Undefeatable – Ch858

Chapter 858 – You’ve Finally Appeared

The four of them left.

When he saw their backs disappear, he said to himself: “I’m relying on you guys.”

Xuanyuan Yi had consumed the Tianxuan Origin Essence, so his abilities should surpass those Profound God Sovereign experts. Whether he could defeat those eight demonic beasts under the Arcane Dark King, Luo Tian didn’t know. The only thing he was sure of was that Murong Wanjian and that group were no longer a match for Xuanyuan Yi.

As for Feng Lei, that fatty didn’t seem to have any changes. After absorbing so much essence blood from the Nightmares, he should have gained some Tianxuan Origin Essence from them as well. His cultivation should be more terrifying than Xuanyuan Yi by a little bit.

They should definitely be able to help with the situation by going out.

They could at least stabilize the situation and give him a little bit more time.

Luo Tian turned around and looked at the Nightmares not too far away. He then looked up at the sky and sneered: “Devil Monarch Veil, you still aren’t willing to come out? Maybe you want me to kill all the Nightmares before you appear?”

“Fine then!”

“This daddy shall kill them all!”

“Annihilate, come out!”

Luo Tian was angry because he didn’t have any time to waste.

He didn’t expect the Arcane Dark King to make a move so fast. They were actually able to attack Mount Hua’s Mountain Range within three days.

He had to go out as soon as possible.

He had to kill Devil Monarch Veil as soon as possible so that he could collect all 108 heavenly flames to kill that Arcane Dark King!

Annihilate came out, and the domineering blade spirit flew up into the sky. It floated above the heads of those Nightmares and released its domineering aura to suppress everything before it. The blade spirit’s powers increased according to Luo Tian’s cultivation increase.


After shouting that single word, Luo Tian’s body transformed into Devil Sovereign Xingtian. “Blood Shadow, explode!”


Luo Tian’s body turned to blood-colored shadows that covered the sky.

They were similar to blood-colored bats shooting forth and entering each Nightmare. Luo Tian then made a thought: “Explode!”




A series of explosions were heard. Blood Shadow was a crowd control skill, but it wasn’t too powerful. Even though Luo Tian fused with twelve energy pillars, the strength was still not enough to instantly kill a Nightmare.

But the moment Blood Shadow exploded, Luo Tian activated another martial skill: “Myriad Thunder Roar, explode!”

Clouds quickly appeared before lightning descended to create a huge lightning field. They were like laser beams dancing about like crazy.

With two martial skills stacked together, those Nightmares instantly shattered into powder. A series of system alerts sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind, and his experience bar went up by a huge chunk. Luo Tian was feeling great at this time but killing these Nightmares didn’t allow him to level up just yet.

“Blood Shadow!”

“Explode for me!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar, explode!”

“Devil Monarch Veil, you’re nothing but a damn turtle hiding in your shell! Why aren’t you scramming out for this daddy?!”

Luo Tian continued to kill another bunch of Nightmares after shouting that.

At this time, all the remaining Nightmares disappeared.

They entered their invisible state and floated toward Luo Tian like a ghost.

“You think this daddy can’t see you just because you’ve turned invisible?”

“Sharingan, Kaleidoscope!”

“All you Nightmares can die for me!”


Luo Tian’s world turned blood red as Kaleidoscope’s power killed off all the Nightmares trying to sneak attack him. He received another bunch of experience points and saw his experience bar increase by quite a bit.

But the Nightmares hadn’t completely died off.

There were still quite a few left.

They were very spread out, so killing them all at once was impossible.

This molten rock level should be similar to the other levels where all the monsters killed off will make the boss come out.

Devil Monarch Veil will not show himself until all Nightmares are dead.

Even if Luo Tian’s spiritual sense could cover this entire level, he would still be unable to find the guy’s location.

This world may not be a game, but a lot of things were set up according to the rules of games.

Luo Tian calmed down once he thought of this. He watched as those Nightmares started fleeing everywhere. “Didn’t you guys say I was going to die? Why are you running now? You were all quite arrogant and domineering in the beginning, yet now you’re running like a dog?”

“You still have to die even if you’re afraid!”



Luo Tian kept killing while time flew by.

The fourth day.

The fifth day.

The sixth day…

Time disappeared little by little.

Unknowingly, the twenty-eighth day had arrived.

At this time, Luo Tian finally killed the last Nightmare with Sharingan.

A total of twenty-eight days!

Only two days left for his quest, and also two days left to break through into the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm. As long as he doesn’t reach one of them, Luo Tian will die by being obliterated by the system.

This was completely unreasonable.

But the system will do what it says.

Luo Tian started feeling irritated when he thought about these matters. “I need to fix my dantian one day and not rely on the system. Who knows when the damn system will kill me one day just because it was feeling unhappy? That would be pretty screwed up.”

Luo Tian grumbled a bit more before raising the head of a Nightmare into the air. He then shouted: “Devil Monarch Veil! Are you still hiding?! None of your garbage can fight! They’re too weak! They are basically just a bunch of garbage!”

“You can come out now, right?!”

Luo Tian was covered in blood, and his eyes were blood red since Sharingan wasn’t over. There was blood in the corner of his eyes, which made him look like a character of Naruto suffering from the after-effect. It almost looked like his eyes were about to go blind.



“I didn’t expect you to have such abilities. You killed all the Nightmares in twenty-eight days. Luo Tian, I did look down on you, but this kind of outcome doesn’t change anything. You will still die, except you just managed to live for an extra twenty-eight days.

As the voice faded, the sky exploded into countless fluorescent lights before forming a dark shadow. A shadow that looked substantive!

Devil Monarch Veil!

His body was emitting a dense and endless aura of the Tianxuan Origin Essence! He had been devouring the Tianxuan Origin Essence within the molten rock level for tens of millions of years. This was the strongest clone of the original Devil Monarch Veil!

Every origin continent would have such an expert from a higher realm.

The Tianxuan Continent belonged to Devil Monarch Veil. After tens of millions of years, he became the strongest expert in his own highest realm.

He relied on absorbing the Tianxuan Origin essence of this world.

Only the origin essence is the strongest and the purest form of power for absorption. It’s just a pity that Luo Tian didn’t belong to this continent. Otherwise, he would be going crazy absorbing this Tianxuan Origin Essence. He would then be able to run rampant in the Ancient World. Right now, he already couldn’t wait to enter the Ancient World!

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a grin, “You’ve finally appeared!”

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