Undefeatable – Ch855

Chapter 855 – Feeling Great And Painful

Completely looked down on.

This Devil Monarch Veil was courting his own death!

Experience points were very important to Luo Tian.

Apart from killing Devil Monarch Veil, he had to work on leveling up. If he wasn’t able to make a breakthrough after one month, he was going to be obliterated by the system.

He needed a lot of experience points!

He needed five hundred billion experience points! He almost went dizzy from seeing the long line of zeroes.

It was a perfect opportunity for him to level up after encountering the army of Nightmares.

They were worth ten million experience each, so his chance of leveling up was getting closer.


Fatty Lei was smashed back as he wiped his bald head before shouting: “Damn bastards, this daddy will fight it out with you!”

He charged at them once more after saying that.

Xuanyuan Yi, Blindman Liu, and Wild Blade also couldn’t handle them.

The powers of these Nightmares were too strong.

They also happened to have absorbed some of the origin essence from the Tianxuan Continent. Even though it wasn’t a lot, it was still more than enough to deal with Luo Tian and his group.

It wasn’t easy for Luo Tian to earn these ten million experience point mobs.

After ten-plus minutes, not to mention they hadn’t killed a single one, the five of them had all suffered various degrees of injuries. They all had ugly looks on their faces as they were nearly forced to a dead end.

“Boss, what should we do?”

“We can’t keep doing this! We can’t resist for much longer! Why are these Nightmares so strong? We can’t even deal with their strength! The physical defense of our bodies is like a kid in front of them!”

“We are Profound God Sovereign experts standing at the peak of the Tianxuan Continent! Why are we so weak in front of them?!”

“These are all creatures from the higher realms. Are they all going to be that strong when we go there in the future?”

They were pressed to an uncomfortable level in just a few rounds of fighting.

They were unable to resist the attacks of the Nightmares.

Whether it was strength, speed, or defense, Luo Tian and the others couldn’t compare with a Nightmare.

Luo Tian’s expression turned serious as he brought out the Tianxuan Origin Essence that exploded out from killing Devil Monarch Flame. “Wild Blade, Xuanyuan Yi, Blindman Liu; which one of you can fuse with this Tianxuan Origin Essence?”

“Tianxuan Origin Essence?”

“What is that thing?”

The three of them looked over at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian then said: “This is the Tianxuan Continent’s origin power, something that Devil Monarch Veil has been trying to absorb. The Nightmares are so strong because they too have absorbed the origin essence of our Tianxuan Continent.”

“Fatty Lei uses essence blood to make breakthroughs so this Tianxuan Origin Essence is useless for him. It’s useless for me too. Wild Blade, you might not be able to use it. Blindman Liu, your ancient devil comes from the Ancient World so it might be useless to you as well.”

“The only person left is Xuanyuan Yi!”

Only after thinking through things did Luo Tian realize that Xuanyuan Yi was the only one who could fuse with the Tianxuan Origin Essence out of the five of them.

Xuanyuan Yi looked at Luo Tian.

Fatty Lei took the Tianxuan Origin Essence from Luo Tian and shoved it in front of Xuanyuan Yi, “Boss is telling you to fuse with it, so fuse with it. Don’t be so wishy-washy. Quickly fuse with it so we can rely on you!”

Xuanyuan Yi frowned as his expression turned serious while looking at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian nodded, “What Fatty said is correct. Fuse with it so we can count on you to kill these Nightmares.”

Xuanyuan Yi no longer hesitated and swallowed the essence.

His body immediately burst out with essence light while his body underwent a metamorphosis. A powerful energy rippled outward, and his cultivation realm went up every second. Luo Tian and the others were dumbstruck upon seeing this outburst of power.

“What a powerful energy!”

“Boss, this is the power that experts from the higher realm covet?”

“Tianxuan Origin Essence… this is a bit too fierce, right?”

Luo Tian secretly smacked his lips. He didn’t regret this since he was happy for his brother becoming stronger. He was only thinking about when he could go back to Earth and then fuse with Earth’s origin essence to become an awesome existence.

Xuanyuan Yi sat down cross-legged and started to fuse with the origin essence to make it his own.

At this time, those Nightmares were acting like they had lost their minds.

They charged over like crazy when they saw Xuanyuan Yi devour the drop of Tianxuan Origin Essence. Their eyes were glowing with greed, like they couldn’t wait to devour Xuanyuan Yi. They had cultivated for millions of years and still weren’t able to fuse with a drop of Tianxuan Origin Essence, yet Luo Tian gave it to another person without any hesitation. In their hearts, they considered Luo Tian an idiot. How can they not think of him as an idiot for giving away something so good?

“There’s more and more of them!”

“Boss, we haven’t even killed a single Nightmare up to this point. Are we going to end up dying here? Hahaha…” Fatty Lei had no fear on his face and actually looked like he was injected with chicken blood to boost his excitement.

Luo Tian looked at the Nightmares coming over like a tidal wave. He grinned and said: “Even if I die, I will first kill all these ghost-like things. I also need to explode that Devil Monarch Veil. He actually dares to act arrogant with me on the Tianxuan Continent? I want to see how long he can act arrogant for!”

After saying that, Luo Tian made a thought: “Fuse with the fourth Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar!”


Something exploded inside Luo Tian while the Arcane Dark King’s energy rippled outward. His veins, bones, mind, and sea of consciousness instantly increased by a level. His natural defensive powers also rose up quickly.

After fusing with the fourth pillar, Luo Tian shouted: “Fuse with the fifth Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar!”


Another wave of power exploded outward. Luo Tian’s body was trembling, and he almost couldn’t handle the impact. His face turned red while his body felt some pain, but he still shouted: “Great!”


His body was similar to an ocean churning with power right now.

Luo Tian didn’t stop and shouted: “Fuse with the sixth Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar!”



When the sound of an explosion was heard coming from him again, everyone started looking worried.

Wild Blade then said: “Luo Tian, the energy is too strong, so you can’t fuse with any more of them. Your body cannot handle it anymore. Please don’t be so reckless.”

Fatty Lei became worried. His heart tightened when he thought of the scene where Daoist Lie Yang exploded with the energy pillar. He then advised: “Boss, you need to be careful and not do anything reckless. Those energy pillars are too volatile.”

Couldn’t handle it?

Indeed, Luo Tian’s body was near its limit.

His body was filled with power and it felt great, but it was very painful at the same time.

The mixture of feeling good and pain.

But Luo Tian didn’t stop. His current power couldn’t suppress this many Nightmares. He had to completely suppress them in the most vicious manner possible! He had let Devil Monarch Veil see who was the true king of the Tianxuan Continent!

“The seventh pillar, fuse!”

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