Undefeatable – Ch88

Chapter 88 – I Also Want To Do The Awesome Thing With You

“Yo, isn’t this the piece of trash that was beaten up by a beggar? Was it Luo something dog or Luo something cat?”

Zhu Changfeng spoke out from a distance with a face filled with ridicule.

Chen Zhong’s eyes were motionlessly staring at Li Xue’er. The more he looked, the more beautiful he thought she was. The more beautiful she was, the more evil his thoughts had become, to the point that he started unconsciously drooling.

An Chunchun had an angry look on her face as she said: “Big brother, Chunchun doesn’t like them, humph!”

Li Xue’er also had a look of displeasure on her face, “So this is the quality of the Azure Cloud Sect disciples?”

Luo Tian coldly smiled and loudly said: “Yo, isn’t it this the pig head Feng who had disappeared for four to five years? Elder Zhu, you must look more closely or else it could be someone pretending to be your son. You never know when those illegitimate bastards or hybrids start appearing out of nowhere to look for random fathers. You must be extra cautious about this.”

Zhu Changfeng glared angrily and cursed out: “You damn piece of trash, who are you calling an illegitimate bastard?”

Luo Tian laughed and said: “I’m talking about you, what about it? Aren’t you an illegitimate bastard?”


“Unless you are those so called legendary hybrids? A mix-breed dog or did you came out from the crossbreeding of that beast below you? Seeing how happy you look from sitting on top of that thing, you can’t be really born from that beast right? Hahaha…”

At the same time, the huge beast below Zhu Changfeng turned its head to look at its owner. Its eyes were filled with an inexplicable look.

The look in the huge beast’s eyes matched with Luo Tian’s words was simply too…



Some of the people finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing out loud, while some were desperately restraining themselves to the point of almost biting their tongue into a bloody mess. If it weren’t for their fear of Zhu Changfeng’s strength, most likely they would have already started rolling on the ground in laughter.

The faces on the Zhu family members darkened, and the Zhu family’s patriarch glared at Luo Tian with eyes that looked like they could spray out flames.

Luo Tian’s scolding was exceptionally brutal.

You want to challenge this daddy to a scolding match? You’re still too f*cking weak!

One should know that Luo Tian’s scolding abilities was probably a few thousand times more powerful than his current cultivation level. There was once where he scolded a large guild with over a thousand members. The guild was so overwhelmed by the cursing and scolding that they retreated in fear and it almost led to their guild dissolving!

Zhu Changfeng’s face was ashen with an extremely ugly look, and the flames of anger in his heart were about to pounce right out of him. He just glared at Luo Tian coldly with a very strong killing intent.

After pausing for a few seconds…

Zhu Changfeng coldly smiled. He then looked at Li Xue’er and tried to show a Prince Charming face: “Miss, you are so beautiful that you’re capable of toppling cities and kingdoms. Why are you together with such a piece of trash? As long as you agree, I will immediately bring you back to the Azure Cloud Sect tomorrow and guarantee you a carefree life.”

Chen Zhong immediately followed up by saying: “Don’t worry miss, if that guy dares to stop you, I will directly beat the shit out of him.”


“You dare to openly steal the meat out of my mouth?! F*cking hell!” Luo Tian screamed in his heart completely pissed.

At this time…

Li Xue’er’s smile was like a flower as he voice slightly increased: “Someone said they were going to take me to the Azure Cloud Sect, the overlord within a radius of 100,000 kilometers. They even guaranteed that I would allow me to live a carefree life, the conditions are simply too enticing. Big brother Luo Tian, what can you give me?”

Li Xue’er looked at Luo Tian with a serious face while her heart was giggling like crazy.

Just as Luo Tian was about to say something, Zhu Changfeng sneered and interrupted him. “In another hour, he’ll just be a cold corpse so how can a dead person give you anything?”

Chen Zhong added by saying: “Sister, there’s really nothing much a piece of trash can give you.”

What can he give?

Luo Tian couldn’t think of anything and his expression became a bit grim. His eyes then suddenly brightened up as if he thought of something and said: “Girl, I can give you sexual happiness.”



“Luo Tian, you actually dare to mention such an illusory term like happiness? How are you going to give her happiness? A person near their death dares to say they will give them happiness? Aren’t you afraid people will laugh their heads off?” Zhu Changfeng started laughing.

Li Xue’er was actually touched by this. When she heard the word happiness from Luo Tian’s mouth, her heart almost melted.

Luo Tian took a step forward and roared out: “Did shit enter the ears of you two? I said sexual happiness, sexual happiness, did you get it?”

Everyone finally heard it clearly now.

Everyone was stunned as they gaped with their mouths opened at Luo Tian.

Li Xue’er finally managed to react as she started smacking Luo Tian’s chest: “You stinky rogue, big bad egg, who would want your sexual happiness?”

As she was saying that, her cheeks were blushing and her shy expression was just like an innocent young maiden.

To the side, An Chunchun was scratching her head as she asked Feng Lei: “Big brother fatty, what is sexual happiness?”

Feng Lei was also a clueless child and didn’t understand what sexual happiness¹ was. He was thinking for a while before saying: “Sexual happiness is when you do something very awesome.”

“But what is this something awesome?” Asked An Chunchun. She then turned towards Luo Tian and giggled: “Big brother Luo Tian, can you give me sexual happiness as well? I also want to do the awesome thing with you.”

Li Xue’er glared at Luo Tian before lowering herself towards An Chunchun: “Chunchun, don’t hang around this big bad egg, he only knows how to act like a rogue.”

An Chunchun’s big eyes blinked at Li Xue’er a few times before she mumbled: “Big sister Xue’er, when big brother Luo Tian said he was going to give you sexual happiness, you seemed very happy like sweetness in your heart. Now you’re saying he’s a big bad egg and a stinky rogue? You two have confused Chunchun now.”

What a pure lolita.

Zhu Changfeng was defeated in image, he was defeated in scolding, and he was defeated when trying to steal the girl. This made him extremely pissed off.


Zhu Changfeng didn’t give up. He believed that as long as it was a woman of the Jade Mountain City, no one would be able to resist it when he says that he would bring them to the Azure Cloud Sect.

Who wouldn’t want to enter Azure Cloud Sect that was the overlord in the radius of 100,000 kilometers?

Who can resist the lure of the Azure Cloud Sect?

No one was able to resist it!

Immediately after…

Zhu Changfeng once again said: “Miss, there won’t be any good ending by following him. How about…”

Li Xue’er slowly stood up as her expression changed. It was now a completely cold appearance while her eyes contained a deep look of disdain. She then directly cursed out: “What’s so great about the Azure Cloud Sect? In my eyes, they aren’t even comparable to an ant. You keep saying piece of trash left and right, who do you think you are? What sort of qualifications do you have to keep calling my big brother Luo Tian trash? I think you’re just a tiny piece of trash residue that is only capable of bullying the weak!”


“He’s not even qualified to be a trash residue, he, he, he is only a little puppy.” An Chunchun placed her hands on her hips as she pouted in support of Li Xue’er. In her world, calling someone a little puppy was the most powerful curse word she could think of.

“Hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing out loud as his expression looked arrogant beyond words.

Not even comparable to an ant!

The force behind her was too powerful since a superpower like the Azure Cloud Sect wasn’t even placed in her eyes. She even considered the sect to be unable to be compared to an ant!

As she was saying this, Li Xue’er’s aura was released.

The surrounding people were able to feel her unusually majestic aura and their hearts trembled.

Even Luo Tian’s mind slightly shook from it.

This aura was not normal!

It was another defeat.

The color on Zhu Changfeng’s face turned to the color of pig liver, completely ugly looking to the max. He then pulled out a sword from his waist and pointed at Luo Tian while roaring out: “You damn dog thing, I’m going to kill all of you!”

Feng Lei immediately rushed out; his bald head and huge body made look like an angry Buddha. His Tang Blade swept out with a loud “whoosh” as he shouted with a glare: “Motherf*cker, come if you have the guts!”

It was a complete mess of prestige, dominance, and arrogance!


¹ – As many Chinese words have the same sounding (like two, to, too) it’s easy to misconstrue the meaning for a joke. The Chinese characters for blissful happiness and sexual happiness sound the same, but are written differently. Everyone thought Luo Tian was saying he would give Li Xue’er blissful happiness the first time.

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