted: “Berserk, Ancestral Demon Body!”

Xuanyuan Yi’s Giant Fault Sword shot out as he shouted: “Sword spirit, Giant Fault Slash!”


Blindman Liu entered his ancient devil transformation. He didn’t bother playing his Erhu and just pounced over to attack.

The coffin on Wild Blade’s back dropped to the ground and blood started pouring out of it. His Blood Devouring Blade hummed, “World of Slaughter, come out!”

Luo Tian looked at the four of them before raising his hand up and summoning Annihilate. He then roared out: “Kill!”

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