Undefeatable – Ch857

Chapter 857 – I Want To Become The King

The army of the Arcane Dark King was gathering in the direction of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The land was covered with them.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect established the Myriad Race Alliance and positioned them throughout the Eight Formations Chart. But those on the front line were Luo Tian’s brothers, which included the Dark Corpse Mountain City, the Gnome tribe, the devil sect, the ten great immortal sects, the Sky Palace, etc.

There were also a group of people still cultivating like crazy within Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

As for resisting the Arcane Dark King’s army, those people didn’t even think about it.

Those that were actually out there trying to defend against the Arcane Dark King’s army were less than ten percent of the allied army.

Most were enjoying the abundant immortal force to raise their own cultivation and had no thoughts of resisting the Arcane Dark King. More and more people were heading to Mount Hua Immortal Sect. On the surface, they were there to help resist a common enemy, but in reality, they were just there to absorb the rich immortal force.

Han Hua spoke with people several times, but those guys would just agree on the surface but then not participate in any defensive training.

Not everyone was united within Mount Hua.

There were even some people mixed in that were collaborating with the enemy.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was in a very precarious situation.

In a certain building.

An Chunchun stared up at the moon and muttered unhappily: “Big brother Luo Tian, quickly come back. Big sister Shuang’er and the others almost can’t bear it anymore. Big sister Han Hua is so tired that she barely has the strength to eat a bite of rice. And those people coveting Mount Hua’s immortal force are so hateful. If it were up to me, I would’ve kicked them off Mount Hua already! Humph~!”

Whenever she was in a bad mood, she would look up at the night sky and think back to the time when she was with Luo Tian at Jade Mountain City.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was in the midst of a crisis.

Deep in the earth’s core.

Luo Tian’s enraged bull-like action couldn’t be stopped as he tore into the Nightmares. The Nightmare army was smashed into disarray as they couldn’t resist his attacks. One must mention that the Arcane Dark King’s energy pillar was too powerful.

Fusing with twelve energy pillars made Luo Tian feel awesome!

Luo Tian didn’t stop and couldn’t stop if he wanted to.

Power was surging like crazy inside him, so he had to quickly utilize it, or else his fleshly body wouldn’t be able to sustain it.


“Weren’t you Nightmares very awesome in the beginning?!”

“None of you can fight me now?!” Luo Tian roared out in arrogance.

He then threw some more essence blood that exploded out from those Nightmares to Fatty Lei.

Fatty Lei kept absorbing them.

Xuanyuan Yi was refining the Tianxuan Origin Essence.

Wild Blade and Blindman Liu were protecting those two.




With so many things going on at the same time, the impact force was deafening. The molten rock level was shaking like crazy, but Devil Monarch Veil didn’t show his face. Apart from killing NIghtmares, Luo Tian kept his spiritual senses sweeping the area to search for Devil Monarch Veil’s location. But no matter how much he searched, he couldn’t find the guy. The molten rock level was like an endless world.

His spiritual senses couldn’t reach the boundary.

With Luo Tian’s current cultivation, his spiritual senses could reach ten million kilometers out.

He started getting worried due to this.

Time was too important for Luo Tian!

Not for killing Devil Monarch Veil, but because he was afraid Mount Hua Immortal Sect wouldn’t be able to resist the invasion.



“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Nightmare. You have gained 10,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the essence blood of a Nightmare.”

The system kept sounding off with alert tones.

His experience bar filled up little by little. One percent, ten percent, twenty percent…

Time slowly passed by.

The first day.

The second day.

The third day.

Luo Tian had killed this Nightmare army to the point of them retreating. They no longer had the arrogance in the beginning since they were scared of Luo Tian now.

Just when Luo Tian was about to charge into another group of Nightmares, the system suddenly gave him a special alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Nightmare. You have gained 10,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Chen Dongsan. You have gained 1 experience point, 1 profound energy…”

These types of alert tones kept going off.

Luo Tian’s expression changed. If it were just one or two alert tones, he wouldn’t be worried. But one of the alert tones told him that a Prime Elder of the devil sect was killed. The same person that had already died in Shattered Sky City! Devil Monarch Crimson Fire!

This was the second time he died!

It was very clear that the Arcane Dark King’s army had entered his Eight Formations Chart and was attacking Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

Luo Tian shouted internally: “Oh crap!”

Devil Monarch Veil wasn’t taken care of yet, and the Arcane Dark King was already lighting a fire in his backyard.

Luo Tian frowned, and his figure immediately appeared next to Fatty Lei. He handed over some more essence blood before saying seriously: “I need your help.”

Fatty Lei and Xuanyuan Yi opened their eyes and stood up. “Boss, what kind of words are those? If you need something, just tell us. Even if you want us to die, we won’t even frown a little.”

Luo Tian directly said: “I need you guys to go out.”


“Boss, I’m not going out. I want to follow you and kill that old bastard Devil Monarch Veil.” Fatty Lei insisted without letting Luo Tian finish speaking.

Wild Blade saw Luo Tian’s serious expression and asked: “Did something bad happen?”

Luo Tian replied: “The Arcane Dark King’s army is attacking Mount Hua Immortal Sect. I’m pretty sure Mount Hua is in a mess right now, and I don’t know how long my Eight Formations Chart array can resist them. If the array breaks, I’m afraid Mount Hua Immortal Sect will end up as a river of blood. I need you guys out there to help resist the Arcane Dark King’s army.”

The four of them instantly became quiet in thought.

They really wanted to follow Luo Tian and continue what they were doing.

But they also realized they couldn’t help Luo Tian with much and were actually a burden to him.

Blindman Liu said: “Boss, how do we go back?”

Xuanyuan Yi said: “We will go back. All the sisters-in-law are currently in danger.”

Fatty Lei asked: “Boss, what about you?”

Luo Tian replied: “I will go back as soon as I can.”

He couldn’t leave because he had to kill Devil Monarch Veil and get all 108 heavenly flames. He won’t be the Arcane Dark King’s match if he left right now, and he also needed to complete this ultimate quest.

For the Tianxuan Continent.

For the position of King!

To become the King of the Tianxuan Continent!

The four of them nodded, “Boss, we will protect Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

After hearing that, Luo Tian made a thought: “Open the teleportation portal.”


“Alert: This is the only chance for you to activate the portal…”

Before the system could finish speaking, Luo Tian shouted: “Just open it!”

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