Undefeatable – Ch87

Chapter 87 – A Mysterious Grand Prize At Night

A night without much conversation, and the next morning arrives.

In the central square of the Jade Mountain City, a stage has already been prepared for the inter-family competition.

At this time…

The square was packed with people with a lively atmosphere.

“Did you guys hear? Last night Luo Tian came back from training in the Ghostly Mountain Range. Once he returned, he killed a disciple of the Azure Cloud Sect in front of the Drunken Immortal restaurant. Isn’t he practically courting death?”

“That Azure Cloud Sect disciple killed so many Song family members so he deserved his death.”

“That’s right; let them know that the people of Jade Mountain City aren’t people they can easily mess with.”

“Are you guys’ crazy? The Azure Cloud Sect can casually send out an expert at the Profound Grandmaster realm and flatten our Jade Mountain City.”

“That kid Luo Tian is way too arrogant; he directly beat someone to death. Most likely the entire Luo family will follow in the footsteps of the Song family.”

“I think the Luo family wouldn’t dare to compete today. Going up on the stage means death, and the Song family being destroyed is the prime example. With just the weaklings of the Luo family, they’d probably be so scared to the point of pissing their pants right now.”

“Hahaha… this time, I’m definitely betting on the Zhu family winning.”

All the common people were discussing this issue. Some were worried for the Luo family while some were just secretly enjoying the show.

A lot of people were thinking that the Luo family wouldn’t dare to show up and fight.

One needs to understand that the Luo family wasn’t merely facing against the Zhu family; they were also dealing with a battleship existence, the Azure Cloud Sect.

Azure Cloud Sect, they were basically the overlords within a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers. The fate for offending the Azure Cloud Sect was something worse than death.

Luo Tian had killed the son of an outer court elder, so there’s no way the Luo family and he would be able to escape the fate of being annihilated.

Not long after…

There was a commotion at the end of the street where ten elite disciples of the Zhu family were opening up a path. They were yelling out: “Move aside, move aside, move the f*ck away.”

Their voices shook the air filled with wild arrogance.

Ever since Zhu Changfeng came back, even those laborer disciples would act wildly; completely not putting anyone in their eyes.

The elite disciples managed to clear a path that was three meters wide. A one meter tall beast was seen stepping forward while spraying out thick white mist from its nostrils. It was trotting along all high and mighty similar to its owner sitting on top. They looked at the people full of disdain and arrogance as if no one in the area had a place in their eyes.

This huge beast was actually a rank 2 demonic beast that had been domesticated to become a mount.

This beast was something Zhu Changfeng had rented from the Azure Cloud Sect. His purpose was to show off, make himself look cool, and raise his status in the eyes of others.

While sitting on top of the huge beast, Zhu Changfeng turned a deaf ear to all the discussion going on. His eyes were cold as he showed an expression that he was superior to everyone.

“So handsome!”

“He’s too good looking! I love you big brother Changfeng!”

“The appearance of this Zhu Changfeng is truly not normal. Just by having a rank 2 demonic beast as a mount… sigh, the disciples of the Azure Cloud Sect are on a whole nother level.”

“That’s natural. Haven’t you heard that he’s the number one disciple of the outer court? Even the sovereign is paying attention to him so he’ll definitely become an expert of the Azure Cloud Sect in the future.”

An endless stream of praises was discussed making Zhu Changfeng become even more popular.

The higher Zhu Changfeng climbed in status, the more unshakeable the Zhu family would become in the Jade Mountain City.

To the side of Zhu Changfeng was another male riding a huge beast. His expression was even colder, filled with even more disdain as he would occasionally whisper contemptuously to himself: “What a bunch of hillbillies.”

“Changfeng, that trash of the Luo family wouldn’t be scared to the point of not showing up right?” Chen Zhong asked in a worried tone as his eyes searched the crowd.

Zhu Changfeng coldly smiled and said: “Don’t worry; I’ve arranged some people at the exits of the city. Even if he does manage to flee to the ends of the earth, I’ll still go there and kill him!”

Chen Zhong faintly smiled: “Brother Changfeng, you must put on a good show this time. My uncle’s temper…”

Without waiting for Chen Zhong to finish his sentence, Zhu Changfeng interrupted: “I will definitely give Elder Chen a satisfactory explanation.”

“Luo Tian, you piece of shit must die today!”

“Your Luo family will also be destroyed.”

The two of them were silent in thought as the two huge beasts below them swaggered towards the central square.


In another area, a crowd of people from another street started approaching in an unhurried manner.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed out: “The members of the Luo family have come!”

As the crowd burst into an uproar, many people turned their heads towards their direction. One could see to the left of Luo Tian was a cute and adorable looking lolita An Chunchun. To the right of him was Li Xue’er who was so beautiful that she could cause people to suffocate. Behind him was his large group of majestic looking Luo family brothers that looked like the Chinese triad ready for a turf war – they too looked very powerful.

“Big sister Xue’er, there’s so many people here and it’s so lively.” An Chunchun giggled.

Her blooming smile was extremely adorable.

Her cuteness was so much that Li Xue’er couldn’t help but adore her as well.

Those two girls didn’t reject each other. Once An Chunchun appeared, Li Xue’er instantly fell in love with her. She even told An Chunchun to not get too close to Luo Tian because he was a big bad egg and a complete rogue.

And with just a few lollipops, An Chunchun had been won over.

From then on, An Chunchun would always stand on Li Xue’er’s side. If Luo Tian wanted to give An Chunchun a hug, he’d have to get consent from Li Xue’er first.

What a tragedy!

Li Xue’er showed a shallow smile while gently touching Luo Tian’s shoulder. “The other group is sitting on huge beast mounts while you’re just walking. Are you going to lose a lot of face like that?”


Luo Tian froze for a moment since he didn’t feel like he was losing face over this.

Li Xue’er gently pulled Luo Tian’s arm so that she could whisper to him: “Let me give you some encouragement: Defeat them all today. If you manage to beat them all down, tonight I will give you a mysterious grand prize.”

“Tonight? A mysterious grand prize?” Joy rose up in Luo Tian’s heart. He then eyed the two towering peaks on Li Xue’er’s chest and a gulp noise was heard from his throat.

Li Xue’er rolled her eyes at Luo Tian and pretended to be angry: “You stinky rogue, what are you thinking about?”

Luo Tian laughed excitedly, “I will definitely beat them all down today so can you give me a hint?”


“You’ll know when the time comes.” Li Xue’er smiled mysteriously; an ambiguous manner which was very thought provoking.

Luo Tian’s little brother below started to tremble. Could it be that tonight… Hip hip, hooray!

“Chunchun, hold onto big brother Luo Tian’s hand so that he can show off a little.” Li Xue’er pursed her lips into a smile.

An Chunchun giggled before naturally threading her hands into Luo Tian’s. She then softly said: “Big brother Luo Tian, I wanted to hold your hands early on but I was afraid of big sister Xue’er scolding me. That’s why I endured, heehee…”

Luo Tian made a long sigh inside his heart.

“Woa, quickly look! That kid Luo Tian’s luck with women isn’t too bad.”

“You see that girl? I have never seen such a pretty girl in my entire life.”

“That other young girl is the same too, just look at her resplendent looks. With those seductive eyes, I bet that once she grows up a few more years, she’ll be able to steal one’s soul with them.”

“Zhu Changfeng may be riding a huge beast here, but Luo Tian is holding hands with two gorgeous girls. I think Zhu Changfeng has lost this time.”

When Zhu Changfeng looked at Li Xue’er who was besides Luo Tian, he started mumbling to himself: “When did such a pretty girl appear in the Jade Mountain City?”

Chen Zhong looked on with astonishment before his lips curved to a smile. He then faintly said: “Brother Changfeng, if we manage to get a hold onto those two girls, I believe my uncle’s temper would at least reduce by half.”

Zhu Changfeng lightly smiled before loudly saying: “Walk slower.”

Feng Lei’s eyes tightened before running up to Luo Tian and saying: “Boss, the Zhu family group has slowed down.”

Luo Tian lightly smiled and said: “I see it, are they planning on causing some trouble?”

Are they causing trouble, or courting death?!

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