Undefeatable – Ch86

Chapter 86 – Provoking Huge Trouble

When it came to monsters with experience, Luo Tian would always kill first and talk later. It didn’t matter who it was or how strong their background was, this daddy will kill you first to get experience, then we’ll talk afterwards!

Level 2 Berserk consumed a few thousand points of profound energy, and using it to kill a single person was somewhat wasteful.

But Luo Tian possessed this type of wild and unrestrained personality.

He enjoyed using a cannon to kill a mosquito, and enjoyed the feeling of an instakill.

He was murdering someone, so how domineering was such an action? When killing someone, why bother to be so timid about it?

When it was time to show off, one should just show off to the extreme!

It was also a good time to show Zhu Mei that those that offend him will die!

It was also sign to the people of Jade Mountain City that this daddy has returned!


The system tone sounded off an alert.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Chen Wu. You have gained 1200 experience points, 200 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Grade 3 Fire Dragon Pill.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

Luo Tian was listening intently on the alerts but discovered nothing good had exploded out. He was disappointed when the Heavenly Star sword skill he liked didn’t appear.

“Your sister, you damn system. No matter what, that guy was a Profound Master 7th rank so how could an Azure Cloud Sect disciple be this poor?”

“From the looks of things, this Azure Cloud Sect is nothing much.”

“What a letdown!”

Luo Tian complained a few more times internally. And just as he was about to enter the restaurant, the system alert sounded off again.


“Undefeated value +1.”

“Evil Blood Armor absorbed 100 points of killing intent, defensive properties increased by 1%.”

“As expected!”

Luo Tian was secretly excited about this, “Every person I kill will cause the Evil Blood Armor to absorb 100 points of killing intent which will then increase its defense.”

When he recalled the almost indestructible defense of the Thousand Year Zombie King, Luo Tian started getting even more excited.

One could just stand in place and let you beat them however you want, yet not a single bit of damage would happen. How cool would it be since this was practically as good as training an indestructible body?

Luo Tian looked at Chen Wu’s corpse off in the distance and spit: “Ptui, you damn poor bastard.”

Immediately after…

He waved his hand and yelled: “Let’s go, time to eat!”

“The boss is so mighty!”

“The boss is so domineering!”

“I love you boss!”

The crowd started laughing excitedly as the status of Luo Tian in their heart had risen to another level. This type of domineering arrogance had made each of them fully impressed.

Luo Tian lightly smiled. He then strode into the Drunken Immortal directly past Zhu Mei and completely ignored her.

He was completely and utterly ignoring her without giving her half a glance.

The biggest blow to these types of women was to just ignore them. No matter how much you try to show off or how much power you’ve grasped, this daddy will just ignore you. If you’re unhappy about it, just bring someone more powerful and this daddy will slap them to death. Let’s see how much more you can show off by then?

Zhu Mei had an ugly look on her face; an extremely super ugly look on her face.

She thought she had caught a large ship that would sail all the way to the Azure Cloud Sect. But before she could even board the ship, it was blown to pieces by a single punch from Luo Tian. The hatred in her heart had now increased to another degree.

Zhu Mei glanced at Chen Wu’s corpse with disdain. She then coldly spat out: “You useless thing!”

Immediately after…

Zhu Mei turned around and rushed after Luo Tian’s back and roared: “Luo Tian, don’t think this is the end of this young miss! I will definitely make you suffer pain that’s worse than death!”

Luo Tian paused mid stride and was about to turn around before he coldly laughed. He didn’t fully turn but said in a soft voice that Zhu Mei was still able to hear clearly. “If you were a guy, you would’ve died at least three times already. It’s fortunate that you are woman but if you continue to disregard my warning… heh heh…”

His voice was extremely cold.

Killing intent was raging out as it crazily crushed down on Zhu Mei’s mind.

Zhu Mei’s face grew even more pale as it starting distorting to look like a lunatic. By the time she had recovered herself, Luo Tian had already walked into the depths of the Drunken Immortal restaurant.


Deep into the night, the Zhu family’s main hall was brightly lit.

In the middle of the main hall was a corpse laid on the ground. The chest was caved in and the internal organs had all been mangled into pulp.

At the entrance of the main hall.

Zhu Changfeng had a ferocious look on his face as he clenched his fists. His eyes then lit up as he said: “Luo Tian, you will pay dearly for this.”

Zhu Mei’s eyes were red from crying as she sobbed: “Brother, you have to kill him to avenge big brother Chen Wu. That damn trash Luo Tian is out of control; not only does he not place you in his eyes, he doesn’t even place the Azure Cloud Sect in his eyes, wuuu~…”

“He is truly courting death!”


A robust voice was heard outside the main hall; it was the Azure Cloud Sect’s other disciple – Chen Zhong.

Chen Wu’s cousin! (Older male cousin)

Chen Zhong went into the main hall with an ashen face, “Changfeng, bring me to the Luo family so that I can twist that kid’s head off and bury him along with my little brother.”

Zhu Changfeng’s brows sank as he said: “Tomorrow is the inter-family competition, and tomorrow shall be Luo Tian’s date of death. Brother Chen, I will definitely give you and Elder Chen a good accountability for this. I want the entire Luo family to be buried with Chen Wu!”

Chen Wu’s death had completely enraged Zhu Changfeng.

He had originally planned on bringing Chen Wu back to the Jade Mountain City so that the Zhu family could form a good relationship with him. And then maybe let some of the more talented Zhu family disciples enter the Azure Cloud Sect as well. But now…

Chen Wu had died, and his father will definitely punish Zhu Changfeng.

He wasn’t afraid because this year he would definitely become an inner court disciple. But for the Zhu family disciples that will enter the Azure Cloud Sect in the future… that will all depend on what he does next.

Chen Zhong’s face was filled with coldness as he angrily said: “Changfeng, you should know my uncle’s bad temper, and he only has this one son. Now that his son has died in the Jade Mountain City, his temper might cause him to completely annihilate the entire city.”

“Don’t worry!”

“I will definitely give Elder Chen a satisfactory explanation.” Zhu Changfeng’s eyes changed as a thick killing intent emitted from them.

Those so called Zhu family elders, or even the Patriarch didn’t dare say a word because they were so scared that they were trembling in cold sweat.

“We will know whether my uncle will be satisfied or not once he arrives. I have already sent a signal to the Azure Cloud Sect so my uncle should be here before tomorrow nightfall.” Said Chen Zhong.

“Elder Chen is coming here?”

Zhu Changfeng’s eyes tightened as he said to himself: “I have to completely kill off the entire Luo family tomorrow!”

All the Zhu family members shivered.

And elder from the Azure Cloud Sect was coming.

Zhu Mei’s expression had become ecstatic as she started laughing in her heart: “Hahaha… Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian, even if you have hundred lives this time, it still won’t be enough for you to stay alive!”


Luo family, main hall.

“Luo Tian, why are you still so reckless?”

“I’ve clearly investigated that the youth is the only son of Chen Tianyao, and outer court elder of the Azure Cloud Sect. You’ve provoked a huge mess this time.” Song Yannan said in earnestness.

“That motherf*cker!”

“If this daddy had known that guy had killed so many Song family members, I would’ve killed him a hundred more times!” Said Luo Tian in rage.

Luo Tian never imagined that Zhu Changfeng would bring two disciples of the Azure Cloud Sect to kill over four hundred people of the Song family.

If he had known what Chen Wu had done, he wouldn’t have killed him instantly with a single punch. Luo Tian would’ve made Chen Wu suffer pain ten thousand times worse before finally killing him.

Song Yanqun frowned as he said: “Elder brother, we should have little brother Luo go into hiding or something.”


“In a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers, it’s all within the sphere of influence of the Azure Cloud Sect. Where could he go hide?” Said Song Yannan.

“I won’t hide.”

“Whatever means Zhu Changfeng had used to kill the Song family disciples; I will kill him with the same methods.” Luo Tian was filled with indignant righteousness and wanted to directly rush into the Zhu family.

Massacring four hundred people in one day; is that f*cker Zhu Changfeng even still considered human?

“You damn dog thing, just wait for me. Tomorrow I will beat the shit out of you and the force it back down through your mouth!”


Inside one of the residences of the Luo family.

In a deserted courtyard stood a single person.

With a cold expression on her face, Leng Hanshuang lightly said: “With Azure Cloud Sect’s distress signal, it seems like the Luo family will be destroyed. Sigh…”

“Young Miss, your big brother Luo Tian will die tomorrow.”


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